Loopholio (How to Get Christmas Gifts for Others Without Spending a Cent!)

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The other night I went to a Silpada party. Have you heard of this brand? It’s fancy sterling silver jewelry and the party format is like a classic Tupperware party minus the presentation. So instead of plastic storage containers it’s nice jewelry. Uh. Awesome. This was the 2nd Silpada party I had been to and I was in the Spending Fast mindset. I was prepared! I was ready to not spend money no matter what shiny pretty things I tried on and convinced myself I needed. I told myself that I was going to socialize with some people I hadn’t seen in awhile and that’s what I planned to do and then did.

Luckily this was a Botox ‘n Bling party so there were quite a few girls who were getting botoxed and that was better than any other entertainment around. It also happened to be a very good distraction from the shiny stuff I couldn’t keep my eyes off of. I always found myself gravitating to the display boxes like they were magnetic and so was I. But I’m not and they’re not. I just like the stuff.

A very smart friend of mine said “Hey, Anna, you should host a party and then you could get free jewelry”. Oh! My! The! Wheels! Started! To! TURN! I thought about it for 1/2 a second and then signed up. I was given a bottle of wine (saving it for the guests at the party) and a picture frame (perfect re-gift).

This was the perfect loop-hole to the Spending Fast! I knew I could make treats for people out of ingredients I already owned and that I would be able to score some great jewelry in the process. Yes! This was perfect!

For some reason this party has got me thinking competitively. They say the average host makes $300 in free jewelry. I want to make $400! Really just to see if I can!

So, the party is April 14th and if you think you might like to order something let me know and I’ll send you the link to the online catalog.

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  1. marianney

    haha nice one! i combined a Premier jewelry party with a clothing swap last year, but i think the girl’s were distracted by the free clothes to care about paying for jewelry unfortunately, so don’t do that! ;)

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