Brighten Up Your Life with Confetti Cookies!

how to make confetti cookies

These are the happiest cookies around. No need to spend money on a therapist, make these instead!;)

How to Brighten Up Your Life with Confetti Cookies…


1 bag of off-brand white chocolate chips

1 container of black and white sandwich cookes

2 different types of sprinkles (aka confetti!)

Wax paper



1. Melt your white chocolate in a double boiler (so the chocolate doesn’t burn) and stir constantly (I don’t own a double boiler, I use the stacked pots method. Actually, I jimmy-rig a smaller pot up with a glass measuring cup that’s upside down)

2. Toss the cookies into the melted chocolate and make sure they are thoroughly coated. I scoop mine out with a fork and then go up and down with it a bit when I pull it out so the extra chocolate drips off. Chocolate is not getting wasted around these parts.

3. Set cookies on a wire rack above wax paper to dry or if you don’t have drying racks then setting them straigt onto the wax paper works great too. Before the chocolate drys you’ll want to sprinkle your cookies with your favorite color combo of sprinkles so they stick and then wait for them to dry/harden. If you have room in your refridgerator you can hurry up the “hardening up” process by setting them in there.

4. Eat them up!

confetti cookies

Do you think you might be making confetti cookies soon? What’s your favorite happy food (is that even a thing;)?

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  1. The Norwegian Girl

    what an excellent idea to increase some happiness! Easy, quick and delicious, just the way I like it! My happy food is french macaroons! It´s something I make very rarely, but then on very happy occasions!:-D

  2. Jane

    Hi Anna–

    Since I am a therapist, these might just put me out of a job, unless of course one eats so many that they need to see me to lose weight (my specialty) :)


  3. Urban

    Yep – making these cookies and other fun confections is like therapy. Giving them to friends, kids and others is possibly the best part. The way you made that icing is what we use to ice our cake pops.

    I’ll be making a batch of this interesting style of cookie this weekend, orgoing most of the work at getting straight to the fun!


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