Hy-Vee To The Rescue! Grocery Store Wedding Flowers and Wedding Cake

I knew my little sister Christine was onto something when she told me that she was going to talk to some grocery stores (Hy-Vee and Russ’s) about having them do her wedding flowers and wedding cake. Turns out she was REALLY onto something.

She’s being super resourceful about how she’s been spending on her wedding, and since her wedding budget is no where close to the national average wedding cost of $25,631.00 she has been coming up with some very clever ideas to cut down on the costs. Here are just two of the frugal solutions she’s come up with.

Grocery Store Wedding Cake

For my sister and her fiance, they decided that a wedding cake just wasn’t at the top of their priority list and since the average wedding cake comes in at $540 (as reported by MSN Money) they started considering some other options. They asked themselves, “Can a friend make the cake?”. Answer, “No baker friends.” Then they asked, “Can we have the cake made at a place that doesn’t specialize in wedding cakes but could still pull it off?” This question immediately prompted them to look into the option of having a grocery store make their wedding cake.

Turns out this is a killer option for saving some money!

Let’s take a look at the wedding cake cost break-down:

– For a 3-tiered (The tiers will be: 6″, 9″, and 12″. Each tier will also be a double layer that is filled with butter cream frosting. Yummmmmm, butter cream…) wedding cake that will feed 105 people, and an additional full sheet cake that will feed 48-96 people the cost is: $312.50. Oh, and the grocery store will also be giving them an additional 10% off since they’re spending over $100 on their cake = bonus!

That means for enough wedding cake to feed between 153-201 people their price for the wedding cake will come in at $281.25. Jaw just dropped. That’s a savings of $258.75!

Plus, they will deliver the cake for a whopping $10 (outside of town it jumps to $20). Nutty good deal.

They will be borrowing a cake stand and they will also be supplying their own cake topper (they found theirs on Etsy but this would be a great DIY project too). They are also considering using real flowers on their cake to spruce it up a bit more. If you’re okay with a simpler cake then a grocery store wedding cake is a great option.

This brings us to the next amazing wedding budget idea…

image via eat drink chic

Grocery Store Wedding Flowers

Flowers weren’t something that fell super high on my sister’s priority list either so she considered her less expensive options.

Her first thought was to get local flowers from a wholesaler or farmer’s market but after doing some research that idea fell through since there were no suppliers in her area. So back to the grocery store she went! She talked to the grocery store about her budget and they offered suggestions on how to work within that budget. They told her about the in-season flowers that would be available and then together they chose the least expensive options from that list.

To purchase 4 bouquets (bride, bridesmaids, flower girl), 6 boutonnieres, and 10 corsages it will come to $346. Again, they will give her a 10% discount for spending over $100 which brings the total to: $311.40.

They’ll even deliver the flowers for $20.

She’ll also be going with bulk flowers from the grocery store for centerpieces on the reception tables but she hasn’t had those costs calculated yet (I’ll report back on that when those numbers come in).

Planning a wedding is definitely a situation where you have to consider what your priorities are. If you’ve always dreamed of having a Cake Challenge winner worthy cake at your reception then a grocery store cake might not be the best choice for you. And if you’ve always dreamed of having a reception overflowing with expertly arranged flowers, saving money in that area might not be the best fit for you either.

Weigh all of your choices and options and you just might find yourself saving some money in the grocery store aisles before you walk down the wedding aisle.


Interested in reading more about saving money at weddings? Check out this post: The High Cost of Being a Bridesmaid (and what to do about it).


Have you heard of any other clever ways to save money on wedding costs? Do you think you would consider a grocery store wedding cake or flowers?


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  1. Dave L

    Im not sure where your located but when I was in high school I used to work at a Wegmans (a grocery store that focuses on quality and customer service).

    Especially over the last two years Ive noticed their cakes have gotten to be amazing! The samples speak for themselves :)

    I think too often people discredit grocery stores, if you go to a quality grocery store like Wegmans you can get an amazing cake and beautiful flower for a great price!

  2. anonymous

    I did the same thing for my wedding. I got a cake from Publix (in Florida), it tasted better than anything else from some of the traditional wedding bakers and it was much cheaper. I ordered my flowers from a bulk delivery service and made simple bouquets. The only problem was that the flowers for the bridesmaids died the night before the wedding. We had to run to the grocery store and ended up getting flowers there last minute and the original order was refunded.

  3. grace (@kaleblossom)

    I love this idea, but no local grocery stores do vegan cakes(In fact, I think the only vegan "cakes" I can buy are vegan cake mixes. Good think my mommom is a baker ladee. :P

    Of course, cake is silly unhealthy, and almost always too sweet, I wonder if I could just get a ginormous blueberry muffin. xD

    Regardless, I will not be getting married for quite some time, if ever. It's a lot of money; not to mention, no matter how much I love my boyfriend now, something could happen and we could get a divorce which is also more expensive and such. It makes no sense to spend money on something that has less than a 50% chance of working out(meaning you lose out financially).
    UGH why am I such a pessimist. :(

  4. Hana

    Great post! I'm in the midst of planning my wedding too. We are going the wholesale flower route from the grocery store.

    I'm also purchasing my own disposable dinnerware from Costco in addition to alcohol (beer/wine). Our caterer could provide those for us but it was significantly more than just buying it ourselves. We also hired a friend to bartend rather than have our caterer do it, which is also saving us a ton of money.

    Non-floral centerpieces are also a great way to save money – we're using pumpkins ;o)

    I've found that people stress about the details that nobody remembers anyway. So why invest in them? ;)

  5. LifeInTransition

    I had my friends sister in law bake my wedding cake. She's been baking for fun for awhile, but just started turning it into a side business so her cakes were really affordable. For my bouquets, I used silk flowers and for my center pieces, I bought about 40 bulk peonies. The peonies were expensive so I made sure I didn't need a lot. I bought shallow round vases, added water, cut the stems off the flower and floated the peonies in the vase and placed a vase or two on each table. I was able to use high end flowers for a high end look without having to buy a ton of flowers

  6. MrsKensington

    For our wedding, the caterers wanted $1 per piece to cut the cake. Instead, I went to Giant grocery store and paid $.69 each for cupcakes. They were a huge hit and cost about $100 — and so cute!

    I also bought silverware from a restaurant supply and dishes fom ikea and donated them to the venue — a historical city — for a tax write off.

    Congrats to your sister!

  7. Alys B. Cohen

    Some of our money-saving measures included making our own wedding invitations, I made the cake, faux foliage that looked real…okay, so we made everything but the dinner and our toasting glass.

    One hit of the night was to skip the guest book no one ever looks at and to instead have guests decorate blue and silver ball ornaments. Putting up the tree is a lot more fun when reminiscing over who drew what and still wondering who decorated some of them!

  8. Bri

    I know when I worked at a top end grocery store a dozen roses were only $7each. If you had an event they could order more ahead of time & arrange for you. A lot of people that work the florist counter at the grocery store are professionally trained & some do floral work on the side too.

  9. Kelly

    Just discovered you site, love it! So many great tips!

    I threw a wedding for 5 grand and this was one of my secrets. I got a delicious marble cake with buttercream frosting and a chocolate espresso filling for 100 people at our local grocer… for $60! I went with a sheet cake instead of a tiered cake, but had it decorated “wedding cake style”(vines and roses) to save. They did a great job! We added a cake topper for a little height and it looked awesome.

  10. KCMom

    When we got married, we used garden center flats for our table decor. We separated them, wrapped them with ribbon, and grouped them. At the end of the evening, guests took them home as favors.

  11. Alison

    I work in a Hy-Vee bakery as a cake decorator so I know first hand how amazing our wedding prices are. Every store is allowed to set their own pricing, but at my store, we strive to be extremely cost effective. I always go into a wedding consultation offering a sheet cake to supliment pieces of cake for larger numbers of guests; way more cost effective. Hy-Vee does a cake decorator challenge every year to showcase the talent we have. Never write off a ” grocery store bakery” just because it isn’t a boutique shop; Hy-Vee offers quality work and talented decorators.

  12. Kim

    I work for HyVee as well. Our catering ranks right up there with the best. With professionally trained and certified chefs in almost every location, HyVee can provide high end product and service at a fraction of the price one would pay at specialized restaurants and caterers.

  13. Michelle C

    This still screams “way too expensive” for wedding cake and flowers. My wedding was uber cheap and my husband planned most of it! Instead of a huge spread of flowers, my mom bought a huge bouquet from the grocery store and rearranged into three. She wrapped some ribbon around the stems and my wedding flowers were covered for less than $30. We skipped the cake and made tarts using store bought tart shells, u-pick Saskatoons, and homemade custard – total cost about $25. The ceremony was held in a 100 year old chapel on the university grounds and our reception was a pot-luck picnic in the park. We got married at 11 am and the party was over by 4. It was simple and sweet and very inexpensive.


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