Little Victories

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Today’s post is all about a featured COMMUNITY post by Jessie. If you haven’t been to the Community page I implore you to explore it.

She brings up a good topic: Little Victories. It’s so easy to get caught up in the big, massive goals like oh, PAYING OFF ALL THE DEBT. But the reality is there is so much that happens everyday that counts too.

Some examples of things I do: passing up a tasty treat all in the name of paying off my debt, washing a plastic sandwich sack to re-use it the next time one is needed and continuing to turn the heat down a few degrees to save just a few more pennies.

All these little things don’t seem like all that much but they create much over time. That’s what’s so great about little things: they are cumulative.

New habits get formed with each little victory. New habits = major financial results.

Thanks to Jessie for bringing up this topic and thanks to everyone who has shared and continues to share on the Community page.

Bring up what you’re going through already, you crazy cracker.

I mean that in the nicest way possible. Seriously.

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One thought on “Little Victories

  1. Katie

    I love the little victories! Since I am still kind of at the beginning of my saving/getting-out-of-debt journey, the big picture still seems very abstract. It is hard to imagine not owing anything on my credit cards, car, or students, but boy, it's going to be great when it happens! So for me, the little attainable victories that I notice make all the difference. Like, just this morning when I was walking to my office, I passed a Starbucks and thought, "wow, I can't remember the last time I had Starbucks!" I have been packing my lunch every day and bringing coffee from home and now I don't even miss going out for lunch. Okay, I miss it a little. But I certainly don't miss spending money on it, and so I am glad these new little habits are forming!

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