Gucci VS Gap?

gucci or target

Gucci is high-end to me as is Gap and Target these days.

Getting name-brand oatmeal would be living the high-life.

This article on CNNMoney is really fascinating and it points out something that I can really relate to. It also brings up an important discussion: “Do I save my pennies and buy longer lasting quality ‘high-end’ items or go with the ‘lower-end’ item that will wear out faster but be less expensive initially?”

Since I’m thinking of my mottos throughout the respective last year of the Spending Fast and this year’s Spending Diet I’m inclined to think “Quality over Quantity” and “Wear It Out” which to me means buy less QUANTITY and have more QUALITY.

So, basically I just talked myself into a Louis Vuitton bag. Hey, the article told me to. Who am I to argue?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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9 thoughts on “Gucci VS Gap?

  1. KH

    Huh. I guess the cynic in me is coming out here. I don't equate high priced brands with quality necessarily. I have owned a Louis Vuitton bag and quite frankly I don't think it was nearly as good quality as the Fossil bag I have now. Admittedly Fossil is also a "higher end" brand, but it's much less expensive than the LV brand, which is also about flaunting the brand name.

    I do believe in buying quality over quantity for the most part. Some things just don't matter, and some things do. But I think that confusing quality with good marketing is a problem for a lot of people. They justify spending on a brand name by saying "oh I value quality" and really they're just making an excuse to buy the bling. ;)

  2. Susanne

    I have to say I agree with KH above. I mean really, you NEED a bag? I think you may be reverting to old ways, like a dieter's cheesecake after going without for so long. I think it may not bring you much satisfaction.

  3. Anna

    i was just joking about the bag. there's no way i'm buying a new one much less a LV one! :) actually going to re-dye my old bag over this weekend.

  4. Aubrey

    This is so funny to me because just a few weeks ago I was considering a cashmere sweater on Bluefly for almost $100. I've never purchased cashmere in my life because it's so expensive, but I found myself thinking, "Well, it's awesome and will last for-evah because cashmere doesn't pill like acrylic…" and then I said WHOA girl it's a $100 sweater and closed my laptop.

    Anyways, that said, I get what they are saying about Gap and BR. Why would I pay $80 for a pair of pants that is made from the same proportions of cotton and polyester as the Target ones?

  5. susanne

    Oh, sorry, I couldn't tell you were kidding and was ready to jump ship!! Thanks for clearing that up.

  6. Maryl

    I've been on a spending diet myself since the first of the year. I want to take my 14-y-o daughter to Chicago for a few days this summer and need to get the cash together so we can "vacation" in a nice mid-level way without Mom coming home to an ugly Visa bill. For the most part I've been staying out of stores and off of online sites, which really helps. The fewer opportunities I find myself in front of Jones New York, the more money in my pocket! I wear business clothes to work, so I buy nice things that will last and then try to get a few "fun" things for the summer at Tarzhay. After you wear a t-shirt so many times it's bound to get stained somehow, so why splurge on something that eventually ends up in a gym bag? I stay strictly away from the really pricey places and items. Timex does just as well as Rolex.

  7. Katie

    I definitely agree with you about quality v. quantity! I am learning to appreciate that more and more each day I continue with the spending diet and overcome shopping urges. One exception that I've come across is Forever 21 jeans- they fit just as well as some of the more expensive brands I have, and I've worn them for over a year and they still, amazingly, are holding up. Best of all, they only cost $12!

  8. Rebekah

    My budget for clothing is so low that Gap is high end to me. :) But for the past few years I've been buying Target clothing for almost everything and it's starting to really annoy me how quickly they wear out. The t-shirts get holes in them the first time they are washed. I do love their summer dresses, because I wear them so much I don't want to see them after a few months. Everything I buy from that store is one season only. I would rather go to Forever 21 because it's the same quality, for the same price but more stylish.

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