How To Wear Scarves To Pump Up Your Style On The Cheap

Style is something that comes up often when you’re trying to get (or stay) out of debt. Especially if you’re used to running off the mall to buy whatever you want or if you’re used to hopping on the computer and shopping online. Finding ways to make your old clothes feel fresh can feel like a challenge but if you think about it creatively you can easily make those old outfits that you’re sick of feel fresh and new again.

That’s where scarves come in.

When I was younger I always heard the “wear a scarf” tip I always thought it was such an antiquated idea. It was like, look, I’m not 75 so I’m not wearing a scarf, and I don’t care how amazing you think they are.

They’re not.

But… never say never, right? Times have changed and now, now I’m all about scarves. (Or, maybe I’m just old now. eeee…. ?)

Here’s why I like scarves:

    • They’re inexpensive (usually) and can easily be found at thrift or 2nd hand shops


    • There are so many ways to wear them


    • They can quickly and inexpensively add interest to an otherwise boring outfit


    • They can be used to cover overgrown roots to get more longevity out of a dye job (see this related post on how to cover up roots)


    • You can wear them on your head, around your neck, around your waist, on your bag… so many possibilities


    • They can be worn in all seasons


    • They make you look like you have more money than you do


    • They’re cute


  • They make me feel fancy

Here are some examples of how I like to wear scarves.


Recently I ran across this post about 50 Different Ways to Tie A Scarf and there are some that I had never seen before (like the Rosette Neck Wrap and the Infinity Loop Knot). I’m excited to try a lot of these.

And, if you haven’t yet seen this super fun and cute video you must, and omg, I can’t help but think that the editing time on this video must have been INSANE.

Do you like scarves? What’s your favorite way to wear them and do you wear them year-round?


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  1. Leanne

    You totally know how to rock the scarves!! I do not, except in winter when it's required. I always buy scarves thinking I'll be so stylin' but alas, it does not happen. ;)

  2. linda

    LOVE LOVE LOVE scraves!! I wear a lot of black so I wear scarfs to add in color – I can wear a similar outfit 2 or 3 x week but with a different scarf the outfit always looks different. I started wearing them in junior high school (my family was po but my mom had style!), and I'm in my . . . well, let's just say I have some that are over 30 years old!


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