Oh Dear.

its like my demons are my lovers

Oh me. Oh my. I have a bit of a habit that’s started. Whenever I notice a habit, like, oh that little Luna bar habit I had awhile back (that took forever to kick). It starts to make me worry. Mainly because I know that habits typically get me into trouble because I’m someone that when I like something. I you know, LIKE it A LOT and that means I want it for every meal or all the time- depending what it is. So my newest fascination is Multi-Green Kombucha. It’s delicious and fizzy and sweet and tangy and oh, yumm, yummy.

Oh! and healthy too!

At $2.99 a pop it’s definitely NOT Spending Fast friendly even though I’m buying it from the good ol’ grocery store. HMmmmMMmmmmMMM. Yeah. Time to get this under control. BOoo.  

I’m now crying tears of kombucha. bye bye sweet sweet kombucha. You will be missed and I will see you in January! Oh! Yes, I will!

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