New Site Name!

and then we saved

This is BIG.

And then She Saved is now And Then WE Saved!

Some forces out of my control came into effect and I was forced to change the name of my site (legit trademark issues. Booooo. But I totally respect it, therefore, site re-name).

Considering a name change completely sucked at first (crying and more crying). Then, after I got that all out of my system I decided that this is gonna be okay, and here’s why- when my site started it was all about my personal story and process out of debt and now it’s about all of OUR stories. This is it- we’re all in this together.

The “we” signifies us as a collective group.

I remember how completely terrible I felt when I was deep in my debt, how guilty, and how I alone I felt. I was embarrassed and I wondered how I could’ve jacked my finances up so bad. Feeling alone and really, really crappy was just a part of life, and using shopping to fix that crappy feeling was how I dealt with it. I never want anyone to feel like they’re alone. I want that to be really clear, you’re not alone! So, the new “we” works great!

Plus, this unexpected-not-wanted-but-really-not-so-bad-name-change is kind of a great opportunity to not only grow the site but to also include my husband Aaron in the site a little more too. I’m planning on adding a bit more “man stuff” into the living simply and cheaply story.

I’ll still be writing the site and it will be fun to include some new angles on topics.

Now, for the technical updates (sorry for the inconvenience in advance)

  • It’s time to update the ol’ RSS feed here
  • The Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest URL’s have been changed and your feeds should not have been affected
  • I’ve got the Facebook page URL updated but have to change the page name somehow and that’s gonna be tricky and might not even be possible. If it turns out it’s not possible then I might have to ask you to follow the new page. (does anyone know anyone who works at Facebook?;)
  • The new Community Section is in full effect too! Use it and connect with other like-minded people; it’s a great resource!


Have you ever had a situation that was totally terrible at first, and then ended up being better than you expected down the road? 


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  1. Brad

    Hopefully it will be an easy transition to the new site.

    My wife and I just started blogging about our journey to debt freedom. Feel free to follow us at It will be a long journey, but hopefully blogging about it will not only keep us encouraged, but also our readers.

  2. Jen

    I can’t find anything on the net with your old name that doesnt lead to your stuff.. what exactly is your site meant to clash with? I can find nothing trademarked with it.. TBH I find these trademark issues a complete joke.

  3. Allie

    I wondered the same thing, but I think I see it now, after a bit of Googling. It bugs me when people trademark/copyright common English words and phrases. It’s not like “she saved” is a phrase someone invented and should be able to lay claim to. Grrr. Anyway, it’s a bummer someone came after you for using a common English phrase, but great that you made the best of it and were able to make the change very gracefully. The words even rhyme, are one letter off and make perfect sense. So, boo to those to try to “own” simple English words and phrases and yay for you for making the best of it.

  4. Shannyn @frugalbeaut

    How ridiculous! I’m so glad you’ve found a silver lining in all this- yes it can be more of a community now and all that, but darnit..I’m sorry you had to deal with the stress of changing things over. I have never heard of that happening, ugh!

    Go you and keep calm and carry on, you’re fabulous :)

  5. Emma

    Hi, to be honest, your blog is not a topic I’m interested with, but I just wanted to let you know that I think, you did a great job making it interesting. With the layout, the images, the design and your theme itself. The posts are also very concise! Great job! – Emma.

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      eek! ;) glad it arrived! i’ll make new ones before too long and i can send you one of those too! it can still be used as a reminder to keep spending in-check; like i’m right there with you:)


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