Cheap Holiday Decorations That Are Begging To Be Made

holiday decorations

Does the idea of decorating your home for the holidays have you mumbling “bah hum bug” under your breath?  You can give your home a holiday makeover without busting the bank in the same way you can keep your gift giving expenses down with do-it-yourself gifts.  Here are 4 cheap holiday decorations to make your season bright.

Decorating on a Dime – Cheap Holiday Decorations that are Begging to be Made…

Cranberries and Candle Light

Cranberries look like a holiday decoration all by themselves with their bright red color and Christmas ball shape!  Fill a decorative plate or platter with fresh cranberries and put a couple of tea lights into the center.  This makes a bright colored and festive centerpiece for your table, a great accent to your mantle, or would look cute on the coffee table.

Presents for the Couch

Add some holiday cheer to your living room by tying a fancy bow around your square throw pillows with holiday ribbons.  You can make your pillows look like wrapped Christmas presents!

Wreaths and Swags

Take a walk in the woods and gather up some evergreen branches.  Twist several of the branches into a circular shape and secure with wire to make a wreath for your front door, or gather a stack of evergreen branches together and secure on one end with wire and a red ribbon to make door swag.  Add a few pinecones and you have a gorgeous holiday welcome to anyone who comes to your door.

Use Christmas Lights Indoors

Find a large glass container, like a wide vase or a large bowl and fill with white or colored Christmas lights.  Fill the rest of the container with pinecones, so that the lights shine through the gaps in the pinecones and through the glass of your container.  Plug it in and enjoy a festive night light. You can use Christmas lights in other unexpected ways indoors too – such as along the baseboard or crown molding in a room, or to outline shelving stacked with holiday knickknacks.

What are your favorite cheap holiday decorations?

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  1. Jessica

    My co worker just told me she likes to get those little eye hooks with the suction cups on them and make a tree out of lights in her windows! I thought that sounded like a great idea

  2. Catherine

    We make snowflakes out of coffee filters and hang with dental floss, make cranberry and popcorn garland, and make orange cloves balls.

    We also make sure to always have hot coco mix on hand and we buy one box of candy canes each year. Last year we got a Lego Advent Calendar for like 60% off during the off season on Amazon and we put all the figures together each night.

    This year my parent just moved and wanted to get ride of about 14 boxes of Christmas things. We ended up getting a great tablecloth, a rug, tree skirt, 3ft tall prelit tree, more christmas lights [with little suctions cups like above!] and vintage ornaments from my Nana! Ask your family if they have anything that they don’t love or want anymore!

  3. Katie

    I just took old cardboard boxes and used a cookie cutter to trace stars. Cut those out and with a little bit of paint, beads and glitter, made hangtags. Attached those and little silver jingly bells for shiny, technicolor decorations that doubled as party favors for less than $5.

  4. Ginger

    Instead of carving pumpkins, which makes them go bad very quickly, we painted them with the kids for Halloween this year. They’ve stayed in good shape, so instead of throwing them out, we’ve used them for Thanksgiving (just turned them around) and now Christmas by repainting them like candy canes and even made a snowman. They are very cute and practically free since I already had the paint.


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