Let’s Talk, A Heart-to-Heart Pep Talk From Me to You

nothing worth having comes

Anyone who has a significant amount of debt can tell you that trying to eliminate that debt is hard work because nothing worth having comes easy.

Getting out of debt IS absolutely, completely worth it but it is generally, not an easy process. But, get this- you/me/we CAN do hard things. The secret is to keep going. Keep going when you do not want to and when your motivation starts to fade. Remember back when you decided you wanted to get rid of your debt? Remember when you signed the Get Out of Debt Pledge and decided you were going to change your life? Remember how excited you were and how you were committed to doing whatever needed to be done to get out of debt?! I want you to go back to that place and time and reactivate that drive and motivation.

I want you to know that it’s normal to have wavering motivation. Sacrificing stuff sucks. Turning down trips, concerts, dinners out can be a total bummer, and that’s okay be sad about sacrifices! Remember WE CAN DO HARD THINGS.

Recommit and get the heck back on that money-saving train! I want you to have a new life. You deserve to be free from debt and you deserve to have that terrible, soul-sucking debt cloud removed from your life. You deserve to walk lighter and to hold your head higher. You deserve guilt-free vacations. You deserve that new pair of shoes or fancy, delicious coffee and warm morning muffin on the way to work once in a while but you deserve them guilt-free! You deserve to know that you can set your mind to something, and that you can actually accomplish it. You deserve to have ZERO DEBT. You deserve to have freedom! You deserve autonomy! You deserve all the best that life has to offer and let me tell you, nothing feels as good as being debt-free. Do it for you. Getting out of debt is the best gift you could ever, ever give to yourself!

Still not convinced that lacking motivation is part of the getting-out-of-debt process? This is how it all went down for me (in a nutshell)…

– Started off on a major “high” when I decided to finally be done with my debt! Whooo hooo! THIS WILL BE IT! NO MORE DEBT!

– Discovered that money actually affects every area of my life

– Saw that hanging out with friends and being social could be a tricky aspect of getting out of debt

– Hit some roadblocks personally and got some resistance to my Spending Fast® from those closest to me (changing habits can be hard for everyone involved)

– Felt extreme pleasure and satisfaction out of finding that I could indeed tell myself “no” and that having everything I wanted was not as amazing as slowly but surely getting my debt paid off and doing something pro-active about REALLY changing my life.

– Found that self-esteem is built by doing esteemable acts and not by beating myself up for past “mistakes” (read: accumulating all that debt in the first place and making irresponsible financial choices in the first place)

– Encountered some discouragement day-to-day and had to constantly remind myself why in the world I was making myself “suffer”. Oh yeah, just TO COMPLETELY CHANGE MY LIFE, you know, no big deal.

– Continued to make sacrifices in an effort to reach my debt pay-off milestones (my debt payoff method: pay off highest interest-rate credit card first while paying minimum on the others, then paid off parents, then college student loans)

– Realized I was going to “mess up” along the way (oh, and yes I did!) but decided to keep freaking going anyway

Asked for help and support when I needed it and admitted that I was absolutely in no way, shape, or form perfect. I got support and encouragement from people who believed in what I was doing and wanted to see me succeed and it was the readers of this blog that really encouraged me! (yes, y’all!) The Community area of this site is here to give you the same feedback, support, and encouragement. It’s completely free so please, utilize this tool!

– Truly felt proud of myself deep-down when I was able to pay off any amount of debt. Actually, as long as I didn’t get myself further into debt that was cause for being proud. Don’t be so dang hard on yourself!

– Sending off checks to creditors became one of the very best parts of my life (who in the world would’ve guessed)

– I relished in watching my balances go down every month- amazing!

– I accepted that I could do anything for a year. It only feels like a long time day-to-day but looking back a year is nothing and it goes SO FAST!

– Felt amazingly proud of myself when I ACTUALLY PAID OFF ALL OF MY DEBT!!

When I did get all my debt paid off I committed to sharing what I learned so others could experience what I did. There’s something so great about seeing others succeed too! It’s one thing to see a miracle happen in my own life but to pass it along and see it happen in your lives too? That’s really, that best thing ever.

Please believe me when I tell you that I want nothing more than for you to be debt-free. It’s amazing and you deserve it! That’s why this site and the resources on it are free. I want you to believe in you as much as I believe in you. xo, Anna

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  1. Prue

    Loved this post thanks Anna I was lacking a bit off motivation , now I can’t wait to get all this debt knocked down bring it on!

  2. Debt Blag

    Yeah, as much as I hide it, it’s very easy to get frustrated thinking about how hard and how long this is all going to be. Thanks for the extra bit of motivation :)

  3. Karen

    The right post at the right time!! Your blog inspires and motivates me. What I like most is that you are a normal person who took extraordinary measures to pay down your debt. It’s frustrating at times, I feel like I am never paying enough. However, I stepped back and looked at the numbers and realized that I have paid $10,000 in debt down in the last year. That’s a huge number! Thanks for keeping the blog going now that you are on the other side :)

  4. Karen Marek

    Thank you!! Your pep talk came at just the right time for me! I’m back on the flight plan to financial freedom. In two years we have gone from $11,000 in debt to $2650. We have done this with three kids (one in college). Every penny matters, and every dollar counts. It’s amazing how it all truly adds up and pushes you forward. Thank you for all your tips and inspiration!

  5. Audrey - This Little

    This weekend I found out that my credit score was finally updated from the poor category to the excellent category – and I jumped up an down with happiness. And I thought of you and all your great advice :) Hugs!

  6. Prue

    I’m so glad I found your blog, very inspirational and you always have the kindest words to say back to people that are struggling its wonderful you are doing a great job Anna

  7. Charlie

    I need this post today, after a couple months of employment unstablity, low work hours and still having bills to pay, my debt is a little higher than it was at the start of the year. But through following your advice and my own heart I’m now on a career path that I am tremendiously excited about, have plans to move the debt scale back into my favour, and to start saving for the dream that is in my head of what I want to do for the rest of my life.

    It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

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