Keep It or Keep It?

Have you seen that show Hoarders? I checked out Season 1 from my trusty public library and I was instantly fascinated by the show. How could they let their homes get this way? How could they not see how their space was slowly swallowing them alive? The questions came and came and I couldn’t help but think of the people in my life who have big attachments to things. I’ve secretly prided myself on not being one of those people. Not having to have stuff. But, I’ve realized maybe I haven’t been totally honest with myself. This. Is. A. Possibility. I also couldn’t help but be reminded of the old storage unit that has been holding my treasured items for the past 7 months. That, oh yeah, I’m been paying for every month. Whenever I think about that storage unit and those things I get instantly defensive. I NEED those things. They are memories. These items represented my past. If they no longer existed would my past still be my past? Would I still be able to remember all these things that happened? The old prom dress, the old prints and lenses from photography school, the old Domino magazines (oh, how could that mag go defunct? it was so awesome!)

Suddenly, I realized that maybe my fascination with the people on the show stemmed from how I could relate to them. Since the Spending Fast began I’ve felt that I’ve needed to hang onto things even more because I haven’t been able to replace anything. What if I need that thing and then I don’t have it and then I won’t be able to get a new one till the end of this!? Then what!? Then what!?

PURE. PURE. PANIC!! That’s what!! Ahhh! NOOoo!

With the weather changing to a crisp beautiful red and orange Fall I was ready to switch out my Summer clothes for my now very familiar Winter clothes. We arrived at the storage unit and the Hoarders show was still really fresh in my head. I was ready. I decided I no longer needed certain items to ensure these certain memories existence. The memory could stand alone. The memory could be a memory without back-up.

I found myself tearing through boxes. There were unofficial “trash”, “giveaway” and “keep” piles. In a way I was in a getting-rid-of-frenzy and. it. was. awesome. All together I got rid of 5 boxes of stuff! It felt so amazing to get rid of these items. I no longer had the fear of not having enough. (uh, Whoa.) I knew I could survive on a lot less. The security blanket has been demolished and it feels so good. I even took a huge duffel bag full of items to a buy, sell, trade store and got some cash! (Guess what was in there too- the prom dress! buh-bye!) I bought some groceries with the cash and deposited the rest.

The feeling of clearing out and getting refreshed and renewed and all that is amazing. A fresh start.

See, I’m not a Hoarder!

Then. We got home. The hub proceeded to point out a can of pineapple. Of course it’s still good! I’m gonna eat that! Don’t you toss that you crazy Crazy!

Um, hello. He told me it expired in 2008! Eeek! I told him it was still good and don’t toss it- I’ll eat it. I’ve got some money to save!

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6 thoughts on “Keep It or Keep It?

  1. marianney

    ooh nice. what kind of stuff did you bring to the buy, sell, trade store? i need to figure out how i can monetize some of my junk w/o the hassle of craigslist, etc.

  2. Anna Newell Jones

    a lot of the stuff i needed to get rid of was clothes- poorly made, trendy stuff. i took it to buffalo exchange but they only take clothes and accessories. (scout: dry goods & trade is awesome too if you're near omaha). is great for selling vintage items (20 years or older) but there's a lot of competition & craigslist for the rest. you know, even pawn shops will buy stuff. i've had some luck with that route too.

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