Make a Motivational Mobile

make a motivational mobile

Recently, I found out about Color Me Katie and her theory of creating art with what she either already owns or with inexpensive things like markers, poster board, colored paper, or stuff from the dollar store. She says (and I’m totally paraphrasing here), “You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make art.” So when I came home from Alt I found myself with all this colorful candy and decided that I was going to use what I had to make something fun. So that’s what I did!

How to Make a Motivational Mobile…

What you need:

– Colorful candy (other options are play-doh, homemade play-doh, clay, cardstock, or scrap paper; use what you already have around)

– A semi-thick stick

– Yarn/string

– Exacto knife and/or scissors

– Hot glue gun or regular school glue

– Spray paint (if you want gold letters)

– A phrase that pumps you up


Okay, got everything?

The steps:

1. Create your letters. I drew the outline of my letters with pencil and then cut the letters out from the candy. The candy was a bit sticky so I let it dry out overnight. It was still tacky the next day so I just went with it and it worked out totally fine. I also ate my way through a lot of the project as evidenced by my bite marks (a perk of working with candy if you ask me). Erm, sugar rush…

2. Spray paint your letters. I’m on a gold kick and had some leftover spray paint from another project so gold it was! If you like the colorful letters just skip this step (a clear sealant would be a good idea though)

3. Cut your string in 8″ pieces. Cut 1 string for each letter.

4. Use the glue gun to adhere the string to the back of the letter. If you don’t have a glue gun then regular school glue works too.

5. Lay your letters out to create your pump up phrase.

6. Tie the strings to the stick. I was lucky enough to find one with a slight curve so the mobile has a nice little arch to it.

7. Take another piece of string and tie it to each end.

Presto! Motivational mobile! Hang it in a place you’ll see all the time so you can get a burst of motivation every time you look at it. This would be a fun project for a baby or kid’s room with the colorful letters and the kiddo’s name.


What is your pump-up phrase? Is there something that always gets you motivated?

(Oh! And, I’m on Vine now so let’s be buds, here’s a silly video I made for you, and if you’re so inclined I entered this project in a contest and would love the vote if you have a minute :)


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  1. Joy | Frock Files

    I love that you did this with the Airheads! Theirs was the dinner I ended up at before Alt and those girls are super pumped about what they do. I’m about to create some big typography for my office wall that says, “FOCUS” in hopes that it actually reminds me to do just that.


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