Our Collective Savings!

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Comment below with how much you’ve saved/paid off on your Spending Fast/Spending Diet to have it included in the group savings amount at the top of the site! On the 1st of the month the total will be updated. It’s so exciting to see how much debt we’ve all paid off!

If you’re just getting started take the Get Out of Debt Pledge, and update us with your savings progress below! If you’re a long-time Spending Faster or Spending Dieter, share your successes with us! We all want to see how great you’re doing!

This is all about rooting for each other and celebrating our accomplishments! We no longer have to live with debt! We no longer have to feel bad about money or spending. Every single penny of debt that gets paid off is a massive accomplishment!

No more debt = freedom!

Collective Savings Log:

May 2015 Reader Collective Savings: $149,322.25

June 2015 Reader Collective Savings: $61,901.84

July 2015 Reader Collective Savings: $52,653.41

August 2015 Reader Collective Savings: $28,350.19

September 2015 Reader Collective Savings: $31,652.91

October 2015 Reader Collective Savings: $26,141.28

November 2015 Reader Collective Savings: $16,993.90

December 2015 Reader Collective Savings: $19,547.95

January 2016 Reader Collective Savings: $22,087.81

February 2016 Reader Collective Savings: $7,831.54

March 2016 Reader Collective Savings: $25,457.86

April 2016 Reader Collective Savings: $174,452.27

May 2016 Reader Collective Savings: $119,693.61

June 2016 Reader Collective Savings: $64,893.90

July 2016 Reader Collective Savings: $52,588.18

August 2016 Reader Collective Savings: $198,473.82

September 2016 Reader Collective Savings: $107,350.73

October 2016 Reader Collective Savings: $100,777.41

November 2016 Reader Collective Savings: $115,696.42

December 2016 Reader Collective Savings: $117,978.61

January 2017 Reader Collective Savings: $101,238.10

February 2017 Reader Collective Savings: $136,913.88

March 2017 Reader Collective Savings: $138,009.99

April 2017 Reader Collective Savings: $115,714.96

May 2017 Reader Collective Savings: $67,190.48

June 2017 Reader Collective Savings: $29,032.71

July 2017 Reader Collective Savings: $80,997.78

August 2017 Reader Collective Savings: $80,357.81

September 2017 Reader Collective Savings: $34,519.56

October 20017 Reader Collective Savings: $23,870.00

November 2017 Reader Collective Savings: $39,328.48

December 2017 Reader Collective Savings: $204,190.97

January 2018 Reader Collective Savings: $75,675.63

February 2018 Reader Collective Savings: $190,677.18

March 2018 Reader Collective Savings: $145,110.22

April 2018 Reader Collective Savings: $123,766.98

May 2018 Reader Collective Savings: $154,885.41

June 2018 Reader Collective Savings: $125,900.08

July 2018 Reader Collective Savings: $177,820.98

August 2018 Reader Collective Savings: $179,231.26

September 2018 Reader Collective Savings: $180,237.46

October 2018 Reader Collective Savings: $192,424.67

November 2018 Reader Collective Savings: $70,417.81

December 2018 Reader Collective Savings: $96,089.96

New Total Debt Paid Off: $4,801575.82!

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  1. Karen S.

    Total paid off since July 2012: $24,453
    Total debt left to pay off: 54,736 (credit card consolidation loan, car, and student loans)

    1. Rustsymom

      I am done done done! Wow thank you for all the inspiration and motivation. I will be celebrating all week. Add $5100 to the total!

  2. Chelsea

    Total put toward debt since starting the Fa$t on January 1, 2015 = $6,572.22. Big news this month is my car is paid off! All debt dumping efforts will now go to student loans.

  3. Gretchen

    I saved $390 in February during my Spending fast month! Not as much as many of you, but I’m still proud! All of it went to my student loan debt.

  4. Danyelle

    This month I made my last car payment ($18K paid off over 3 years instead of 5) and also my last credit card payment ($9K paid off in 2 years) debt free is so liberating! I literally don’t know what to do with myself now!

  5. Elizabeth E

    I have paid off $14,000 in Student Loan debt since hearing about And Then We Saved last summer! I had already been working on becoming debt-free after a horrible bout of work luck and then only making ends meat. I had paid off around $11,000 in student loans, a repossessed car, and credit card debt since starting to get my financial life in order back in 2010. So grand total in my journey is roughly $25,000 PAID OFF!! I have $15,000 remaining and a wedding to plan – but 2016 will be a great year!!

  6. Chelsea

    I forgot to give my March update on here! Total put toward debt last month was $1,650. Total put toward debt since Jan 1, 2015 = $8,222.22!

          1. Chelsea

            September = $757.90
            Total since Jan 1, 2015 = 13,477.93

            Latest “victory” is I’m under the $30K mark in remaining balance on my student loans!

    1. Chelsea

      December = $1,167.90
      Total for the year of 2015 = $16,328.63
      My balance for my student loans is $27,400…down from $42,000 at the start of 2015 ($37K in student loans + $5K on car).

      I paid off my car in February, and I’m paid ahead by $10,436.56 on my student loans. My next payment isn’t due until Feb 25, 2019. Feels great to be ahead!

      Thank you, Anna, for being an inspiration. Your example and your insight gave me the courage to try, and the determination to see through, a year-long Spending Fast. I’ve made excellent progress, but still have a long journey ahead of me. I’d love to be debt free by 30 (just 20 short months away), which is why I’ll take a short break, but then will be right back on the debt-dumping train.

  7. Tess

    Today is my first day. I paid off $300.00 towards my student loan. I paid off my amazon card balance of $175.88 and am putting it away for safe keep the next year. I paid of my credit card of $52.37, making my balance zero. My goal is to acquire no interest on the card, however I will be using it to pay for school the next two years with the schools payment plan.

  8. Lynn

    I’m done spending the same way and hoping for different results. I’m going to join you all so I can be debt free!

  9. Taryn

    In April I cut my debt by $2,521.24. I am planning on paying off my car next month. Thank goodness for tax returns. :)

    PS. Love your blog! (Although I’m still not brave enough to cut my own hair.)

  10. Lindsey

    I am so motivated by seeing everyone else’s success! I am not sure if I could do a spending fast but I think I may attempt a spending diet! I have just under $32K in debt with credit cards and student loans.Would love to make a decent dent in that by the end of the year!

  11. jenner50

    I found your website today and what a relief!
    This is a fresh start! Thank you for sharing your story and for so much inspiration!!

  12. Emma Parker

    I saved £2,000 in two months, paid off £150 and £100 to two 0% loans as well!!! It kind of gets addictive doesn’t it?

    I’m only 20 and I have plans for when I finish University in two years time. The UK system is a bit different, meaning the payments are means based and you actually get fined if you pay off sooner… not to mention because the loans are based on the rate of inflation you actually make more money by paying what they ask and putting the rest of your money in savings. CRAZY I KNOW.

    Anyway… thank you… because of this I’m able to continue to save and will be able to fund long-term travel in the future.

  13. Patrick

    Just came across your site, Anna – and really proud how you’ve championed the cause of debt-free living and impacting so many people’s lives! I’m a proud Dave Ramsey disciple, and finished paying off my house a few months ago – an accomplishment I never dreamed possible until a couple of years ago. Keep up the great work! You’re inspiring people you don’t even know are out there!

  14. Tom

    We have been seriously focused on paying off debt for the past 7 years or so. Since then, I have paid off over 65K in student loans (chiro college) and 13K for an auto loan. We are now paying ahead on our mortgage which is around 68K and plan to have it paid off in 3 years. We never carry CC debt. Good luck to everyone that visits this great site. Living debt free should be everyone’s goal!

  15. emma

    i’ve been on a spending fast for half a year but now i’m going to make it official. i’m going to challenging myself to one year and pay off the remaining 6,000 in debt this year. it might be a small about but considering it is more then 1/3 my yearly income its a big deal for me. i know returning to your blog will give me drive to keep going.

  16. Bethany

    Since February declaring we have paid off another $500. My husband, the bread winner taking a pay cut for 6 months due to a training program for a promotion we will be on hold with any extra payments on anything, and may need to pull from our savings, BUT, when the 6 months is over we will be even more mindful of of what we spend come January when we go back to regular pay. I am hopeful we will stay on the same reduced budget and pay off a car loan to get down to one car payment. Thank you for the motivation.

    1. Tom

      Keep going Laura. You’re doing awesome! When the student loan is finally gone its a wonderful feeling. Treat yourself after you’ve paid it off 100%. Then pay off all other remaining debt and live debt free for the rest of you life!

  17. Ashley

    It’s not a lot, but I was able to pay off $240 this month! Original student loan debt: $33,933 (undergrad plus one small loan for grad school). Current total: $4,460.79.

  18. Charlotte

    I have paid off $12,000.00 since starting the spending fast in August 2014. Still a long, long way to go, but that is a dent!

  19. Emma

    Managed to save $251.41 this month after a few of out of pocket medical expenses and uneccessary outings. Here’s to hopefully doubling that amount next month. I am using your website as a motivator whenever I am tempted to buy something I don’t need!

  20. Michelle

    Since March I’ve paid off one credit card in the amount of $4500. Awesome feeling! Now working on my Discover card that’s up to $4000, should have it paid off by the end of the year or sooner. Then will tackle the $7K in student loans, down from $25K. Your website has given me the motivation to be successful and debt free!

  21. JK

    I have paid off 6572 USD in last car payment from January to April, and saved $580 in May ( could have done more but its been a difficult month)

  22. Danielle

    Husband deployed 3 months ago, using that extra money to pay off $7,175 of debt so far! I am so excited to hand him his motorcycle and car title, to show off our $0 balance credit card statement, and to show how much of our student loans I was able to pay off!

  23. mrslas

    I have to get my life together. I feel like a struggling fraud. Lol. My debt and bad credit has hit me smack in the face as I tried to apply for a home loan..checking account.. So discouraging. I have to start somewhere. It will be tight ;-(

  24. Ashley

    I paid off $800 today! ($300 undergrad loan, $500 current bill for grad school).

    I fell off the wagon the past few months but I’m going to start my Spending Fast again. Only around $4000 of undergrad debt left (started at $33,933), plus the rest of grad school (about $4,200, which I’ve been paying for as I go).

  25. Patrick

    Great job Ashley!! Proud to hear you get back on the Debt Free wagon! It’s beyond worth it the headaches, hassles and deprivation you’re enduring. #TrustMe Keep rolling!

  26. Cliona

    Paid off over €2000 in credit card debt since January… Delighted :D
    All by taking out as much cash as I need for the week and not spending on cards beyond that. I never realised how much I was spending swiping my debit card!

  27. Serenity Now

    I transferred a total of $910.00 into savings this month! I’m especially proud because I managed this on my tiny non-profit salary. My car also kicked the bucket this month….perhaps it’s a sign from the universe to go carless? :)

  28. Patrick

    Way to go everybody! Great seeing three emails in a row this morning of all of you making serious in-roads with your debt.

    Keep it up!!!

  29. Bianca

    I have started my debt diet/savings in May 2015. So far I have paid off $8,000 in student loan debt this month! $41,000 to go! I’m glad I found this website! It’s been so encouraging to read the other posts!

  30. JK

    Total Saved in June = $630!
    This month i finished with $1.15 in my account 2 days before pay day ( this is because i transfer the amount i should save that month right after i get paid rather then waiting till the end of the month) that keeps me on track a lot :-) well done everyone for continuing on your journeys :-) i guess its actually $631.15 :-) :-) :-) well done everyone

  31. Niki

    I made a FINAL $3,567.70 payment on my truck and now I OWN IT!! It’s all mine!! I’m going to drive it until the wheels fall off or the floor boards fall out.

    1. Tom

      Great Job! What a great feeling not to have truck payments! Keep and take care of that beast as long as you can!

  32. Ashley

    One of my family members has been feeling inspired by all of my (and your) hard work and paid off a credit card this week – over $7,000! She decided to take it out of savings. This was after she had already paid down over $10,000 in the last 6 months!

  33. Nicole

    Since being inspired by your blog over a year ago, I’ve paid off $10,000 of my student loans! Still a long way to go, but writing that down sure feels good.

  34. Monique

    I paid off the last $1,814.85 of my credit cards. I now have NO Credit card debt! Next up is my student loan

  35. Suzanne

    I am just starting this process. Today is the day to begin saving. Bad luck on the job after working 26 years for 1 company:( Lucky to see this blog to get me motivated.Wish me luck

  36. Natazha

    I”m 20 years old and 51,000 in debt with secondary schooling, a car loan and various other debtors. I’ve realized that I need help!

  37. Amy K

    In 36 months, my husband and I have paid $38,307.66 towards our debt of $87,000 (student loans, car loan, credit cards).

    That’s the first time I’ve typed that, holy crap do we have a lot of debt!

  38. Shelley

    Paid $117 to Banana Republic so far in August (that card is now paid off!) and $275 to the ridiculous overdraft line of credit I’ve been holding on to like a safety blanket for 10 years. By the end of August, I pledge to have paid off the last $150 I owe on this line of credit so I can close my evil checking account and open the credit union account I’ve always wanted.

  39. Kathleen

    So glad to have found this community! I love reading everyone’s posts because it’s a great motivator to keep going!!

    Since January 1, my husband and I have paid $19,000 towards debt (credit cards and student loans) and have been able to add about $4K to our emergency savings. We have been spending a lot less money this year in order to pay down debt and save. We’ve also changed our mindset about stuff and shopping. It isn’t easy, but it feels great to see how far we’ve come.

    Can. Not. Wait. ’til we’re completely debt free!!

  40. Shelley

    Update to my Aug. 4th post: I paid the last $150 to my overdraft line of credit yesterday. No more $25 monthly payments, and I’m free to change banks now whenever I want to. Feels good!

  41. Helen Sisterson

    I have just paid £300.00 off my smallest credit card, balance now £658 and hope to update toward the end of the month when I should pay a bit more off it. xx

  42. Helen Sisterson

    A quick update…I have just threw my credit card behind a huge heavy cupboard in the bedroom, yayyyy!..to nervous to cut it up just yet. xx

  43. Stacy

    I just found the site I am really excited about doing this. I have a ton of debt to pay off and I can’t wait to see the results after a year. I really believe that making a public declaration to do this will give me the push I need to see it through and become DEBT

  44. Mrslas

    At first I was annoyed by the progress others were making especially when I felt like I couldn’t save a 1.00 nor pay off a debt. When I finally snapped out of that feeling (which wasn’t easy lol) I literally made small steps. I changed my phone plan from 55.00 down to 35.00. After that good feeling I kept the ball rolling. This week I will have payed off a 290.00 old debt. Which will be removed off of my credit report. Long story short.. this site has heplped to get me back focus! Ps I also completed a financial literacy class?

  45. Laura

    I paid off $1644 this month with the spending fast! Yippee! Not bad for the first month! and with lots of back-to-school costs!

  46. Cierra

    Just paid off $18,300 in student loans thanks to a work bonus. Still have more to pay off but this was a huge chunk of the student loan which is my only source of debt. I am still in my six month grace period from graduation, and I am expecting to have the entirety of the loan paid off before the six months is over and I have to start paying interest.

  47. Katherine Diefendorf

    I am pledging to be debt free. I have $35,000 in debt and my goal is to have it paid off in three years or less. I know I can do it!

  48. Sam

    I had $30,000 in debt from my divorce. I have paid off $10,000 since the first of this year. Planning to pay it all off by 12.31.2016.

  49. Helen Sisterson

    Just paid a futher £450 off my smallest cc debt. Balance now £231.33. I will pay this balance off plus any interest on the 20th October. Total debt paid off so far is £750. I have also now chopped my credit cards up and have decided to create a bit of savings for emergencies…will do this in dribs and drabs throughout the months. xx

  50. Patrick

    That’s awesome Chelsea! Keep sacrificing. The short-term pain is worth the long-term prospering. Proud of you not only taking ownership of your situation, but enacting necessary change to better your life and the life of your family.

  51. Alesia

    I paid $800 toward my debt but accrued $300. This is the avoidance of taking out a student loan. They allow us to pay for the classes on a monthly basis. We are putting off taking out student loans until the last possible moment. By my son taking classes through the junior college to get his associate’s degree in Criminal Justice, we saved a bunch of money. He is going for his bachelor’s degree and that we know will bring some debt, however, we will be looking to see what kind of grants are out there to mitigate the cost.

  52. Helen Sisterson

    Small credit card now clear! Therefore £958 saved toward debt so far.
    Recieved some overtime as well, so £150 put to my savings plan.
    Now to clear my second card. My debt with my mum will be cleared £50 per month as she is in no rush to be paid. I love my mum!! xxx

  53. Cass

    19,000 to pay off since taking Spending Diet in June 2015

    To-date paid off: $2,500!

    Woo! Thanks for the tips and continued inspiration.

  54. Helen Sisterson

    Thanks Patrick..although I feel a little guilty as I went and had my hair cut and coloured and it cost £69.50!! However its now very short and should last me at least 6 months. This money was going to go towards my pot of savings at the end of the month..hmmmm just feel like I have failed a little bit.

  55. Patrick

    You’re forgiven, Anna! You’ve been busy! Feel free to follow me on Twitter – I’ll cite your site (no pun intended) as I can to my troop…. Keep up the great work!

  56. Denise

    Today is the first day of my spending diet. I owe $7300 on my car, $6300 on my student loan and $3000 on my credit card. Excited and nervous

  57. Katherine Diefendorf

    OMG- I’ve paid off $10,400 of my debt since I started my spending fast in August. I should note that I took $5,000 from my savings (leaving a $1,000 emergency fund) but I’m still counting it because it went towards my debt. I currently owe $30,075 but am committed to continuing to pay it off in the shortest time possible. I can do this!

  58. Melissa

    I’m a fresh out of college student who has paid off $3,000 of credit card debt in 5 months (June-Oct. 2015). I am looking forward to working on my yearly SAVINGS goal of $6,000, and tackling the rest of my student loans worth $16,000 within the next 3 years.

    It is such a liberating feeling to be young and on track financially!

  59. Diana

    Wow, I am so excited that I found this site!
    At the end of October I decided to do a spending fast for a year beginning in January and then I asked myself why wait until then? Why not start in November? So I decided to jump in…and today I found this site…this will be so helpful. I created the bare bones plan for myself prio but now with your experience I can put some meat to those bones. Thanks for the info and inight, I think it will be very helpful to me.

  60. Helen Sisterson

    Its that time again where I can pay towards debt. I have decided to clear mums debt first which at present is £815. So today paid £115 towards it. New balance £700.00. I have also put £50.00 into my emergency fund so this balance now £210. This is proving a very useful thing to have as I had to pay myself to tide me over last week…as soon as I was paid today I paid myself back. This was due to my car battery conking out mid month. Total paid toward my ever decreasing debt is £1073 plus a little interest.

  61. Dana

    I’m with Diana. I am planning a full throttle “STOP.THE.MADNESS” campaign against myself come January. I have, however, started to put things in motion to really make it happen. Gave my hubby to-be my credit cards. Made a project/goal plan to initiate. I’ve been using a budgeting software system which helps, but not enough. I decided to slam myself with the full amount of debt I owe within the program (instead of just the monthly payments). Seeing that number makes me never want to spend money again. The two biggest needs of next year are our wedding and I will need a car (lease up next year), so all monies coming in go to those three things. The debt, the wedding, the car. I’m excited to get this rolling and never look back!

  62. Cath

    I am on board for 2016 to pay off credit card debt, save to go travelling ? and to stop buying ‘stuff’! Love the idea of this site

  63. Jennifer

    I’m in! Being the head of the household and having to pay for everything on my own, I NEED to do this… not only for myself, but my family. I was going to wait until January to start something like this, but instead I’ve decided to start today!

  64. Sarah

    I’m in too!! We have a car debt of £6000 and extra borrowing on our mortgage for 2500.My husband also needs a car soon as he is moving jobs in March.Lots to pay out for!! We would also like to extend our house at some point !! Love reading all these posts!! ❤️

  65. Erin

    Your blog has served as my inspiration to save as much as I can for a down payment on a house! Or possibly a tiny house on wheels :)!

    Since April 2015, I have saved $7100.78!

    Thank you so much, Anna! Thanks to you, i have found a second part time job, and I am constantly searching for additional sources of income – something I never would have even considered before reading your blog.

  66. Amanda

    Hi! I’m new here. I’ve been carrying around debt for a while and I’m done! I’m ready be done with it so its outta here! Dec 31, 2015 I had $28,665 in debt which includes a credit card, a line of credit and a car loan. Today I’m at $23,665! I was able to pay off so much because of a work bonus but sadly this won’t be what every month will be like. I already feel so much freer!

  67. Taryn

    $1,335.17 paid towards consumer debt in January. Credit cards are paid off. Only $5500 of student loans left between me and debt-free-edness. (<– I made that word up.)

  68. Daisy

    Hi everyone, I saved $4850 last month after getting a promotion at work which I immediately put into my debt. After almost two years of saving (& failing for a few months early last year), now have only $1900 left to pay off! *Celebrate!*

  69. Sarah

    I paid off $902.64 in January. If I keep up this rate, i should have my debt all paid up in 5 months (beaming inside)! I can’t wait for the liberation that comes with having no debt.

  70. Tyler

    I have saved $600 in the past two months!! :D Saving for that $1000 emergency fund!
    *Does the over halfway there dance*

  71. Kristen

    Just started my spending diet within the past month. I am on pace to pay off $450 in debt by the end of February and will hit the $1000 mark in my emergency fund account!

  72. Amanda

    Since my last update I’ve paid $1,757 more off of my debt. Yay!! I’m getting closer to having my credit card paid off.

  73. Katie

    This month I saved an extra $100 beyond the $894 that I regularly throw at my student loans this month! Yay!

  74. Helen Sisterson

    Phew! Had to take a break from debt clearing for a while as we had lots of birthdays, xmas, leaving pressies to pay for, bathroom flood and kitchen ceiling flood….you know, the usual and all WITHOUT A CREDIT CARD!!!. £300 paid toward debt this month. Debt paid so far £1373. Still have £1200 to rid myself of, before I tackle my kitchen loan using the spending diet. Nothing can stop me, I will be debt free!!!

  75. Helen Sisterson

    £225.00 paid toward debt. Debt cleared so far £1598 using the spending fast. Debt balance now £975. Will pay more off next week. I can just about see light at the end of the tunnel. At least I am in 3 figures now rather than 4! Then I will begin the second part of my debt drama…clearing the kitchen loan using the spending diet for about 18 month. Oh dear it seems so far to go….but I am not paying the bank any more interest than I absolutely have to. X

  76. jaddeyyy

    paid off $5090 of $44064! im slowly getting there and cant wait to make more big dents in my debt. I love that I get emails with new people making pledges, it makes me feel like Im not alone and motivates me to keep going!!

  77. Veronica

    When I turned 30 I vowed to be debt-free before my next birthday. Yesterday I turned 31. This year I cleared my debt ($6389) , saved $3840 and became a Momma!! Grand total of debt paid/money saved is 10,229!! I’ve been following Anna forever and probably couldn’t have done this without the support and encouragement of And then we saved :)

    1. Erin

      Forgot to include my student loan payments. Grand total debt payoff = $47,579.31.

      Total debt to go = $69,978.86 including CC, Student Loans, Timeshare and Car…. I won’t mention my mortgage!

  78. Sarah

    I didn’t know this site existed, but this year my husband and I started on a plan to pay off $7,500 in debt and save $25,000 by end of October. So far we have paid off $7,200 and have $5,800 in our savings account. We have consistently exceeded our monthly goals to pay off and save!

  79. Brooke

    April 2016, I paid off $1500 worth of debt and saved $845.00. This is my month of bonuses so I won’t be paying off nearly this much from now on but it feels fantastic to have paid off $7200 so far this year!

  80. Leanne

    At this very moment, I have saved $0. BUT, before you get all up in my face about it, I JUST NOW SIGNED THE PLEDGE! Like literally, less than 3 minutes ago. :) I’m looking forward to giving a real update soon.

  81. Amanda

    Since Feb 28 I’ve paid off $5,411 more.
    I can’t believe how free I feel. I used to be so stressed about money and it was always on my mind. I still think about money often but now it’s just about ways to save more of it….it’s not stressing me out.

  82. Emily

    I’m just getting started. I already feel better knowing what I owe (seriously, tracking down my student loan debt since it’s been sold I-don’t-know-how-many-times was a challenge in itself!), but I have a long journey ahead! This has always been a “priority” that I talk about, but never a priority that I actually act on. I’m excited to get started!

    Including student loans, credit cards, a car loan and a personal loan, I owe a grand (ha!) total of $36,745.69 and growing (wrapping up my last semester of grad school).

  83. Delia

    I first saw this blog in December 2015 and decided this is going to be new years resolution! Debt Free 2016!
    I was struggling with credit cards and student loans and decided it was time.
    In March I picked up a second job serving and its making a huge difference!

    Total Debt: $37 650 ( credit cards, line of credit and student loan )
    Paid to Date January 2016 – Present : $ $8464.82

    One credit card is paid off! YAY! I will be done the other this month . Now I’m working on the student loan.

    Thank you for all the wise words and encouragement! You have kept me on the straight and narrow :D

    1. Delia LeBlanc

      June Totals
      Debt paid in June : $1400.00
      Debt paid in total since January : $9864.82 ( woohoo! almost at the $10 000 mark)

  84. Amanda

    Since joining the Spending Fasters Facebook group a few months ago I’ve eliminated over $4000 in debt. Anna and the other #spendingfasters have been such a HUGE positive force in my life and I am so grateful to have their support on this journey <3

  85. Kellie Tate

    I just started the and we saved. I hoping I can say I SAVED by October by paying off two credit cards!

  86. Lori

    I started my spending fast on June 6th and paid off $1,180.95 towards $20k of credit card debt. Feels awesome to see the numbers go down!

  87. kellyjo

    I do not think I have posted before. As of July 4th, 2016 we have paid down a whopping $11,162 (not counting the $1553 in interest we paid to get to our current total) on our credit card for the past twelve months thanks to the Spending Fast and the support from the closed FB group. Thank you, Anna, for creating such a great platform for good!

  88. Amber

    I just read the book last week, and after sitting on the phone (a grueling 3 hours) with my debtors finding out my balances (eek!) and negotiating interest rates (gag), I realized I had one card with a $127.00 balance with an outrageous 27.99% APR! I had just had a yard sale that morning (so fun!) and made almost twice that amount, so in one fell swoop paid off that balance and put the rest of my yard sale profit back into my account, ready to be zeroed out on July 25 (I get paid the 26). I am feeling positive, empowered, excited, and most of all, hopeful. Thank you!

  89. Stacie

    In July I paid off my paypal acct of $1200 and just sent in $681.02 toward my other credit card. Can’t wait to have this one paid off so I can start on my car loan.

  90. Hana

    Since May, I paid off $7k in credit card debt this month! Your book was a great motivator in helping me get back on track. Now onto student loans!

  91. Melanie Jane

    Month of September I have contributed $1,498.33 towards my debt.
    Starting total debt $61,150.
    As at Today I owe $57,922.50

  92. Megon

    During the month of September, I paid off $18149 in debt!

    Erased 17000 by trading a vehicle
    Paid off 410 toward consolidated CC debt
    230 toward camper loan
    250 toward student loans
    259 – Paid off a Credit Card balance!

  93. Melanie

    Month of October I have contributed $1,472.50 towards my debt.
    Starting total debt $61,150.
    As at 1/11/2016 $56,450.00

  94. Serene Vannoy

    This is my first spending cycle. I sent $527.30 to my creditors (about 1% of my debt), cancelled some recurring bills, did a bunch of exercises from the book, started a blog to keep track of everything, and I’m on my way to freedom from debt!

  95. Amie

    I paid off my £2,500 ($3,059) credit card debt in three months. The money I save from now on will be going towards the deposit for my first home :)

  96. Terri

    I just paid off $2200 of $20,000 in one month! Of course, $613 of that was paying off 3 in store credit cards (that I have removed from my wallet and put away). I can see myself debt-free this time next year.


  97. Elba

    I would like to try this plan but kind of scared. I don’t know how to start it.. I have two in college , 1 in high school and 2 in middle school..help. Need some guidness?

  98. Serene Vannoy

    Sent $543.43 to pay off debts this month (up $16.13 from last month; would have been more, but we had an unexpected expense).

    We’ve only paid down 1.25% of our debt so far, but it’s finally going down, instead of up!

  99. Katie D

    $2138.03!! I am so pumped! Knitting like crazy from my stash for Xmas gifts!! Only costing me my time!! Thank you everyone for your support!!

  100. Joyannah Lonnes

    Just starting officially on 1-1-17. Total debt $47,858. However, I got inspired in December 2016 and managed to pay $2187.00 toward Credit Card debt before the official kick off of my first year of fasting. Also shaved expenses. Moved $1000. From special savings into Biz Checking to save Min. Balance bank fee. $7.50 /mo. = $90. / yr. Changed cell phone service plan n canceled second line to save $19.50 / month = $234. /year Canceled Newspaper Subscription. Saving $24.95 / mo. = $299.40/yr. ONWARD!

  101. Laura

    Starting the spending fast for six months in January. I have already paid down over half my debt by reducing spending and sending extra money to CC from odd jobs like house sitting but I am ready to make this happen now rather than slowly. Now, in addition, for the next six months, I have an emergency fund buffer so I will stop saving (except retirement), cancel all subscriptions (paid ones but also including marketing emails from my favorite retailers), stop shopping at Whole Paycheck, no travel, no eating out, and not sign up for expensive endurance races. $7,000 paid off by June is the goal, which I am tracking on a spreadsheet and getting friends involved who share a similar goal.

  102. Serene Vannoy

    This month, we sent $927.44 to debt, for a project total of $1,921.87, and we’ve paid off 6.24% of the credit cards (and 2.93% of total debt, counting the student loan. We don’t have a mortgage or car payments.)

  103. Gerardo De La Fuente

    I paid off my total credit card debt of $1, 670.95 and it feels great!!!!! I have learned to save and to be responsible now.
    Next up is a federal loan of $802.17

    2017 is starting off great and I intend to keep it that way!!!!!!

    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!

  104. Heather

    $426 debt knocked off during my first month (Jan 2017). And more importantly, I did not add to my debt, despite extra medical bills this month. Amazing.

  105. Angela

    We started our journey January 1, 2017 with the goal of paying off our entire $22,000 debt this year. Once its gone we will only owe for our mortgage. I set a lofty goal of $2000 per month towards debt repayment. My husband has reservations about that number but was willing to do what needed to be done. We are doing a Spending “Starvation” Diet (more than a Diet, less than a Freeze). I’m thrilled to report we paid off $2600 this month!!!

  106. Serene Vannoy

    We sent $1810.92 to our debt in February. This means since we started in November, we’ve reduced our credit-card debt by 13.55%, and our overall debt (including student loans) by 5.17%.

  107. Joyannah Lonnes

    I paid off my Discover card down to $0.00 and cut it up. Never Again will I use that thing!!
    Paid 1327.57 including interest. It’s done!

  108. Emily

    I saved $400 in my first month of the spending fast! I also accepted a new job with a pay increase and benefits (my first ever job with benefits).

  109. Heather

    I am a student and because of the nature of what I am studying, am not able to take on a job right now. I live on student loans right now, but I was able to put an extra $50 towards my credit card.
    It isn’t much, but it helps.

  110. panda398

    I just made the final payment on my credit card, chopped up the card, then called the bank to cancel it. Instantly I fell relieved to have that temptation and debt out of my life!

  111. Esperanza

    Recently started to seriously work on getting my credit card debt down (student loans are next!) Already down $1,800.29.

  112. Morgan Schmidt

    In August I saved $100 and paid $70 towards debt. It doesn’t sound like much but I still managed to pay $400 to get my car fixed so ??

  113. Antionette Finnels

    I am almost retirement age and I am in over $50,000.00 worth of debt. I seen the interview on Good Morning America and got excited about the site. I really want to try the group to see if I can be help with my debt and spending habits.


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