Minimalist Challenge Update / 05

day 30 minimalist challenge

Sooooo… drumroll please! The Minimalist Challenge is officially COMPLETE!

I had so much stuff hiding away that I was able to get rid of a total of 496 items!! Aaron did an undocumented version of The Challenge, and apparently he doesn’t have as much random crap as I do so he was able to get rid of 252 items! That means that we collectively eliminated 748 items that were no longer useful to us!!!!!


I had NO IDEA that we would have that much extra stuff to get rid of, and the crazy thing is I don’t even miss (or even remember most) of what we got rid of!

Day 30, Get rid of 30 items:

  • SELL 1, TRASH 1 – Mop heads x 2 (from a failed DIY attempt :/)
  • SELL – Humidifier
  • SELL – Dress
  • SELL – Books x 4
  • SELL – Art
  • SELL – Gel eye mask
  • SELL – Sunglasses
  • SELL – Ring
  • SELL – Chai tea
  • SELL – Breast milk storage bags (ended up donating these)
  • SELL – Breast pump (ended up donating this)
  • SELL – Angeled baby bottle
  • SELL – Baby headband
  • SELL – 1/2 full cocoa
  • SELL – Decorative accordion craft fan
  • SELL – Socks
  • SELL – Baby rice cereal (ended up donating)
  • SELL – Kiddie stickers
  • SELL – Practically full bag of Epsom salts
  • SELL – Large bag of clothespins
  • TRASH – Old computer program CD’s x 5
  • TRASH – Metal thing (I have no idea what it does)

day 31 minimalist challenge

Day 31, Get rid of 31 items:

  • SELL – Clothes x A Zillion (23)
  • SELL – Cute winter hat x 2
  • SELL – Bikini x 2
  • SELL – Screen-printed mini-bag
  • SELL – Sneakers
  • SELL – Thin tin box
  • TRASH – Box of month-old tomato soup (I was hard up for the 31st item)



We did a Yard Sale on Saturday so I’ll be posting about that soon.

Have you been doing The Minimalist Challenge too? If so, how has it been going, and how many items have you gotten rid of so far? How does it feel? 

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  1. Christa

    How did the selling stuff go? If it was a rousing success, do you have any pointers? I want to get into selling stuff that is taking up space – and using it as my benchmark for buying a new outdoor light fixture – but so far it’s meh.

  2. Kristy

    I’ve been following your minimalist challenge and am feeling super empowered to do my own but also been wondering how you’ve been selling some of the little stuff like mop heads, bag of clothespins, 1/2 container cocoa etc. Can’t wait to read your post with tips!

  3. Dana

    Love the minimalist challenge! Today I filled up a trash bag full of….well honestly I’ve already forgotten most of it but I’m so glad its gone!

  4. Michelle

    we live in a small, very old farmhouse before they made closets….so all our clothes are hanging on rubbermaid wire shelving…it makes it necessary to keep everything compact and organized or else it could look cluttered quickly. Minimalist challenge occurs frequently here LOL

  5. Londa

    We held a yardsale this past weekend and made close to $200! That’s money in my pocket amd almost 15 (ish) totes of clutter out of my house. We donated some things and still have more to clear out but I’m happy with the progress! Thanks for the motivation!

  6. Cattis

    This is amazing, but I find it hard do do a number each day, instead I sometimes take 5 minutes to pick out things we don´t use and donate it. Or right now I´m taking part after part in my childrens room, like the bookshelf one day, closet one day and so on. Before I start I always think there couldn´t be much do donate but when I start it´s hard to stop because we have so much crap!

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      That’s so cool that you are able to motivate to go through things each day based on a time limit rather than an amount of ideas. It is so wild how much stuff accumulates without us even realizing it huh.

  7. Kristen

    My Husband and I started this during November (while I was doing a trial run of the Spending Fast) and got rid of so SO many things. (He ran out of items on day 8.) We were both busy with work so we ended up keeping a running tally of the items we “skipped” on days we weren’t home. It took a total of 6 weeks to get through all the items we tallied, but overall we donated, recycled, and re-gifted over 500 items! It ended up being so much fun and such a therapeutic way to clean the house out, that we have continued doing this at least one day a week ever since by randomly choosing a box or cabinet and going through it together while watching movies. Who knew it could be such a fun “date night” type of activity?


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