Old is New. (AKA Not Buying Clothes Sucks When All I Want to Do is Buy Clothes)

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Oh. Oh. Oh.

I’ve really been in the mood to get some new clothes. Just about everything I’ve been seeing I want want want. Because you know, that’s how I think.

“Gimmee, Gimeee, GImmeeeEEE!” Haha. Not really. But kinda.

We have had such a mild winter and the nice sunny days are starting to be a lot more frequent. And with the new longer brighter days it screams “Spring is a Coming!”

But, it also says “YOU- yes, you. need new clothes. and. like now!” Because that’s what I usually do when the seasons change (oh, gosh, I used to buy clothes whenever I wanted… and not just when the seasons were changing). I like clothes. Even though I’ve had my “mis-adventures” with them. A little bit of a love-hate relationship with them. Sheesh. I was on TLC’s What Not To Wear: Worst Dressed Couple In America (!) (you can see the full episode above!) episode back in the day (with my old boyfriend, Ben Kronberg, who is now a hilarious comedian) so I have a vulnerable spot for clothes since I got bashed so bad on that show. I try to keep my fashion sense in check so I don’t end up there again!

Ben Kronberg Anna Newell Jones What Not to Wear TLC Worst Dressed Couple in America

Since I can’t get the brand new clothes that I want so bad the best I can do is to pull up my summer clothes from the basement and try to get breathe new life into them. It is kind of fun going through my old clothes because it’s like “Oh! I forgot all about you!”

Oh. I want to go shopping. I don’t want to wear stinky old basement clothes. I want to go shopping and I want to buy everything I like because that’s fun- er(?) than musky old clothes. I mean. seriously. come on. The Spending Fast is sucking real bad right now.

Alright. enough pouting out of me. I’ve heard about people doing a clothing exchange with their girlfriends. Have any of you done that? How does it work? Any tips on that? I might have to get that going.

lower photo courtesy of TLC 

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4 thoughts on “Old is New. (AKA Not Buying Clothes Sucks When All I Want to Do is Buy Clothes)

  1. marianney

    oh! i have hosted clotheswaps twice a year (spring and fall) for the last 4 years. we’re about to plan the next one if you wanna know about it. they are awesome. we usually have a potluck for snacks and wine and everyone brings their old clothes, accessories, shoes (we even added books in the last one) and everything basically goes into piles (skirts here, pants there, shirts over here, etc.) and then once everyone is there and the clothes are all separated into piles, its a free for all. first come, first served. it’s so much fun! it has to be girls only though so you can just change in the middle of the room since time is of the essence. we’re at about 25 people and growing that come now so the selection is really good. then we take everything left that no one claimed to goodwill.

    so you were really on what not to wear?? that’s cool! is that you and the hubby in the pic?

  2. anna

    thanks for the clothing/other items swap tips! gotta get that going! pronto

    yep, embarrassingly it’s true. i got busted for my clothing and brought to the show. my twin sister (www.ilovescout.com) nominated us and nope, not the hub in the pic… hence the big ol’ x on the ex’s face :)

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