Looking For You (CLOSED)

who's the most awesome person today?

I’m looking for people who have interesting/exciting/horrible/great/sad/moving/inspiring financial/money/saving/spending/making do and mending/living simply/living inexpensively stories/experiences/lives that you’re willing to share.

I’m looking for guest writer contributers and people willing to do Q&A’s. This would be for a new weekly section on this blog. Contact me via the Contact button above or email me at: hello@andthenshesaved.com

Can’t wait to talk with you!

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One thought on “Looking For You (CLOSED)

  1. Charmel Delos Santos

    Great to know you are launching this new feature of your blog. Would be happy to contribute. As a Trader Mom, I am always looking for ways to eat well, live well, and spend wisely — to basically avoid financial stresses and grow my capital. I look forward to other readers' contributions as well. My blog is http://www.highheeledtraders.com "Trade profitably like only a woman can!"

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