Hannibal Lecter Said It Best

hannibal lecter quote

“What do we covet? That which we see everyday”. (paraphrased)

Fitting for the constant barrage of things I find myself wanting to buy. And why do i want to buy all this stuff?  Because other people have certain things (mainly seen on fashion/lifestyle blogs and on instagram– is everyone’s life on instagram perfect?). These people seem to have these amazingly gorgeous and perfect lives, and part of the recipe of why these strangers seem so awesome is because of the clothes they wear and the things in their lives. I find myself wanting to be awesome too, and thinking, “Maybe if I had that same dress I would be awesome too…” Am I the only one who finds themselves thinking this? Please, tell me I’m not the only one… This is such a dangerous thought pattern for me since I recognize it as the same thought process that got me in trouble with debt and over-spending in the past.

Merging Silence of the Lambs and personal finance; it’s what I do folks.


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  1. Kate

    I totally do this, and have been very aware that I do it a lot more since I starting working in a trendy area downtown. Everyday I see women in awesome outfits and think it would be great to have them…unfortunately, I work close to all the shops too so for the last few months I have been shopping like crazy- no bueno. This month is going to be a “no shop November” and I am going to try and be thankful for what I already have.

  2. Ashley

    You are definitely not alone in this! I have tried to completely stay off Facebook except when posting about a blog post or a schedule announcement at the studio for this very reason. And Pinterest. Oh, pinterest. I love it, I hate it. It can make me feel so unstylish, poor and just bleh. But then I’ll see the coolest DIY or the perfect bangs and then I’m in love again. Vicious. Cycle.

  3. Ellie

    Love the merge! :)

    I find now that I work from home this has gotten so much more manageable. Of course then I take my kiddos to hockey and see all the latest Uggs and…. Wham! I find myself on zappos seeing if there are any on sale.
    Can totes relate.

    I think the example of this that struck me the most was when we got rid of cable and our kiddos stopped watching shows with ads. No more pleas for the latest toy or the toothpaste dispenser or the glowing turtle nightlight they just saw on Disney channel. We did it to save money but this was such a wonderful side effect!


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