Halloween Confetti DIY!

Halloween Confetti DIY

Having friends and family over for holiday dinners is one of my very favorite gatherings. This Halloween I wanted to come up with an extra cute table setting. I made some spider plates, sewed some black napkins to match, and painted branches black for a spooky centerpiece-you know, the normal stuff (wink wink). Then my over-achieving inner hostess was like “this looks boring”. And heaven help us nothing is more frightening than a dull-themed dinner table ;). After some brainstorming I came up with the idea to add confetti to the table to really kick of the festive a notch! Let’s just say that Halloween confetti variety is sparse so I decided to make my own! I’ll let you in on a little secret too…this is the easiest craft you will ever do! Now lets make a mess….


Halloween Confetti DIY

– Black and orange card-stock paper- I just used leftover paper from another project so this craft was completely free!

– Circle hole punch (or a punches in whatever shape you want you confetti to be in)

– Scissors

That’s it!

Step 1:

Halloween Confetti DIY Halloween Confetti DIY

First, decide what shapes you want you confetti to be. Then, using you punch and scissors cut small pieces of card-stock in the shapes. Done. Craft complete!

Halloween Confetti DIY

Step 2:

Halloween Confetti DIY
Now make that confetti rain on you Halloween dinner scape! Spread confetti everywhere! Go ahead, go crazy.

I liked the look of both circle and triangle shapes on my Halloween-themed table. The mixture seemed to play up the fun and festive that is Halloween!

  Halloween Confetti DIY Halloween Confetti DIYHalloween Confetti DIY

Now it’s time to party!

What’s your favorite ways to celebrate Halloween??

This post is by Alix Adams. Alix is a glitter user and ice cream enthusiast. She blogs at A Ruffled Life when she’s not kissing her baby’s fat rolls or covering antlers in glitter.


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  1. Betsy / CollegeMom

    Absolutely adorable! Both of our girls are now off at college and I have barely decorated. I have the boxes pulled out but I think I will just go ahead and decorate for fall / Thanksgiving since the girls will be home to enjoy it with us.

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