Money Wads

money wad photographs by Andrew Magill

I found Mr. Andrew Magill’s Flickr Photostream and these pretty pimp pictures of wads of money that he shot.

Hey, I’m a financial/money/savings blogger so that means that these pictures are the equivalent of candy for a diabetic which means, I just love that shit.


2 thoughts on “Money Wads

  1. Chelle


    I sold my beloved 88 key electronic keyboard yesterday off Craigs List and was handed $400 in cash in twenty dollar bills. I started salivating, I swear.

    Before starting the spending diet, I would have rushed right out with the money, added $100, and bought that iPad that I have been wanting forever. But right now, the money is safely tucked away, waiting to go into the bank to pay our ugly credit card. I'd rather pay off the debt than have the iPad. And that, my friend, is thanks to your website!

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