Lucky Lady Woman Intuition? Must Be.

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One of the things I did intitally to get the Spending Fast going was that I changed my text messaging from an unlimited to a limited plan. Saving me a whopping $5 dollars per month.

As the 1st month was nearing an end I thought that I probably better see how many texts I had left to use. Turns out I had none left and that I had actually gone over by 4-500 texts!

Ehhh… this couldn’t be good.

Since I really hadn’t changed my texting habits at all I probably could’ve guessed that things weren’t going to be going in my favor. I must’ve had some 6th sense intuition going though because I happened to (luckily and unknowingly) call my cell phone company an hour before the billing cycle ended (!). They informed me that I would have $70 in texting charges if I didn’t want to switch back to the unlimited plan.

Uh. No-brainer here. So, I’m back to the unlimited texting plan. I’d much rather spend an extra $5 a month then an extra $70.

Oh man, that was a lucky break there.

So, I guess the lesson of the day is if you’re a texting maniac like me who updates friends on their life via text then just get the unlimited texting plan and possibly save yourself $70 bucks.

Easy enough.

Today I’m gonna call my cell phone company and see if I might be able to go to a less expensive plan based on the minutes I’m using or not using. They don’t tend to be very helpful whenever I’ve tried to do this in the past.

One night I saw on the news that that tends to be an easy place for people to cut back on costs. Because typically when people get a phone they get the plan they think they’ll use which is usually more minutes and more money than they actually end up using so they’re spending more than they need to.

Just a little tip, passing it along and a good day to ya!


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