Am I a Compulsive Spender!? (Quite Possibly:/)

am i a compusive spender test quiz

While I don’t want to be a “fit” for Debtors Anonymous OR Spenders Anonymous (see the post about the Debtors Anonymous quiz here) I have more check marks for the Spenders Anonymous checklist than the Debtors Anonymous checklist.



Compulsive Shopping Checklist

  • Do you “take off for the stores” when you’ve experienced a setback or a disappointment, or when you feel angry or scared? Yes in the past
  • Are your spending habits emotionally disturbing to you and have they created chaos in you life? kinda, yeah. i guess that’s partly why i decided to do the spending fast… to get the chaos controlled…
  • Do your shopping habits create conflicts between you and someone close to you (spouse, lover, parents, children)?  Yes, the non-spending has too
  • Do you buy items with your credit cards that you wouldn’t buy if you had to pay cash? yeah
  • When you shop, do you feel a rush of euphoria mixed with feelings of anxiety? yes
  • Do you feel you’re performing a dangerous, reckless or forbidden act when you shop? in the past i’ve know i shouldn’t spend money but did it anyway, so yes
  • When you return home after shopping, do you feel guilty, ashamed, embarrassed or confused? guilty, yes and ashamed too because it meant that money wasn’t going to pay off past debts and spending the money meant it wasn’t going into savings either
  • Are many of your purchases seldom or never worn or used? no, not usually
  • Do you lie to your family or friends about what you buy and how much you spend? i have
  • Would you feel “lost” without credit cards? no
  • Do you think about money excessively – how much you have, how much you owe, how much you wish you had – and then go out and shop again? yes, i did
  • Do you spend a lot of time juggling accounts and bills to accommodate your shopping debts? not now but i have in the past

So 9 out of 11

Shit. That’s kind of a lot.