Glad you asked! & Plans for 2011!

that’s me blogging in the future! yes! in 2011!

A wonderful reader recently asked a couple of questions. I was about to write her the answers and then thought, “I wonder if anyone else is wondering this?”


Here are the questions and answers:

Q: “so how much longer til you get that loan (student loan) paid off do you think? will you continue the spending fast until it’s paid off?”

A: I have a small art commission for a public space coming down the pike and expect that I will be able to get another chunk of my school loan paid with that. I anticipate having approximately $5,000 left on my school loan after that payment. On December 31, 2010 I will end the Spending Fast proper but will continue on a modified Spending Fast. A Spending Diet if you will. On the Spending Diet I am planning on continuing to utilize the things/skills I have learned throughout this year and continue to pay off my school loans. I also want to and plan to actually get some money in a savings account and invest some funds. So, yep, it’ll continue but in a much less extreme way. Hopefully, in a way that I will be able to sustain for life.

Q: “are you planning to continue blogging after the end of this year?”

A: As a matter of fact I am! Right here in this very space! I will make some minor adjustments to the format so that it reflects the new Spending Diet. Writing about my experience with the Spending Fast this year has been so beneficial for a number of reasons. I want to write about how the transition goes from spending nothing to spending a little. I want to share with you how that is mentally and emotionally and the good and bad and all that. So, yes. I will be here. Please join me won’t you?

p.s. a mini makeover is going to hit the site in january! i’m excited to share the new look!

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  1. marianney

    awesome! I am glad you are going to stay on a roll, even if it's modified. You did the fast for a reason and that was to learn some lessons about spending and it sounds like you learned some great lessons! I'll keep readin to hear where you go with this next year :)

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