Hey Spending Fasters- How’s Day 2 Going?

Some of the things I noticed right away after I started the Spending Fast:

  • So much more TIME!
  • Getting used to the idea of saying “No” to others (can be awkward)
  • Getting used to the idea of saying “No” to myself (can feel weird)
  • Getting used to making coffee at home (weekends) or at work (weekdays) rather than stopping at the coffee shop
  • Realized planning ahead for meals took a little extra time
  • Realized I had a lot of stuff in my cupboard that I wasn’t eating
  • Realized it felt good to take control of my life

Did you take the 2012 Get Out of Debt Spending Fast Pledge?

What are you noticing, and how’s it been going so far? 

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45 thoughts on “Hey Spending Fasters- How’s Day 2 Going?

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  1. Deb P

    Day 1 went great….day 2, not so great….found a great deal on some 35mm and 120 film on ebay….and I gave in to my lust. I still have faith, and I'm staying off ebay for a while! Good luck everyone!!

  2. Elizabeth

    I am a knitter and I have started a massive yarn organization. Instead of buying yarn, I will go shopping in my yarn-moire. I'm also selling stuff I don't use on ravelry and so far I've made over $100. I'm keeping that money in paypal so when I want to splurge, I can use my little hobby savings account.

  3. Heather

    How I take notice of finding something like a half used book of stamps and get really excited. They were sitting in this pile for who knows how long – makes me wonder what other useful things I've got inadvertently hidden away in a pile! I don't even have that many piles anymore (a project of 2011!).

  4. Meghan

    I read a book and a half this weekend and it feels good! Yes, I noticed that I had more time- 3 day weekend helped. I had one slip up for $1.69 on day one. :( I was driving home from Boulder when I started feeling ill and for whatever reason, I thought that a medium fry from McDonalds would make me feel better (it worked). I spent $74 on groceries today but took stock of what I needed to go with what I already have first. I LOVE Mexican food so I bought a big pack of frozen tamales so I can make it through the first few weeks of this. Next up is to figure out how to actually make the steel cut oats that I bought in bulk 4 months ago. While I do have things in my cabinets to get through, I have been much better about that since Anna brought the subject up on this blog last year. Cheers!

  5. Sara McLaughlin

    It's still going really well! I'm taking cabinet inventory & planning lunches and dinners. The only thing that's been really hard so far is making my list of things I'm going to spend money on without going crazy either way! I'm so excited to be on this journey!

  6. clutteredmoney

    I spent most of the day cleaning and organizing my house. Currently going through my paper clutter and waiting for quicken to load up so I can start updating that as well. I did venture out because we are out of hand soap. I bought $23 worth of soap @Bath & Body Works. Won't be needing hand soap for at least 6 months. Other than that, I made coffee at home, watched DH watch football all day. Ate all my meals at home as well. So far it's going good.

  7. Jentree

    Day 1 went well. Stayed home, no spending. Even got to work on paying bills. I pay my minimums at the beginning of the month. Whenever my 2nd pay day comes on the 15th, whatever I haven't yet spent goes toward a principal payment on my auto loan.

    For this month only, all extra will go towards restocking my mini emergency fund, back to $1000. I'm so glad I have the fund because I had to pay $500 on a car repair two weeks ago – and I did not have to use a credit card to pay! All cash baby!

    If YOU are paying extra on an amortized loan, make sure the extra is going toward the principal! I assumed that my extra payment would automatically go toward the principal and it was not. I didn't realize what was happening until I saw that my auto loan bill wasn't due for 4 months – I came across the post below, which shed some light. Hope it's okay to share that here =)

    Day 2 I got a few groceries to last my hubby and I until Thursday morning. Then we are leaving Denver that morning to visit family in STL for the weekend. I've already pre-budgeted for this trip – so I will be spending but not crazily :) After we return, things will be much less "loose".

  8. Megan

    A friend of mine and I had planned to get together for dinner and a movie last night, but I suggested we eat at my place instead and watch a DVD since I'm watching my pennies. Totally fun and totally cheap. :)

    I planned my meals for the week and stuck to my grocery list (yay!) and between picking up groceries and filling up on gas, I spent the $80 cash I planned in my budget. Now I've got food and fuel for the week and I'm ready to start taking my lunch! So far, so good. I know it will take more time to prepare meals, but it's either spend time, or spend money for fast food. I'll opt for the former. It does feel really good to take control!

  9. Jenny

    As I am facing a divorce and have 4 children to care for, it's not really feasible for me to do a full out spending fast right now, HOWEVER: This blog is a complete inspiration to me, and as far as my personal spending habits, I am standing on the brakes and saying "NO!" to anything I don't really NEED. I'm listing stuff for sale on Ebay, sewing and making things for Etsy, and getting my Avon business really going to pull in some moo-lah!!!
    Day 1, I paid my tithe at church but did not go anywhere else, thus spent no money.
    Day 2, I gave in to a couple of clearance supplies at Michael's for some letter writing (stickers and notecards) to friends and family. I spent $16. :( But the up side of that is, I was given MANY books of stamps for Christmas from family who know how much I love to send mail, so I don't have to buy stamps for a long long time. :)
    I'm looking forward to saving! I read you every day.

  10. Dinahsoar

    Doing great so far! Ha Ha I cleaned out the fridge of expired condiments and such. Plan on tackling the freezer and pantry this week. Also made a couple adjustments to our monthly budget. Hoping these adjustments balance us out to were we are not feeling the squeeze paycheck to paycheck. I already feel less stressed out. Yeah!!

  11. Rae

    A combination of laziness and wanting to save kept me out of the grocery store last night, but then I ended up eating a can of tuna mixed with Ranch dressing and Buffalo sauce. On the other hand, I spent most of the day unpacking in my new house and discovered I have about 15 boxes of various kinds of pasta and about half of them are already opened. I see a lot of spaghetti and fried noodles in my future!
    @Megan with the steel-cut oats: You can do whatever you like with them! They have to cook a while longer than instant oatmeal, but you can add whatever you like, and it doesn't have to be salty. A vegan buddy of mine turned me on to adding mushrooms and soy sauce to make a savory meal, but my favorite way is with dried fruit, flax, and honey. They're pretty versatile!

  12. Julie

    It's so haaard! I have tried to unsubscribe from pretty much all emails from companies and stores but one slipped through the cracks and now I am trying to resist purchasing a velvet turban headband. Gah. I mean what the heck?!. I would never even wear that thing but the model makes it look so cute with her beachy, wavy hair. and I think I need it. I know I don't but I feel like I do. Does that feeling go away with time?

    Also, this is unrelated, but I can't see the letter "w" on your website. It doesn't show up. I've even tried looking at it with different computers. No double u

  13. Rich

    Meghan: I love steel cut oats. IMHO they are so much better than the rolled kind. I eat them about 5 days per week for breakfast. I cook them in soymilk (vanilla flavored): 1 cup soymilk to 1/3 C oats. They cook in about 15-20 minutes. For more flavor/health, I add in almonds and dried cranberries or apples. Very tasty. For a nuttier flavor, spread the uncooked oats out on a pan and toast them in your oven for a few minutes. Even tastier.

    In fact, for quick and healthy breakfasts, what I normally do is use an entire silk soymilk container (bought in bulk at Sams) which; each container is 4 cups) and 1 1/3 C oats. I cook them and split the final batch into 4 tupperware containers, add in almonds, fruit and cinnamon, and i have breakfast for the next four days (or usually that day and the next three). It stores pretty well in the fridge for about 3 days. Each day I grab one from the fridge and heat it up at work. I get lots of envious looks from people heating up their instant oatmeal packages. (which, in my opinion, is what you eat while you are waiting for breakfast to heat up; they have so much sugar that you digest it in minutes!)

    Its quite nerdy but I came up with this based on a JAMA paper showing that a particular dietary portfolio can control cholesterol as well as a statin. To make it even better, you can increase the soy content with powdered soy protein, and add in wheat germ to increae the plant stenols. (I can tolerate about 2 TBSP before it gets too germy). This beakfast alone does not fulfill all of the dietary requirements shown in the JAMA article, but it is great first step. Oh, and add some cinnamon. It's flavorful and has been shown to help decrease appetite.

    What can I say, i was a scientist in a former life. Still a nerd.

  14. Lisa

    Great so far. I actually picked up an extra shift on New Year's eve. Great start to the New Year. EXTRA MONEY!!! Balanced our checkbook and made a realistic budget. Also found out we are auctioning some unwanted land in 3 weeks. If it sells, what a great way to get out of debt. Crossing my fingers. Still eating out of our pantry. We are on week 4 for that. Appalling that we have so much food!!! Working on organizing the house so we can work on what we truly need! Good luck to everyone!!!

  15. Andi

    I find myself facing a bit of defiance. I was doing a 100% spending fast until I broke down right before Christmas. Since then I can't seem to find the moderation button. I've been putting my family and my boyfriend ahead of all of my needs which means I've been putting in 16-18+ hour days everyday including weekends. I've been buying lunch and going through drive thrus. I just have no desire to plan a meal or even set foot in the grocery store. I've also failed on the shopping front. I've had a few legitimate needs, but I've started sneaking in little extras. I purchased a new-to-me, but used cell phone off of amazon (to go contract free) and I found myself buying some books (the artists way, etc). I knew I didn't need them, but I justified them as an "investment in my happiness". Which is sorely needed, but not necessarily through buying… I think i'm so run down, that I've just got nothing left.

    So here's to an evening to myself, and a fresh start for the year.

    Day 2 is my new Day 1

  16. Meg

    Ahh! I woke up to a house full of sleep over NYE guests who all wanted to go out for burritos and Bloody Mary's (yes, strange combo, I know). So I tagged along and spent $10. But I haven't spent a penny since. Although I started with a setback I'm excited to see how the rest of the month goes. I'm so ready to pay down some debt!

  17. E

    First two days good. I felt a lot of anxiety but making a little agreement with myself which allows for some spending (during special events- family visits, birthdays, anniversary) and no spending during everyday made me feel a little better.

    Living without eating out will probably be my biggest hurdle… already craving….

  18. Dana

    i've been successful so far and isn't it crazy how just a few days can make you feel so good! i made my first grocery run today after taking into account what i have on hand. i'm hoping to go 2 months without having to go back (except for fresh fruit).

    to those struggling, hang in there. it's ok to start over tomorrow and i sure anticipate those days myself ahead.

  19. MaryAnne R

    I am beginning to think that going to the grocery store w/ my husband and toddler is not doing me any favors in saving money. It makes it too hard to stick to my list! ARGH!

  20. Marissa B.

    The spending fast is going well for me so far! I have stuck to it. A friend suggested that we go out for lunch this coming Saturday. At first I didn't want to tell her 'no' to avoid awkwardness. But then I told her about the spending fast. She suggested that we bring our lunches from home and picnic together instead. She actually said that the spending fast was brilliant and she should be doing something like that! I think it's great that our smart financial decisions can help those around us make good decisions as well. Keep up the good work everyone!

  21. Ali Walker

    Mine is going well so far! I have three credit cards with hefty sums I want to pay off and I called my credit union and I qualified for a personal loan to consolidate it all at their lowest interest rate (I have A+ credit). This is such a huge relief–everything will be combined into just one loan. And no, I won't be racking up the credit card debt again after they get emptied out. I'm so sick of that burden. Cash only!

  22. Lisa

    So far so good – I went to the local craft shop and had a few items in my hand to purchase and at the last minute – decided I didn't them the items and walked out with nothing – felt so good!
    I am in a bit a delima tho – sort of agreed to go to an outdoor festival in Feb (summer in NZ) that will cost 79.00 but now I am on the spending fast I don't think I should go but I know the person is really wanting me to go – argh! decisions!
    But overall feeling positive! also helps with my 3.5% payrise and it gave me approx another 80-100 per month in the wages so now to decide the best possible way to use that money and which debt first!

  23. Anna Newell Jones

    Hey Deb, if you hang out in a barbershop long enough you're gonna get a hair cut. Staying away from your trouble spots is a good plan as your habits start to change & especially if you hit a rough patch.

  24. Anna Newell Jones

    It is so cool to see how just telling others where we're at opens up the conversation. People just don't normally talk about money which I think is part of the problem.

  25. Anna Newell Jones

    Setbacks will happen Meg. Be committed to the process & don't get too down on yourself of things don't go perfectly.

  26. Anna Newell Jones

    Hi Andi, it sounds like you're in survival/burn-out mode. Take care of the root issue & that will help with the moderation problem. Hang in there!

  27. Anna Newell Jones

    Hi Julie, it does get easier. It's hard to change habits. Hang in there!

    P.s. And about the "w"'s are they not showing up over the entire site or somewhere in particular? I haven't heard about anyone else mentioning this issue so I'll look into it. Thanks for the heads up!

  28. Anna Newell Jones

    Dinahsoar, it's amazing how taking a few steps to financial freedom pays off so quickly. Being pro-active is where it's at!

  29. Cheryl

    Well, my intentions were good. I didn't spend any money after making the pledge. However, some holiday backorders came in and I was charged and well, I wasn't expecting it. On the positive side, I made some money on ebay and have cleared out some fresh space in my office. The good part about not spending money is not spending time looking for stuff to buy.

  30. Dana

    Day 9…I finally stumbled! Was at the book store buying a bday gift and walked out with two for myself! One was on sale, only $3.50, and the other was $21.99….it was a financial planning/advice book…..does that make it better or worse : )

    Oh well, onward and upward, tomorrow's a new day


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