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What are your plans for the weekend lovelies? What do you do for entertainment that’s low or no cost?

No matter what you’re up to I hope you have a weekend that’s as great as you.


5 thoughts on “Lovely

  1. Sarah

    When we were snowed in a couple weeks ago, we dusted off the Wii and got back to gaming on it. We use a PS3 sort of regularly but when we powered up the Wii it informed us that we hadn't played it since February '09 (which didn't seem that bad until I remembered what year it is now). I didn't remember buying the ~30 games we have for it either and that was sort of sickening. BUT we had purchased some top quality games that we hadn't played so that was like a gift falling out of the sky and we've had a lot of fun together with it.

  2. Mollie

    My husband and I love to go to a couple Italian restaurants that are BYOB. We can get a good pizza cheap and enjoy a nice wine; it's a really inexpensive way to enjoy a nice dinner out.

    When I start missing that "going out" feeling, we can eat dinner at home and then go have a drink and dessert at the bar of one of our favorite restaurants. But we must promise ourselves to stick to one drink to keep it cheap!

  3. Maryl

    Taped the Aussie Open women's final to watch tonight. Tomorrow I will work the food stand at my daughter's gymnastics meet (thus saving the admission fee). I'll also get my carcass to the gym this morning ($15/mo. fee).

  4. Darcy

    I live in Nashville and tonight 2 friends and I went to the first Saturday Art Crawl which is a series of galleries (mostly downtown) that remain open late. So for the price of parking ($3 each) and a tip to the bartender serving the free wine, we had quite the cultural evening. LOVE!

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