On Being Okay.

kitten in window

It’s kind of strange writing a blog because I know what’s in my head and what I write as I write it but how it actually comes across and what people actually take from it can be totally, completely different things. It’s like, is what I’m feeling and how this project/challenge/journey-thing is going actually coming across as truly and honestly as it can? it’s hard to really know. you know.

I feel like I talk a lot about how hard it is being on the Spending Fast and how much shopping I want to be doing and while it is hard and tough to not concede to my impulses and whims it’s one of those things that is worth it. It’s like, it’s hard but I can do it and have been doing for 9 months now. I feel like I needed to point that out- that things really are nice and that I have a lot of moments of contentment and I think a lot of that comes from taking charge of my life. Finally saying you know, this crap is no longer gonna work in my life. Debt- just doesn’t fit in thank you very much. I have better things to do with my time and better things to think about. It’s good to make progress. It’s good to be grateful for we’re I’m at. I’m glad I decided to do this and I’m thankful you’re all following along. Things really are quite nice.