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This week we have the lovely Charmel Delos Santos from Australia. She writes the blog High Heeled Traders where she shares her experiences in trading and financial markets.  She writes for “gravity defying” women. She says that she likes to relate financial trading concepts to everyday experiences like: “shopping, fashion and shoes!” and I have to say, she is just as sweet as can be.

Trading in Real Life

First things first, Congratulations Anna! You’re out of debt, wow! That took serious discipline, creativity, and a focused mind.  The Universe is said to give more money to people who can manage what they’ve got. I’m excited for you baby!

Oh hello! I’m Charmel Delos Santos, a Trader, Systems Analyst and Mother of 3 based in Sydney, Australia. Recently, Anna sent out her maiden newsletter with an invitation for guest writers and I happen to blog about my experience in investing and trading, after Anna’s thorough evaluation, here I am! I have over 9 years experience in investing and the financial markets: stocks, options, foreign exchange, precious metals, commodities and I did a number of deals using different strategies in real estate and lived to tell the tale.

Think “Investing” or “Trading” is way too hard? We actually do it all the time. We put something IN, so we can get something out that is more valuable. (Hopefully!)  Investing is like having a cow for milk. Trading is a more active form of investing – to profit from more opportunities, through buying and selling. To make it easier, I like to think about trading as shopping! (Now I’ve got your attention!)  OK, I admit, shopping is more on the buying part but a lot of  trading concepts apply:

  • For instance, do you like to buy what is in fashion and only go for what’s in the new style?  You’re in with the trend. In trading, this is called “trend following“.
  •  Do you search high and low, visiting several shops or malls – looking for a certain item at steep discount? If so, you’re a “Bargain Hunter”.  In trading, this is called “value trading”.
  •  Do you buy when you see a “window of opportunity” or loop-hole? In shopping terms these opportunities are called “sales” and in trading this is called  “arbitrage”.

Even if you don’t have much money at the moment,  you can make it work for you!  Back when money was tight, I knew I still needed to invest.  I’ve seen people with wads of cash put money into poor investments.  So, I set out to learn, thinking that when I had the money, I’d know what to do with it! I spent my weekends  going to different open houses and I pay close attention to TV commercials to find out about companies. Not having much money, I was more discerning where I put my funds. It’s like window-shopping, I look things up and pay only when I’m 100% sure.

With investing and trading your money is put to work, so you have more coming from our sweat and time.

I suggest learning about money and how you can grow it. Like in my case, I just learn about what I actually use in my life.

Warren Buffett, a fixture on the FORBES Rich List, the greatest investor of all time is the man who famously snubbed “dotcoms” because he said he “only invests in businesses he understands”. What about you?

  • So, do you have a thing for bling? Gold, silver and platinum are called  “Precious Metals” –  you can invest in stocks or funds that mine/process them.
  • Walk everywhere? Usually we drive or fly – which burns oil, if the visit to the pump is getting painful, invest in stocks or funds that produce oil to share in the profits from the high demand.
  • Love travelling? Learn about countries. There are funds that hold country-specific investments, or see how their currency performs against the US dollar.

We buy and wear things according to the conditions – sandals for summer and boots for winter and the same goes for trading. First, know the market conditions and then decide on strategy. For example, if people are optimistic (this is called a “Bull market”) you can “Buy and Hold” and if people are scared (“Bear market”) you can go “Short”.

I do trading on my own and this allows me to have an income stream while taking time off from my career and enjoying time with my young children. I get to visit my parents overseas and the money is still working for me even after coming back from vacation- how good is that?!

Charmel Delos Santos ● THANK YOU ● for being a part of And Then We Saved!

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  1. highheeledtraders

    Hi! Anna, thank you for having me! I hope your readers enjoy the post and pick up an idea or two. I've redesigned my blog so please come visit me there, I'm also offering a free eBook on Trading for "gravity defying" women, I invite everyone to sign up for it before the book and eBook goes on sale on Amazon! Cheers!

  2. highheeledtraders

    Pleasure! Anna, I wrote the book to help our womenfolk who would like to give trading a go to a) avoid frustration, b) save time and money from trial and error and c) let you focus on what only YOU can do for yourself. All the best!


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