Last Week Was INSANE. A Re-Cap: Best of Denver, Etsy, Nate Berkus & Wise Bread

Last week was a whirlwind of greatness. Even with all the cool stuff that happened the thing that made me the happiest was that it was sunny out. This year’s winter seemed really mild as it was happening but when the sun started coming out all hot and bright it rocketed me into some straight up cloud-nine living. Seriously. Did that happen to anyone else?

Here’s a quick re-cap of the stuff that went down last week. And then, back to our regular programming;)

So, if it being sunny and amazing out wasn’t enough (it was) I was sitting at the allergist office waiting my required 1/2 hour between getting the allergy shots (that make me look like I have Popeye arms) and I was flipping through Westword’s Best of Denver issue. It is a epic issue that has a flat edged spine because it’s so massive. It’s packed with all the insider stuff happens in Denver that helps to make this town so great. I was chatting with my friend Shayla seeing what she was up to and then, wouldn’t you know it, And Then We Saved goes and pops out and catches my eye. I couldn’t have been more surprised to see that me and Tran Wills of got an award for Best Instant Wardrobe Change (sometimes they make up categories if they want to include something;) for the swaps we’ve been hosting around town. It was so cool! I was trying to contain my excitement since I was sitting in a waiting room but really, I was freaking out. When I got home Facebook was all lit up with different people in town saying they got awards. It’s neat to be recognized for stuff that I’m just doing just because it’s fun to do and because Denver ladies need Swaps. Amiright!? I also really like the part in the blurb where it calls Tran Wills a “Social Media Princess” because she is, and really whatever she’s touches turns to awesome. Big thanks to Westword for supporting stuff happening in town and for giving shout-outs.

Then, if that wasn’t enough (it was), one of my all-time favorite sites (and contributor to a wee-bit of my pre-spending fast debt because of all the crazy cute and unique items) Etsy, went and interviewed me about that post I wrote a couple weeks ago called The High Cost of Being a Bridesmaid (and What To Do About It). I love how they weaved my answers into an eloquently written and cohesive article. I’m always amazed how writers do that. They take sometimes totally different interview questions merge them with answers and their commentary and poof, there’s a great article. It’s the mad writing skills that really shine and Chappell Ellison worked her magic like the helluva’ good writer she is in her post Bridesmaid on a Budget.

Then, if that wasn’t enough (it was) The Nate Berkus show re-ran the Downsizing Debt episode I was on that aired back in October, and it was fun to re-live that whole surreal experience. Man, his smile is amazing. You’ve seen his smile right?

Then, if that wasn’t enought (it was)- is that getting annoying enough by now;)- my profile went public as a Staff Writer for Wise Bread! Wise Bread is one of the top personal finance sites out there and I could not be more thrilled to contribute to their amazingly helpful and chock-full-of-useful-information personal finance site.

Wow, now I’m out-of-breath;). It was quite a week and I’m so grateful to be able to have these opportunities and that you all have been, and continue to be, so supportive through it all.

If you didn’t read the posts, comment on them, and share your successes and struggles about how you’re living (and getting to living) a debt-free life in the community section, and if you all didn’t help me spread the getting-out-of-debt hope, And Then We Saved wouldn’t be what it is.

I’m so grateful and I’m so thankful.

Thank you for helping this blog grow! xo, Anna

P.S. Looking for awesome hikes within an hour of Denver? CLICK HERE for the Denver Hikes and Trails Guide


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