Save and Share Your Memories with Great Holiday Cards

great holiday cards

There’s something about stationary that I just love. When I get mail I instantly go into kid-mode and think, “Oh! Mail! What IS this!?!” (you too?)

Minted has by far, one of the best selections of holiday photo cards that I’ve come across. With their vast selection of unique layouts and personalization options I found myself lost in their site only to realize that two hours had passed and I didn’t even notice since I had been in a mesmerized daze of design awesomeness. My only gripe is not of the cards themselves but of the site’s functionality. There is a little box that follows you from page to page showing you what you’ve looked at, and I wanted to be able to have the option of clicking a little “x” or something to say, “Hey, hit the road box, scram!”

Check out the Minted holiday photo cards selection and receive 10 or 15% off depending on the size of your order (offer ends tomorrow).


*this is a sponsored post, but as always my opinions are my own xoxo


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