Minimalist Challenge Update / 03

DAY 13 minimalist challenge andthenwesaved

Things have been pretty busy around these parts! I’m working away on the book (OMG. It’s a lot of work!), we’re in the midst of our wedding photography season, and then there’s all the regular old life stuff that is happening, of course. ;)

I owe ya a couple of updates on The Minimalist Challenge. Turns out, Day 18 was a pivotal point in the process, and I gained a lot of insights about what I have been hanging onto. Probably one of the biggest insights so far throughout The Challenge has been that I’ve realized that I’ve got to stop bringing stuff into the house… even if that stuff is free (local newspapers, things from friends, knick-knacks, etc).

Below is my update on The Minimalist Challenge for days 13 through 18. Up to this point I’ve gotten rid of a total of 171 items!!

Day 13, Get rid of 13 things:

  • SELL – Clothes x 11
  • SELL – Accessories x 2

Going through my closet I found myself thinking/deciding/having these realizations:

– “Have I even EVER worn this?!”

– If I only feel so-so when I wear a piece of clothing then I need to get rid of it.

– There are some clothes that I pull out of storage every time the seasons switch and I always think I’m going to wear but just never, ever seem to get around to wearing. Those items need to stop taking up time in my life and have been put in the Get Rid Of pile.

– Some clothes I like the idea of more than the reality of.

DAY 14 minimalist challenge andthenwesaved

Day 14, Get rid of 14 things:

  • GIVE AWAY – Shower curtain. I have a friend moving into a new place and she said she just so happens to need a shower curtain. Perfect!
  • SELL – Bridesmaid dress from H&M that totally doesn’t look like a bridesmaid dress. This was from my little sister’s wedding and she was so awesome to let us get these dresses that were only about $30. They looked great in the pictures too!
  • TRASH – Mismatched socks that don’t have a partner. (I’m counting them as 1 item)
  • TRASH – Undies x 2. They’re ill-fitting. And you all know, ain’t nobody got time for that!
  • SELL – Earrings/jewelry x 7
  • SELL – Key tag label thingy
  • TRASH – Top to a travel coffee mug. Why in the world do I still have the lid to a coffee mug I no longer have?
  • SELL – Little plastic heart container

DAY 15 minimalist challenge andthenwesaved

Day 15, Get rid of 15 things:

  • SELL – Clothes x 6
  • DONATE – Torn towel
  • SELL – Curtain rods x 2
  • SELL – Socks. Never wear these ones for some reason.
  • TRASH – Drawstring that has become separated from a pair of workout pants (don’t know what pants it even belongs too).
  • SELL – Canister of coffee
  • SELL – Semi-busted book light (just needs tape or something to keep the batteries in) but I never use it anyway so…
  • SELL – Thick headband
  • TRASH – Pot of lipstick

DAY 16 minimalist challenge andthenwesaved

Day 16, Get rid of 16 things:

  • SELL – Small camera bag
  • SELL Camcorder with manual (counting as 2 items)
  • SELL – Small camera tripod
  • SELL – Web camera
  • SELL – DVD-R x 2
  • TRASH – Empty DVD-R cases x 3
  • SELL – Flash diffuser
  • SELL – Lens/screen cleaning kit
  • SELL – USB drive
  • TRASH – Empty box x 2
  • SELL – Set of reflective pant leg tighteners (for when you ride your bike)

Most of these items we just don’t use anymore.

DAY 17 minimalist challenge andthenwesaved

Day 17, Get rid of 17 things:

This is the medicine cabinet edition;) so most of these things have to be disposed of.

  • TRASH – Empty inhalers x 3
  • TRASH – Empty shampoo bottle (it’s super sticky, and covered with fuzz and lint because I took the original label off of it)
  • TRASH – Ointment x 2
  • TRASH – Old lip balm
  • TRASH – Old/expired medicines x 7
  • TRASH – Empty medicine box
  • TRASH – Inhaler thing
  • SELL – Practically new lotion that we never use

What’s with all these empty and expired things?!

DAY 18 minimalist challenge andthenwesaved


Day 18, Get rid of 18 things:

The Linen Closet edition…

  • TRASH – (Continued from medicine cabinet) Expired medicine x 6
  • SELL – Bath towel
  • SELL – Hand towel
  • SELL – Sheets x 4
  • SELL – Pillow cases x 4
  • DONATE – Baby blanket
  • SELL – Bath mat

I think I still have a linen-collecting problem! :/ Linens showed up on my original Spending Fast Wants list and it looks like that problem area has slowly creeped back in.

So, at this point I’ve gone through: my closet, bedroom, coat closet, linen and medicine closest, and our office (surprisingly the least-cluttered area). The next areas that got tackled: junk drawer, Craft/Junk Room, and the basement storage unit.


Read the other posts about The Minimalist Challenge introupdate 01, and update 02.

Are you doing the Minimalist Challenge too? If so, how has it been going for you?

P.S. Looking to declutter and minimize? CLICK HERE to learn about the Fearless Minimalist Guide


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  1. hill

    Yay, I’ve been waiting to see your post! I’ve been doing the challenge as well, I am still on day 25 and it is getting harder. After we decided to sell some things on craigslist or have a garage sale it has been easier to get rid of some stuff I have been stubbornly holding on to (mostly camping and climbing gear–Denver outdoor enthusiast here).
    The pile in our garage is now 6 boxes high!!! Thanks for putting this challenge on my radar.

  2. Felicity

    Have you considered doing a clothing swap? I’ve done several and it is Ask a bunch of your girlfriends to go through their closets and pick out the stuff they don’t wear- too big, too small, just sick of it, etc. but nothing damaged. This means clothes, shoes, jewelry & purses. Then you have everyone over your house and spread out the items according to sizing or category. Each friend takes turn in a row going through the items, I usually set a 3 item limit for each ’round’ to avoid one person grabbing all the good stuff first. Whichever items are leftover/ not picked can be donated to goodwill. Since I’ve been holding these for a few years I have not only gotten rid of items I never wore but about 1/3 of my wardrobe is from the swaps aka FREE!

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      Hey Felicity, I have done a clothing swap and it was amazing! I love that you mentioned them… such a great and creative way to get rid of stuff to get new-to-you items!

  3. Jess

    I’m so impressed by this challenge! It must be so satisfying getting rid of all this unnecessary stuff. Whenever I watch Japanese animated films (like Studio Ghibli) that show wonderfully simple, uncluttered homes (most recently, From Up on Poppy Hill), I get inspired to try and live a more minimal life. All those clear surfaces look so calming!

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      I’ve never heard of that show (gonna have to look it up now;) but the spaces sound so serene! That show Hoarders make me feel the exact opposite (claustrophobic and anxious) but it has the same effect… makes me want to live minimally!;P

  4. Lauren | Breathe & N

    This is so great. Isn’t it wild that we hang on to and wear clothing that we only feel so-so about? I am still working on my wardrobe and man, it’s hard to let go to even items I don’t adore. What’s the deal?

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      It really is! I think I hang onto the so-so clothes because I hope my mind will somehow miraculously change into liking it. Like, why do I want to like random clothes so much!? Strange!

  5. Barbara

    Today is my last day of the minimalist challenge but I have been stalled since day 27. I am not sure what else to get rid of! However, even if I don’t complete it, I think I got rid of almost 300 items. Most of it being old makeup, clothes, jewelry, craft supplies, cds and old bottles. So I am satisfied. And it does make you realize how easy it is to let go and why it is important to not hang on to things!

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      Congratulations on doing the challenge! I’m impressed that you made it to Day 27! I’ve heard a lot of people run into trouble on the 2nd week. It is SO liberating to get rid of stuff!

  6. Kristen

    On your SALE items like clothing, etc….do you save for a garage sale, post on Craigslist/eBay, visit a re-sale store? What have you found that works best?

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      Saving the stuff for a yard sale. The valuable stuff/electronics I’m going to try to sell on Craigslist because I might be able to get more there than at a yard sale.

  7. Erika

    I haven’t been doing this challenge each day, but it did inspire me to go through my closets this past weekend. My fiance and I literally filled our SUV with stuff that we brought to Goodwill. And still we have too much clutter.

  8. Elaine Ness

    HI!! The challenge is so worthwhile!! Life gets better and better with fewer and fewer things!!! LIfe is so much more than just ”stuff”!! And for those of you who love swapping, why not take a look at where you can swap everything for everything and you will get it easily, without hassling or bargaining!! It’s a totally new idea! Very inspiring posts!! Thank you!

  9. Emily @ Tips on Life

    I just moved, so am really feeling this challenge. I hadn’t heard of it until right now, but I’m going to try it! I’m so fed up with all the junk hanging around–it’s time to get rid of it or put it to use!


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