The Anatomy of a Great, Cheap Date

The Anatomy of a Great, Cheap Date

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For a relationship to stay alive and interesting the experts recommend that we “keep things interesting and fun” by going on dates at least semi-often.

We often picture an ideal date as one coupled with fancy dinners featuring fine wine and heartwarming serenades. As amazing as such dates can be, they can be quite costly.

To help save on costs, we’ve come up with top tips for fun, cheap date ideas!

Go Antiquing and Thrifting Together

Not many will be quick to admit it, but shopping can be quite therapeutic and fun if you know your limits and focus on your partner more than the buying part. This is especially true when it comes to thrifting and antiquing.

You never know what you might find at an antique or a thrift shop that can become a conversation starter or memory-jogger to fun stories you haven’t told each other about yet.

Recreate Your Own Home Spa

We all love gifting our loved ones with a day at the spa. However, as thoughtful as this may be, spas can tend to cost a pretty penny. Instead of having to break the bank, why not recreate your own spa day within the confines of your home?

Draw up a warm bath, pop in some bubbles, light a candle and dip on in together.

Go For A Hike

If you and your partner are outdoor people that crave adventure, then a hike is a perfect option for you. If you avoid National Parks then you’ll likely have no fee for your adventure.

It’s good to remember that even if there is a park fee that will likely be significantly less compared to an actual dinner date.

To get the maximum benefit from your time together, leave the electronics and devices home (or put them on airplane most so you can still take some selfies together.)  

Go For A Picnic

This is an option that many couples often opt for when looking for a cheap date idea. All you need to do is rummage through your cabinets and refrigerator to find some snacks and beverages and don’t forget a blanket to sit on while you’re at it.

For extra “thoughtfulness” brownie points, be sure to pack food items that your partner will enjoy.

Visit A Museum

Museums are perfect for the couples that love learning history or that love learning more about the area they live in.

Most museums charge very little while others often offer no charge at all on certain days of the month. Some museums even offer student, military, and AAA discounts so be sure to ask about those. So always be sure to check for specials that you can take advantage of if you’re considering taking a trip down to your local museum.

You never know!

Go For A Scenic Drive

I hardly know of a couple that doesn’t like to occasionally jump into their cars and go for a long drive. If it’s not for the scenic advantages that come with a drive, it’s the adventure and downtime together that’s really the fun part. When Aaron and I roadtrip we always like to ask each other “Would You Rather” questions. Those make for fun conversations to hear “why” your partner choosing the option they do and we usually have a few laughs too.

Hop into your car, armed with your camera and see where you end up!

There are so many cheap date ideas that are super fun and cost next to nothing! From bonfire dates to karaoke nights and stargazing, there are a variety of ideas that you and your partner might love. All you need is a little creativity, THIS LIST OF 110 CHEAP DATE IDEAS and you’re well on your way to the best date ever!

Have we left off a cheap fun date idea that YOU love? If so, tell us below!

And, if this helped you, we’d love for you to comment below and share it with your friends!

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