In Glamour Magazine and a Plutus Award Finalist!

and then we saved in october 2013 issue of glamour magazine
This month has been really amazing so far!

We’ve got: the great, cool fall weather that my very pregnant self is loving; pumpkin spice lattes (total splurge); a mention in October’s issue of Glamour magazine! (page 220), and also And Then We Saved has become a finalist for Best Debt-Focused Personal-Finace Blog and Blog of the Year (say what!??!)!

Something I never thought would happen when I started this blog was that I’d be in the airport or grocery store flipping through the magazines and see my name pop back out at me. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that. It’s such a cool feeling and I’m so grateful that ATWS has resonated with people because that just means the getting-out-of-debt hope is able to get spread to that many more people.

I pestered y’all for nominations a little while back (thank you for the love!;), and I was honored to find out that ATWS has become a real-live finalist in not 1 but 2 categories! The Blog of the Year nomination is something that wasn’t even on my radar so that’s especially cool, and my gosh, the other finalists in that category are just kind of, um, amazing so it’s neat to be mentioned with such great sites like: Budgets are Sexy, Financial Samurai, Frugal Beautiful, Good Financial Cents, Making Sense of Cents, Mr. Money Mustache, Planting Money Seeds, PT Money, and of course, Wise Bread.

If you missed adding your nomination a couple of months ago, there’s good news: voting is still open for the People’s Choice award so you can add your fave there.

I’m bummed that I’ll be missing FinCon and the Plutus Awards that are held at FinCon this year (because of pregnancy related travel restrictions… too close to my estimated due date) but I’ll be there in spirit (and on Twitter;) cheering everyone along!

Just wanted to share this exciting news with you all and thank you again for supporting ATWS! xo, Anna


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  1. Kyle James

    That is so cool, congrats Anna! I can remember when my site was in Reader’s Digest a few years ago, buying a copy at Walmart, and it being such a surreal experience. It totally made all the hard work totally worth it!


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