Gym Membership – Waste of Money or Totally Worth It?

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It’s that time again. It’s starting to be nice out more and more consistently. Running around the park and neighborhood is doable again because of all this light and warmth.

Heck yeah light and warmth. Heck yeah.

So what to do about that gym membership? It feels like such a waste (and is) to have a membership and not use it. To pay for ANYTHING and not use it is ridiculous, right.

Last year, I was able to “pause” my membership for the 3 hottest summer months (the months that I’m outside more anyway) where I’m more active than usual and don’t want to be inside anymore than I have to.

The other part of it is I don’t know if they’ll let me put a “pause” on my membership again. I vaguely member them saying it was a “one-time courtesy” thing. So if they can’t pause it should I out-right cancel the membership and see how I feel about continuing/re-starting the membership in the fall?

What do you think? Keep the membership or not?

There’s also this to consider: 9 Ways To Stay Healthy and Fit Without The Gym.

Should I keep the gym membership?



How do you stay fit? Gym or no gym?

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12 thoughts on “Gym Membership – Waste of Money or Totally Worth It?

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  1. jefferson @seedebtrun

    if you aren't using it.. you need to cancel. most gyms will have a signup period where they wave the initial fees at some point, so you can always join back in when they offer that..

    i bet that > 50% of the clients of most gyms never actually go.. that is some kind of serious racket that they are running there..

    speaking of running.. if all you want the gym for is to run.. then yeah, cancel it and head outside

  2. Ali

    I use it for weights, too. If you're a cardio junkie then it might be a waste. I think it really depends on how much you use it. I'm willing to pay a membership fee to my local YMCA so I don't have to keep equipment at home.

  3. Yankeegal

    I keep it year long even though I do a lot of my exercise outside during the warm weather. The days of running at 5:00 am to beat the heat are over for me, and it can get very hot and humid here so I will run in the air-conditioning instead.

  4. Beth B

    I got rid of my gym membership about a year ago, and I'm so glad I did! It wasn't too expensive or anything, but I get SO BORED working on machines all the time. I realized that I loved the classes more, but I can find FREE classes on my Netflix instant queue, or at the Library.

    Since most of the year it's warm enough to go for a jog / ride a bike / go rollerblading, etc – being indoors seems like kind of a waste. I think gyms are great if you're super serious about buffing up, but if you're just trying to stay in shape, there are plenty of free options out there! :)

  5. Meghan

    I think you were at the Y and since you're a State employee, you shouldn't have to pay a sign up fee if you cancel and join again in the fall. It's a no-lose situation. :)

    But then, you do actually have to go outside and work out. I'm more disciplined at the gym.

  6. Anna Newell Jones

    That's true Meghan, I'm a state employee with a YMCA membership so there's no sign-up fee. Such a good point! Thanks!

  7. TINA

    Staying fit is an investment towards your health. I think you should keep the membership, but look for ways/other gyms that could save you $. For example, I have a local YMCA that offers both an awesome gym room and weekly classes that you can take – zumba, yoga, pilates, and cycling classes…for a family rate of $36.00!. I say this is a steal compared to the $100+/month I was paying JUST for yoga classes previously…

  8. Sara Mc

    I plan on being outside a lot too this summer, but I will still do my morning gym routine- bonus is my gym membership is only 9.99/month! (Gold's Gym is awwwwwwwwwesome)

    I don't see any harm in canceling it & restarting it later since you're a state employee- or finding a cheaper gym when the time comes ! :)

  9. Carrie

    I think this all depends on what you use the gym for. If you're just using the treadmill and weights, you can run outside and buy some weights for home. If there's a class you love then maybe you can just take the class without the membership. If not, keep the membership! I currently am in graduate school and get to use the school's gym for "free" (it's part of the tuition), but last year I belonged to a gym that taught Krav Maga. I took self-defense classes and kickboxing classes which I loved! The instructors were great and I got great results, not to mention being able to defend myself. I made adjustments in my budget so I could afford it. I would also do back-to-back classes so I could save on gas. If you view fitness as an investment in your health (read: less doctor visits/medications down the road) then it's more than worth it.

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