Knit iPods + Wood Laptops – Making What You Want

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When I think about “making what I want” I 1st think about making the kind/amount of money I want to make and then the 2nd thing I think is along the lines of “make the LIFE I want”- that type of thing.

What I don’t usually think of is LITERALLY making what I WANT. Like, OH, I want a new ipod, so I’m gonna make myself one or I want a new laptop so I’m going to make myself up one. Probably, mainly, because they’re electronics and most people can’t just whip themselves up electronics… crafty DIY things are a little different. I totally try to make those things. BUT these two artists: Justin Beard (of Denver) and Kimberley Elderton (of the UK) thought about what they wanted a little differently. They didn’t let a little thing like money stand in the way.

These two decided to actually CREATE the items they wanted but couldn’t afford. Justin wanted a MacBook laptop so he made 150 wood and paper fake laptops and then sold them for $10 each. He ended selling enough of the “laptops” to buy the new laptop of his dreams.

(Below is an excerpt from an article about Justin from Denver Connects)

Justin Beard is “Pinocchio’s” Gepetto for the digital era.

For Denver artist Justin Beard, finding the funding for a MacBook computer took creating 150 “laptops” of his own out of wood and paper, with the ultimate dream of turning these into a real, working laptop.

“I call it the Gepetto Effect,” laughs Beard, explaining that his wood-and-paper creations are similar the wood-and-strings “son” created by the mythical puppet maker. “We both hope to get the real version of what we’ve created.”

Well-known in the Denver area creative community, Beard is often recognized for his ingenuity with materials as well as his artistic humor. As an artist, Beard realized he needed a computer to take the next step in his artwork, yet lacked the funding for such a large purchase.

“I didn’t want to move backwards to move ahead,” says Beard of how he concocted the plan to raise the funds for a laptop via creative means.

Creating his artistic computers out of wood, paper, and duct tape, Beard has crafted 150 remarkable mimics of real laptops. The wooden laptop doppelgangers even hinge open to reveal a paper keyboard and paper screen.

To display the laptops, Beard even constructed a full-size laptop shop out of similar materials, complete with a wood-and-tape “security camera” and display rack.

Here is a full story on Justin. 

So. Awesome.

And Kimberely Elderton of Knit What I Want wanted an ipod, profiterols and a new bikini for a vacation so she knit them up!

Um. Excuse. Me. But. That’s. Awesome Too!

These artists prove that there is a different way to think about their wants.

They made it happen by actually creating it.


Have you heard of any other similar projects? I would completely love to hear about them!

Thank you to the reader who sent me the lead about Kimberley’s project… I hadn’t heard of it and well, I love it. 

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  1. highheeledtraders

    the idea is indeed nuts! LOVE IT! … I especially love the humor in what they did… and not having to take the credit card out. Truly inspirational! Thanks again Anna for posting this topic.


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