Saving $1,400 a Month With a Spending Diet – An Update From Melanie

how to save 1,400 a month with a spending diet

Melanie is sharing her Spending Diet adventures with us, and she’s got her October update for us below. I’ve got to say, I am SO incredibly proud of her! I love that she’s chosen to change her life, and whoa. Just whoa. It’s so awesome how much she’s been able to save in such a short amount of time. This is what the Spending Fast and Spending Diet is all about. Getting the hell out of debt ASAP. – Anna

After the roller coaster of money emotions that was September, I was hoping for more stability in my savings for October. And the good news is that with my second job’s back pay, I was able to save $1,400 in October! So good, right? Well, yes and no. I managed to save $1,400 which is $400 over my savings goal, but I still went over my $100 Spending Diet limit. (Insert sad trombone.)

In some ways I’m super proud of myself. I saved $1,400 in one month. ONE MONTH! Let’s go ahead and get personal, that’s over half of my paycheck (after taxes and insurance is taken out). But I’m ever the perfectionist and as much as I try, try, try to stay positive, I always seem to be a glass half empty type of gal. Why didn’t I save more?!?!

Well, there’s a few reasons:

1. I managed to get some great deals on pants at the thrift store, but I have a wedding to attend and I didn’t feel that I had an appropriate dress to wear. Could I have borrowed something? Maybe. Could I have found something cheaper? Maybe. I did use a coupon and I felt like I got a good deal, but I still spent money that I didn’t allocate to spend.

When I added that dress to my online shopping cart, I also added a skirt and a top. I justified that I could wear them to work and it was “Buy two, get one free!” It was a moment of weakness.

2. I forgot my lunch a few days this month and I had to go to the grocery store at lunch to pick something up. That was kind of unavoidable, but the nitpicker inside of me wants to say “But you should have backup snacks in your desk at work for this situation!”

Nitpicker be damned! I’m proud that I’ve managed to save over my savings goal this month. I know this holiday season is going to be difficult though. My $100 Spending Diet includes gifts. I’m currently formulating a plan for holiday spending that includes coupons, starting my shopping early and handmaking what I can. And as always, I’m trying to stay positive.


How will you, my budget-friendly friends attack your holiday spending? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! -Melanie

P.S. Ready to get out of debt ASAP? Check out the Spending Fast Bootcamp!


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  1. Athena

    How impressive! Saving money is hard but it gets easier when you embrace the mindset. But, let’s face it. You worked your tush off and were proactive! Good going girl!

  2. Mrs. Frugalwoods

    Congrats on saving so much! I’m a terrible nitpicker of my spending too–but, I have to remind myself that spending money at times is necessary and unavoidable.

    We try to be frugal but generous with holiday gift giving. I often use gift cards people have gotten me to buy gifts for others. I’m also a fan of using our Amazon cash back rewards to buy gifts on Amazon. We often homemake breads and candies to give as gifts for our neighbors and colleagues. Hoping to stay on budget this year!

  3. SavvyMama

    Wow!! That is really impressive. Way to go!! One way I am able to save around the holidays is to think of something I am good at and offer my services to friends and family. For example – I am cooking and freezing 3 family dinners for my closest friends. I am hooking up the blue tooth functionality in my parents’ cars. I am posting some of my mom’s stuff on eBay, etc.. I bet I can think of at least a few other services I can provide to those I most cherish. Any additional ideas are much appreciated :)

  4. Shelley

    Thank you for your comment of “Nitpicker, be damned!” I totally needed to hear that. You’re winning WAY more often than you’re losing, and that’s amazing :)


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