PARTY DOWN! How To Be a Wedding Guest For Under $100

how to be a wedding guest under 100

Happy wedding season! Anna has talked in detail about the high cost of being a bridesmaid, but there are also a ton of expenses built into even attending a wedding, especially if you’re included in the events leading up to the big day. Here are some ideas that won’t totally break the bank, but will get you through the party while making a big impression.

How to be a Wedding Guest for Under $100…


BRIDAL SHOWER:  Keep it simple. Most brides having multiple gift-giving occasions aren’t going to expect elaborate or expensive stuff at every one. Fresh flowers are fool-proof, especially if you pick an unexpected bunch. This tutorial for cheap, easy, pretty arrangements is super helpful, and this post on arranging them is also great ($7-$12). If you want to give something a little more permanent, a delicate piece of jewelry like this bracelet (or simple stud earrings) is very sweet ($10). Etsy is full of awesome low-cost jewelry. And these Japanese porcelain bowls are just lovely ($8).

BACHELORETTE PARTY:  If you also get roped into a bachelorette party, some cheap naughty panties or this cute little love potion ($4) (depending on the bride) might make a good gift.

WEDDING OUTFIT:  I have to admit that I’ve had the instance of having nothing to wear to a wedding. Of course, that’s probably an indicator that I don’t have many dressy occasions in my life, and I should probably just try to borrow something. But if you have 20 weddings to attend coming up (they tend to come in bunches, huh?), having a go-to outfit isn’t a bad idea. You’ll get a lot of milage out of a flattering long-sleeved dress ($28) and cute metallic sandals ($15).  I also love this dotty dress ($25) and pink suede heel ($30) for the color combo alone. Other favorite dresses under $30 I found include:  graphic floral ($20), sweet print ($15), and long and elegant ($15). In general, ASOS is a great place to check for pretty dresses on sale, with the added bonus of free shipping.


how to be a wedding guest under 100

BACHELOR PARTY: Do not go to Vegas. Hopefully, your wallet can get away with buying a congratulatory top shelf drink.

WEDDING OUTFIT:  Guys can usually get away with a tucked-in shirt, nice pants, and a tie, because let’s face it–jackets come off by the time the dancing starts anyway. And if the tie is special enough, it can upgrade the whole look ($20). If you’re in need of some pants, some inexpensive options are charcoal (pictured, $31), gray ($20), dark chino ($29), slim ($33), or a fun spring color ($40). Check Etsy for cool dress shoes ($16).

wedding gifts under $50


This should leave you around $30 for a gift. Most couples register for specific things they want, so see if you can “claim” the lower-priced items as soon as you get the registry links. Or consider going in on a more significant gift with a friend. My college roomies and I pitched in to get one roommate a DVD player when she got married. If it’s totally up to you, here are some gift ideas that I love….Grey Works makes the most beautiful, quality cutting boards, and offers a few smaller versions under $40, like this maple footed platte ($25). This Swiss cross pillow is very cool ($27). And celebratory drinks will be all the more special for the new couple with a fancy metal ice tray ($30).

And maybe keep a few bucks on you to tip bartenders at the reception. ;)


Obviously, every wedding, its festivities, and couple are different, so please share your own ideas! How can you follow etiquette and be a part of the party while saving money?

Lauren Johnson is a filmmaker/producer living in West Hollywood who enjoys a great foreign thriller, leisure beers, and non-primary colors. She also runs the site LOCONCEPTS.



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  1. The Norwegian Girl

    I`ve been dealing with this matter lately, as two of my best friends (they`re a couple) are getting married this summer. It´s in another town, so we need to think of transportation and accommodation. Luckily, we found a big camping site close to the town, where they rent out cabins. so we (4people) decided to do it cheap, and rented one cabin for all of us. So accommodation for 2 night per person is $57. I think we got a pretty good deal! But then there`s the outfit, and the gift. We`re probably going to buy something together, this way we combine 4 medium priced gifts into one big one. I still haven`t figured out what to wear though!

    1. Lauren Johnson Post author

      Yeah, when you have to travel, expenses are a whole other challenge. I’m all for going in on things with other people. Camping is a great idea! It’s like you’re getting a second adventure out of the event. Good luck with the outfit!

  2. Katie Beth

    AWESOME suggestions!! I had a ton of events to go in the past few years for weddings and it is expensive! Something else I’ve found that can be super helpful is renting dresses. I used Rent The Runway so many times. You get to borrow a dress for a few days at a fraction of what it really costs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! They have awesome customer service too.

  3. Sarah Stäbler

    I had to laugh because it’s Easter morning and I’m wearing that polka-dotted dress to church today! I put a purple cardigan over it and dressed it down with jeans and some boots (since it’s COLD here!). So you can totally restyle this dress for other events, too, yet it’s cute enough for a wedding!

    Good choice!

  4. Meghan Siroky

    Instead of buying new clothes for weddings/special occasions, sometimes I will borrow a dress from my sister (or even a close friend probably wouldn’t mind)! I also try to re-wear dresses that I’ve already worn to weddings. Because seriously, no one is looking at me–everyone is looking at the bride! In the weddings I’ve stood up in (for floor-length bridesmaid dresses that I won’t really wear again), I have tried to resell them as well!

  5. Megan/Country Mouse

    I love to make personal gifts for weddings/showers. I’m lucky in that my friends have that sensibility that appreciates handmade things.

    I love Rent the Runway too. I had a really nice wedding to go to in Atlanta so I splurged and rented a gorgeous Badgely Mischka dress for $75 but it would have cost $2000 if I had bought it.


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