Your Guide to Free Parks in Cool Cities

free parks in cool cities

The birds are so happy and they are chatting a ton outside of my windows right now. I’m pretty sure that WE ARE ALL THRILLED that the snow has left and we’re full swing into spring. People are wearing shorts and tank tops and they’re making their way over to the park to lay in the grass, play frisbee, run, walk, or just to simply be outside.

This is one of my favorite times of the year!

Here in Denver we have a ton of parks so we are never too far from lots of grass, open space, sunshine, and activity. No matter what city you live in taking advantage of the parks is a great way to get stay social with friends without busting the bank. Grab a blanket, fill up your water bottle, whip up some pb & j’s, find yourself a spot in the shade and catch up with a friend.


What city do you live in, do you have a favorite park, and what do you love to do at while you’re at the park? 

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  1. Catherine

    If you are in Chicago, check out the Osaka Garden behind the Museum of Science and Industry. It’s at trek from the North side or Downtown, but there is ample parking. It’s left from the World’s Fair and is truly one of the most magical (and free!) places I’ve been in my born-and-raised-and now live here life of a Chicagoan.

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    1. sonia

      You can ride your bike or walk along the Rio Grande river. There is also a path along Tramway Blvd. I hope you love New Mexico. It is a beautiful state.


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