Homemade Haircut? Day 40.

how to cut your hair at home

The past few years I’ve had the lucky fortune of getting my hair cut by the crazy talented Tina McKeever who is the owner of Vain Salon here in Denver.

She’s got a God given talent.

Yes. She is THAT good.

Short or long she will nail the cut and you will find yourself walking out of that salon looking cool. Because they ooze cool and it rubs off on you when you enter and then you’ll have a haze of it around you for a good hour or longer after leaving. It’s a nice side effect. Just saying.

Since fancy, awesome haircuts no longer fit into my Spending Fast budget and since my hair is starting to get quite unruly I’ve been trying to decide what I should do with it. Do I let it keep growing and try to stretch my last professional cut to the absolute limit (which it is nearing) or do I try to cut it myself?

Since my hair is long I think a DIY homemade haircut is something that I could handle without it looking too wacky. I’m not gonna be trying to cut my hair into a bob or a pixie cut on my own. It’d be funny to see the results of that though huh.

Do you cut your hair yourself or know someone that does? Would you be willing to share your tips with me? It would be most appreciated.

photo by Collen Yancy

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  1. Lacy

    If you haven’t cut hair before, I wouldn’t start on yourself–that’s the hardest. Doing the back is nearly impossible, and if you hate it you may end up spending money to get it fixed. Best advice: Find a friend who is experienced, but not so experienced that they won’t do it for free.

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