Minor (As in Major) Obsession

iced oatmeal raisin luna bars

I mentioned in a previous post about how I’m pretty sure that my biggest cost is my groceries. In the personal finance books I’ve been reading (I just impressed myself) they say that if you have a habit that’s usually a big bad sign that money is getting spent mindlessly. That coffee at the coffee shop on your way to work every morning or dinner out every Friday and Saturday night is probably a sign that money is drifting through the ol’ fingers without much thought and apparently they say that that’s a problem if money is something you’re trying to save.

Something that I realized I was spending quite a bit of money on is Luna Bars. Currently I’m loving on the Iced Oatmeal Raisin though I have been into the Chocolate Peppermint, Lemon Bar and Chocolate Brownie ones too. They are delicious with coffee in the morning, they’re vegan and easy to eat at your desk because they aren’t messy or gooey, they require no cooking or pre-thought and if you’re usually in a rush in the mornings they are easy to grab.

So. Perfect!

Though, at $1.19 each they are definitely not the most budget or Spending Fast friendly. Since I realized I was dumping a ton of money into these every month I decided they must go. I decided I would make oatmeal and that would be my new cheap bff in the mornings and I would ride off to work with a full belly of oats and brown sugar and the day would be perfect and I would have an extra $1.19 in my pocket and at the end of the month it would magically turn into like $40 bucks and I would be that much closer to paying off my debt and getting my financial life in order.

It was going good for a whole 2 days until I was running late for work one day and didn’t get any oats in my belly so I was crabby and hungry and frustrated and starving and cranky and being a big old jerk and hating oatmeal and the Spending Fast and wanted my husband to go make a special trip to the grocery store and bring me back arm fulls of Iced Oatmeal Luna Bars which he couldn’t do because well, he couldn’t and so I remained grumpy and I decided that maybe $1.19 really wasn’t all that bad after all and maybe I could just try to eat oatmeal most mornings and have Luna Bars in an emergency. So that’s what I’ve been trying to do and it just so happens that now every morning is a wake-up late no time for oatmeal kind of morning so I’m back where I started and trying to get my butt to wake up earlier so I can heave those eats into my mouth.

p.s. Old Fashioned oats tend to be tastier (at least to me) than the Quick Oats because they are less porridge-y and more texture-y.