How To Not Give Up On Your Goals Before They Get Enough Steam

how to not give up on your goals

‘Don’t give up!’ It’s a mantra you may have heard throughout your childhood and even now that you are an adult. I know I even say here a lot. I find myself thinking, “What if someone just needs that little push to keep going?!” So I say it and write it often.

Whenever you set goals or aspire to do something for yourself, you may run at it full steam ahead but as time passes you may begin to fizzle out in your enthusiasm.

Since we’re right on the cusp of the New Year let’s consider the phenomenon of New Year’s resolutions. There are tons of funny puns about keeping with these resolutions because of the common knowledge that many resolutions go out the window in just a few months’ time. Gym memberships surge in January but die off in April when people find it hard to stay committed to life changes due to everything else going on in their lives.

To stay on course for goal achievement you first need to set reasonable goals. You need to start simple and build on different steps over time in order to achieve the ultimate goal. For instance, you don’t just say you are going to be rich in a year because it’s not a reasonable goal. You first plan to save $100 a month for six months and take the necessary steps to ensure that hundred dollars is available each month. When that goal is achieved, increase the amount to save more money within the year until you are more financially secure and can aim for higher savings goals.

Realize time is necessary to change your habits. It is believed that it takes 30 days of doing something regularly for it to become habit. You have to ease in to life changes to some extent and it will be the hardest in the beginning. Realize this upfront and you will go into the change with the right expectation. As an example, when you begin to exercise regularly, it’s really hard starting out because of sore muscles and fatigue. But the more you improve your physical fitness over time, the more energy you have and the stronger you feel.

The same concepts ring true with money. It can be really hard to stop spending money, to stop heading out to the mall for fun, to stop Googling online sales deals. But after you incorporate better financial management plans and activities into your life, it will get easier! The more positive results you see will make the changes easier to cope with and stick to for long into the future.

For me, the secret was learning how to say “No” to myself. I love to spend money and if I can step out of the cycle of overspending and guilt to finally get myself out of all my heavy debt then you can too!


What’s your plan for staying motivated with your goals for the next year? 

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  1. Caitlin

    Thank you for this well-reasoned look at goals. It’s good to challenge yourself, but aim too high and things get difficult. I myself am taking the 30-days-to-a-habit idea to heart in the coming year. Instead of one goal, I’ll be doing 12 monthly goals. (If you want to follow my progress it’ll be on my blog– just click my name!)

  2. Jessica

    One year ago today I was at home with no New Year’s Eve plans and somehow I stumbled across your blog and spent the night reading about the Spending Fast instead. While it may have been a boring way to spend New Year’s, that night is what kickstarted me into getting out of debt.

    I had been cruising along making the minimum payments on my student loans (the thought to pay more than the minimum never crossed my mind). I made a resolution to stop buying coffee and take-out and tracked my spending religiously. (I did allow myself to go out to restaurants when social occasions arise, as I have enough trouble maintaining a social life as it is!)

    This year I calculated that I have put over $25,000 towards debt (more than half my income). I’ll be debt-free this year and I’m going to try to keep up the habit of saving half my income even when I’m out of debt.

    The strides I’ve made towards this goal have given me the courage to set some different goals this year. Thanks for all the inspiration and Happy New Year!

  3. Christa

    Oh my gosh, yes. I always cheer on the folks with the simple, doable goals that are measuarable because I know they have the best chance at succeeding! Big dreams are great but it takes a lot more stick to it-ness.

    When it comes to our financial stuff, coming here always helps keep me in check. I like reading other people’s personal stories of saving and paying down debt because it makes it feel less isolating not to be a spender!


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