Month 8- Complete!

spending fast month 8 progress report

August proved to be quite difficult for saving. I cut my traveling a ton this year but couldn’t avoid (and didn’t want to avoid) a trip to Martha’s Vineyard to photograph a wedding. It was a whole wonderful classy/bohemian/vintagey event and we loved getting to be a part of it.

Then we did a roadtrip up the New England area and into Montreal, and then back to Boston to fly back home.

It was a ton of fun but my bank account got hit hard. It’s was easy to save money when I visited family earlier this summer but this trip wasn’t nearly as savings friendly. We had a rental car, hotels, meals out, entertainment. The whole deal. In a way I feel like I really didn’t do the Spending Fast at all while I was away. And, it was weird because in a strange way I feel more free with the spending restraints then without. I wonder why. It felt different than past pre-spending fast vacations. I wasn’t hunting down souvenirs that would end up in the Goodwill pile and I didn’t find myself feeling the need to buy something in all the cute shops we saw, like I used to feel. It was a strange pressure that I noticed increased as the trip went on and as I got farther away from my “normal” life daily savings ways. While it’s nice to travel it’s nice to be back too. I realized how beautiful and clean Denver is and how grateful I am to live in such a pretty place.

So, this is how it shook out for August… I saved $124.66 which is going straight to my parents for the old college loan. For a report on my complete savings check this section out.

p.s. more photographs from the wedding coming to our wedding blog very soon!