Here We Go! The Start of The Spending Fast!

Here We Go! The Start of the Spending Fast! Anna Newell Jones

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My idea is to go on a spending fast for a year – spending money on necessities only- to see what the heck happens.

When I mentioned to a good friend that I was thinking about going on a spending fast for 2010 she sighed and said “Well, that doesn’t sound very fun.” Then, I told my husband what I was thinking about doing and he wasn’t very excited about it either. He said “Great. No more fun. No more eating out. This is gonna suck.”

I have to tell you, I feel the same way. Who would want to not get want they want? I’m the type that buys what she wants when she wants because I work hard and I feel like I deserve it. I know plenty of people that have the same feelings as I do about work and money and spending and not spending.

Inside my head I hear this loudly: “YOU DESERVE IT! YOU WORK SOOO HARD!!” and truly, I believe that I do. I mean, I woke up early for goodness-sake! I did what was asked of me and I was even nice while doing it! I DESERVE that super cute thingy or hat or whatever from Etsy dammit! (by the way, at last count I have 71 (!) yes- 71 pages of favorites!! ack!) Besides, I work a full-time day job AND I run a full-time wedding photography business AND what else can I think of? I do a lot and my spending is justified… until it isn’t anymore.

When I was planning for our wedding that took place in May 2009 my dad gave me a little chunk of money that I could use as needed for wedding stuff. I got really used to having that money around. Being able to spend like I wanted helped me morph a kinda-bad habit into a super-bad habit. And once the wedding rolled around and things changed from “planning the soon to be fond memories” phase to the “oh, remember that?” phase… guess what didn’t stop when the planning stopped? My spending.

And.. that’s where I am today… starting January 1st, I’m gonna spend money on necessities only and I’m fully prepared for this to suck.

P.S. Ready to get out of debt ASAP? Check out the Spending Fast Bootcamp!


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  1. Rosie

    I’ve been calling myself–CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP- for many years and then I’ll go shopping and blow away my progress.I want to follow up on rebates, use coupons for shopping, Buy only what I need and not what I want. Being successful with this project will help to keep it from sucking so. Living on the thrifty side of the track can’t hurt us–it will make us stronger and better.
    (I’m sure glad I got my new TV for Christmas!)

  2. Erin

    I have been wanting to post a comment for a while but my computer was under the weather. ANYWAY, obviously I can relate to this sentiment. It wasn’t until I became unemployed (after having a relatively lucrative job) that my want/need perspective changed. I have always been very good at justifying buying this and that. I still want things but I have at least learned what I can get by without (which is a lot). Not being able to buy what you need is frustrating but being able to buy the occasional "treat" makes the purchase that more sweet. This is an awful long comment isn’t it. Point is I feel your pain. Good luck adjusting. It’s hard to change habits over night but I’m sure you’ll do just fine!

  3. marianney

    thank you for doing this! i’m trying to do something similar (also to pay off debt) but im not so sure i can go as hardcore as you! i will follow your progress and hopefully it will inspire me along my own quest to be debt free!

  4. geneva

    I think we might be sisters from another mother… but this has given me inspiration to stop spending so much money. If I cut myself off from buying clothes, I'll just go to Whole Food and spend $200 on crap I don't need but justify it under my "grocery budget." Well, not anymore, just like cigarettes, going to have to go cold turkey and actually want to make a change!

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  6. angela

    I realise this is an old blog post but I have only just discovered your site. I’m very excited to read more and start my journey on 1 january 2019. Thank you so much – discovering your site is a real lifesaver.

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      Whoo hoo! So glad you found us and how exciting that you’re starting your get out of debt journey on January 1! P.s. We have a super supportive and kind group that I’d love to invite you to join. It’s called Spending Fasters. Here’s the link:


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