Vinegar: The Miracle House Cleaner

Vinegar: The Miracle House Cleaner

Just the other day I was thinking about how grody our cleaning spray smelled. Weird, right? Well, then on TV I saw this clip on the news about this new research that linked cleaning products to cancer. Not THAT big of a shocker since everything seems to be a link to that terrible disease nowadays. It got me thinking about how I’ve wanted to try new natural cleaning solutions for awhile now. What a perfect time to do it. The “natural” cleaner I’ve heard the most about BY FAR is vinegar.

Luckily, while at the grocery store I remembered to actually pick up the white distilled vinegar (store brand of course) and an empty spray bottle (could use an empty old spray bottle too). I was surprised to see how inexpensive vinegar is. It was .89 cents I think and then the spray bottle was $1.00. Pretty awesome. Specially since most pre-mixed spray house cleaners are about $3.50 and $1.89 for both the vinegar and bottle means it’s a straight up BARGAIN. yay.

I went home and was pumped (takes a lot to get me excited huh) to mix 1 cup vinegar with 3 cups water. Instantly, I sprayed it on the nearby counter and stovetop to see if this stuff would actually work.

It did.

Amazement ensued.

My place did smell like Easter eggs for about an hour or so but then it went away. Or. I just got used to the smell. You know how that happens sometimes? Your house could smell like ass and it’s all “Nope, don’t smell anything rank up in here!”

So, it seems like the ol’ cheap vinegar and water actually worked. Or, maybe the water worked and got the gunk off and the vinegar just happened to be there. Who knows. Gosh. Cynicism’s got me today. Sorry! (just looked it up… it’s the acid in the vinegar that does the cleaning)

I found a massive load of stuff vinegar can be used for. Sweet. And the fact that its considered a natural cleaner with no links to cancer and it’s cheap as can be makes it A+ in my book.

Check out for more vinegar uses.


5 thoughts on “Vinegar: The Miracle House Cleaner

  1. Jennifer Elsesser

    This is actually the only cleaner I like to use. Because I have so many animals, I know its safe, even if I don't wipe it all off. It's the absolute best at cleaning bird cages and small pet cages.

  2. brandi

    i use the same thing! glad you're spreading the word here. also, adding a few drops of essential oils makes it smell really nice too :) aromatherapy cleaning, yes yes.

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