Oh, Suze!

Every once in awhile I’ll be flipping through the channels when Suze Orman’s show just so happens to be on. I have no idea what day or time it’s on. I only know that it’s on at night. I catch her show completely randomly and totally through no fault of my own so I was happy to see that now there are approximately 70 full length episodes of her show available for download, for free, on itunes as podcasts.

Being the good little student I am and wanting to learn something throughout this Spending Fast year I downloaded all 70 episodes. See, I told you moderation has never been my thing. It took a couple of hours to do (while I slept the computer worked away) and now I’ve got some watching to do. Hopefully something she says will rub off and I’ll be a financial guru before too long and CNBC will be calling me up for my own show and then I’ll be denying $85,000 Maserati’s.

Really, the minimum I’m hoping for is that by watching these episodes I’ll be more prepared for January 1st, 2011 when the Spending Fast is over and I go back to my non Spending Fast life.

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