Organize Your Money, Organize Your Mind

organize your money organize your mind

Disorganization is a normal part of most everyone’s life. With our crazy schedules and only 24 hours in a day, many people say they never have the time to get their act together. While it is a common enough though process among the masses, the reality is people that claim they don’t have the time are actually guilty of not making the time.

We may not all live a life of a chronic hoarder but there are certainly parts of our lives that could use some serious organization. The trouble with making strides towards putting things in their proper place is many people just have no idea where to start. The thought of beginning something new is so overwhelming to many, they just do nothing.

Organize Your Money, Organize Your Mind…

Start at the Beginning

One area of everyone’s life that could use a little attention is personal finances. If your money matters are out of hand, there is a good chance everything else is too. Late bill payments, lost statements, and a lack of knowledge about your financial matters can throw a lot of other things in your life into total chaos.

This lack of money organization can bring on depression, making you less enthusiastic about doing other things in your life. Dealing with frustration and anxiety over your past due bills and growing debts means you are expending energies on those negative feelings rather than devoting positive time towards getting other parts of your life on track.

  • Take the time to prioritize your money management responsibilities. Until you get these matters in order, you can put the other stuff to the side.
  • Get a reasonable budget set up, make sure to understand exactly how much income you have coming in and how many expense are going out.
  • Set up automated payments on your creditor accounts so staying on track is virtually effortless.
  • Organize a filing system for statements and important correspondence for all of your financial obligations.
  • Make a separate file for each account you have and file away important stuff as you receive it.

You may be surprised at how many other things in your life come together when money matters are taken care of and kept organized. You will never have to doubt or wonder if you have enough cash to cover your needs. You will have some mental freedom to devote time to things you actually enjoy. You will feel good about yourself and be more inclined to socialize, exercise, and eat right.

Once you get your finances organized and huge weight will be lifted off of your shoulders!


Do you consider yourself organized with money? If not, what’s standing in your way? If so, what are your tips for making it work? 


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  1. Emily @ Urban Depart

    I agree- getting finances in order minimizes stress. Even if you have a whole lot of debt, being organized allows you to know where you are and then helps plot a course of action.

    I have Type A personality and a love for spreadsheets so I find organizing my finances fun. It helps that we use credit (paid in pull monthly) for all our transactions because we cross reference everything electronically.

    I suggest using existing tools to help with budgets (like You Need a Budget) and if in a relationship, to meet regularly (i.e. weekly, monthly) to discuss state of finances.

  2. Angie

    I am organized with my finances, never had any debt, but did have some months when things where harder.

    What worked for me was a simple weekly budget in cash, try to avoid using cards to pay so you’ll know where you are with your budget. At the moment I do worry, because I’ll have a loan for the next twenty years starting next month. I’ll have to pay 200 $ a month more then I am paying now (rent). So I hope I’ll manage it… Thanks for the tips!!


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