Get Out Of Debt -Take The Pledge

get out of debt pledge

Are you ready to take charge of your life? Are you ready to be done with debt? Are you ready to stop the cycle of over-spending and remorse?

Are you ready to take action? 

  • Use the SPENDING FAST (or the SPENDING DIET method) to get yourself out of debt once and for all. I recommend doing the Spending Fast since you will see dramatic results in a shorter amount of time. Also by doing a Spending Fast the discretionary spending doesn’t come into play like it does with the Spending Diet (Which can actually make it harder).
  • Commit to doing the Spending Fast for 1 year. I recommend a year time-frame so you can get through the tough beginning part (where all of your habits are getting changed) and get to the real-benefits part (debt pay-off).

You can do anything for a year! Suffer a little today for a life of freedom from debt.

By signing your name below you are making a Commitment to finally get yourself out of debt.

This serves as a public declaration of your desire and commitment to become debt-free. While mistakes will happen (we’re only human) this is your statement to stand by the process as you work towards debt-removal.

What will you do today that you will be proud of in a year?

A life without debt IS possible! YOU REALLY CAN DO THIS!

Include how much debt you have paid off (any amount- large or small) by using the Spending Fast or Spending Diet on our Collective Savings page. At the beginning of each month our collective savings total at the top of the site will be updated!

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  1. Tasmanian Minimalist

    this is going to be a permanent thing for me. I managed to half my debt in under a year and pay CASH for a car! Being frugal and more thoughtful about my spending/saving has changed everything…I lov your work and love how inspiring you have been to me ! Yay !

      1. Lydia

        I am so over my head. How can I get rid of my $50,000 in cc debt? Well, I have to start somewhere, so why not here….I spend so much money on my kids and never myself. So watch out kids, mommy is going to be The Queen of Cheapskates!

        1. Caz

          I was wondering how you did? I am in the same boat and just starting out – I can’t stand the stress of the debt anymore!

      2. Tia McNelly

        My husband and I have recently become very serious about being debt free in 2013. We are using a popular budgeting system and it works well for his type-A personality, but it was a breath of fresh air to find a system that suits my opposite-of-type-A personality. This site has inspired me to work with him to reassess how we’ve allocated our categories so that we can redirect some/all of the “wants” to debt. I think this concept could cut a few months off of our plan. So exciting!!!
        I have great hope for a hybrid system that will allow both of us to have mental and emotional peace about the sacrifices required to make this work.
        THANK YOU!

        1. Miranda

          I am 22, and just recently moved. I had to buy a car, and I truly need a new, reliable vehicle, because it snows like crazy up here in New York. I have a decided to take the pledge, because I am now (with my student loan included) about $26k in debt. It’s time to get this paid off!

          1. Priyanka

            Hi, I am a 37 yr old, Indian female. I take care of my son & old parents. I am very worried how to save and give my child a good life. I am starting from scratch as i left everything at husbands place. Came across your website & felt like it can work for me as well. Please send me some more details on how to save & how to avoid unnecessary spending. Thanks

  2. Anne S.

    I am taking the pledge. I will get out of debt this year. I want to participate in the spending fast and spending diet and use both to their fullest uses.

  3. Meg

    I’m totally in. I’ve got a no-spend January planned out and I’m set to pay off two credit cards and a car loan this in 2012!

  4. Jentree

    At first I was thinking, I don’t need to “pledge”. I’ve been doing really well w/paying off my debt over the last few months. But then I realized, I could probably be payIng things off even more quickly and really kick ass. So, I’m in! (I already have my short term $1000 emergency fund in place – feels so good!)

    I should have my car paid off by July 2012 (13 months early). The hard part will be to then pay off my credit card debt, nearing $6000. I’d really like have that paid off by Dec 2012. Then my only debt will be student loans (my “mortgage” since we don’t plan on buying a house for many years).


  5. Jessi

    I’m pledging to continue our family’s debt diet…

    I can’t honestly say spending fast… because we have a baby due in March. And i forsee some spending (even on unnecessary things…). Its our first baby (and its going to be a girl) so i’m kidding myself if i think i’ll be able to resist buying some adorable little dresses. :)

    THAT BEING SAID, we have brought our debt down from $26,000 to $11,000 and managed to buy a house (within our means). I’m so proud of how far we’ve come… but its time to recommit to the cause! i’ll be leaving my 9-5 job to be at home with our little lady, and will be starting up a real estate part time career. ::gulp::

    we need to save save save for the future!

    so, less “presents” for myself… and smarter spending is due!

    time to refocus on what really matters, family, friends and creating a secure home (which includes secure finances)!

    Thanks so much for your posts… they have truly helped…


  6. Emily

    I can’t wait for Jan. 1st! I’m in on this challenge. My little non-profit salary is kicking my butt right now. A fast would completely turn that around! Thanks for issuing the challenge.

  7. Caroline Connelly

    I am going to change my life for the greater good and remainder of it. I will eliminate my debt as best as possible!

  8. Kassandra

    Definitely IN! I was initially striving to knock out the remaining $22K before the end of 2013 but I’ll do my best to pay off the maximum by being on the Spending Fast by the end of 2012!

  9. Linda

    I started the Spending Fast on September 15 and pledge to continue through 2012. It’s amazing what you can cut out and not miss. Dinner out? Nope! It’s more fun to have friends over for tea and just sit around and yak! Even more amazing is to know in advance the amount of the bills that you are expecting! Anna, thanks for your support and for coming up with this fabulous plan!! Linda

  10. Vicki Bee

    Okay, Miss Anna! I’m gonna do it! I am currently unemployed, so cutting back on spending is pretty much done! This spending fast thing is easy! Hahahaha But seriously, I want to get my 3 relatively low balance credit cards paid off! Yaaaayyyyyy!

  11. Christy G.

    I’m in this & committed. Thanks Anna for telling your story & inspiring me to take responsibility for my massive student loan debt and doing the hard work it takes to get rid of it. -Christy

  12. Coco

    I am taking the challenge. I am not in debt — but more that I have made a promise to pay cash for my son’s tuition (he is only in high school so I refuse to borrow the money, I figure if I can’t pay for it in full, then I can’t really afford it). It is over 36K, so I pay monthly. I want to take the challenge because I feel like even being displined enough to pay this monthly bill, I leak money elsewhere and with a monthly bill that big, I have VERY little wiggle room. Oh, and did I mention I live in NYC??? ECK!….

  13. Missy + Hub

    We are in. Our savings are set up and we have kept track of our spending the past few months, so we know our trouble spots. We’d like to pay off 1/2-2/3 of our CC debt. Bring it!

  14. Mimi

    While I don’t have any significant debt, I also have no savings. My 18-month goal is to save an amount sufficient to allow me to travel for a year (leaving in June 2013) while renting out my house. I am earning enough to get by now — but spending obscene amounts at my favorite bookstores and fabric stores. Perhaps by visiting the library and using up the stacks of fabric I ALREADY HAVE, and cooking smarter, I can save enough for my trip.

    I can do this!

  15. Rebecca

    Im in!!! I would like to half my cc debt and pay off my car!!!! Going to be a real hard thing for me since I tend to splurge at the grocery store and at happy hour!!!

  16. Katy

    I have been reading this blog for months now, and have been tracking expenses and starting the process. I am in! I am excited to pay off my credit card debt and determined to free up that income so I can do the things I actually want to do in my life – like travel, have more great experiences, and not be trapped by having to pay debt all the time. So my goal is to pay off $11,000 of credit card debt in 2012…imagine all the trips I can take in 2013. Like Rebecca C mentioned, I am ready to “take back my life” too and am determined to do this!

  17. Amanda

    I stumbled across your blog from a Consumerist link. I have significant debt, and this might be the kick in the pants i need to change that. I’m in

  18. Jen

    I’ve been reading your blog for several months now and am finally ready to start a spending fast on Jan. 1. My life needs major changes, and this will help me change the financial aspect of it. I don’t think I can pay off all my ridiculously massive amounts of debt in one year, but I think I can chip away a big chunk of it. I hereby vow to cut out ALL unnecessary spending in 2012 to work towards a better, debt-free life! And if anyone cares to please check out the blog I started to hold myself accountable. Thanks!

  19. Sara McLaughlin

    I just added it up, and including our car we have about $16,600 worth of debt.
    I’m taking the pledge and we have a goal of paying it all off in 34.5 months or less. I’m ready to do it, and as a fellow state worker, I’m committed to living on a budget! Excited!!

    Thank you for your blog and all the encouragement you give me!!

  20. Cheryl

    I want to “build a life less ordinary” and to do that requires that I’m debt-free. Goal for 2012? Pay off credit card, pay off car, save for 2013 adventures. I’m in.

  21. Maria

    30 K for a liberal arts education. 20 K more soon… but for a much more marketable degree. I pledge ~~ to pledge~~ to be debt free once i finish this round of education…

  22. Marissa B.

    I am doing the spending fast January 2012-December 2012! Woohooo! I have no idea what I am getting myself into, but I am excited to get myself out of debt! I currently have around $30,000 left to pay in student loan debt (I started off with $38,500). I would love to be debt free! I will keep you all posted on my progress. Thanks Anna for your inspiration. I love your blog!

  23. Maryanne

    I’m in! Realistically, I think we can pay off 2 major debts this year, and the third in 2013. Slow and steady wins the race.

  24. Rebecca C.

    I am in. I have four consumer debts (not counting car and house) and my goal in 2012 and 2013 is to pay off all 25,000. I have been spending the last few weeks tracking expenses, setting budgets and starting a second job that will be used solely to pay off debt.

    In addition to paying off debt, I will be saving approximately 4,500 from the rent my room mate pays me… With the side job and my regular job I will be able to pay off debt and pay our living expenses so his check will go into savings for emergencies (and with a house you never know.. )that way I won’t have to incur any new debt during the pay down period.

    I am determined to be successful at this because the debt has me trapped and living in fear… I am taking my life back.

  25. Lynniebee

    We’re in!!! We’ll sort of be doing a combination of the Spending Fast and the Spending Diet. My fiance and I are getting married in September of 2012, so there will be money going out, but our goal is to pay for the wedding entirely through Savings, no loans, no new credit cards, etc. Also, I have about $4,000 in debt on my credit card, and about $2,000 left to pay on my car, and I’d llike to have those cleaned up by the end of the year as well. I have about $45,000 in student loans, and I’d like whittle away at that also, but major work on that may have to wait until after the wedding. We’re moving into a new apartment this weekend, but we’ve been using gift cards savings to buy things that we need, and being handed down furniture from friends, not going into new debt, so we;ll probably start the new year with a small amount in the savings dept, but not a lot of new debt. I can’t ell you how excited I am to start working on this!!! I’ve wanted to break the debt cycle for AGES!!! 2012 will be an AMAZING year!!!

  26. Steph

    I’m in. My husband and I have over $106,00 with student loans (undergrad and graduate school), with some credit card debt and 2 car payments. And a baby. It’s overwhelming. I want to have money in savings, pay down debt, and save for a future down-payment for a house. Here’s to 2012.

  27. Sarah

    I’m in too!! I have made a mini start already in 2011 but having started a new job and paying emergency tax for a while it was kind of impossible. It did make me think carefully about what I spend, where, when and why though.

    My minimum aim for 2012 is to have paid off my final credit card and to have paid back mum and dad the money they loaned me. Then I can make a serious start on the loan I have which is my main debt and my only obstacle to a normal life to be honest. Still, I cleared 2 credit cards already in 2011 so I know it can be done.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!!


  28. Edith

    I am in! This year my husband and I have decided to spend less, save more and pay off some debt. More than anything, we realized that we are making pretty good money and yet, we have debt. We are not by any means drowing in debt but we could be doing better in the saving/budgeting front.

    We got ourselves a copy of “You Need A Budget” software and we like it! Hopefully we will be using it throughout the year!

    Here it is to 2012 and becoming financially wise!

    1. Serene Vannoy

      I pledge to make liberating myself from debt my #1 priority. I pledge to stop buying non-necessities for one year (November 1, 2016 to November 1, 2017). I pledge to find other ways to feel rich and generous besides spending money I don’t have. I pledge to stay open-minded and transparent throughout the process, and to always, always, be kind to myself. I will be blogging this at

  29. Beth B.

    I’m lucky that I don’t have a lot of debt, but it’s enough to weigh me down — two credit cards and a small student loan. I hope I’m ready for it. Bring. It. On.

  30. Megan S

    I’m in! I’ve been enslaved by credit card debt ($19,000) and I’ve got to do something about it. Thanks for the push I needed to get started and the encouragement you’ve provided to all of us readers by doing it yourself and leading the way! My goal is to pay it all off in two years. Here’s to 2012!

  31. Megan

    I’m in! I’ve got about $19,000 in debt on 2 credit cards and I feel like I’ve dug myself into a hole. I’m scared that being in debt will hold me back from opportunities in life and I’m ready to do something about this. Here’s to 2012!

  32. Heidi

    I started my Spending Fast last month – my goal is to be out of debt and invest $20K by Dec 31, 2013. Then I saw your article in the USAA Fall 2011 issue, this is what I need – something in writing! I’m done living anxious over finances!

  33. Ashley

    I’m in 102% and I am so excited to get started. I’m still planning out the details, but I have a snowball based repayment calendar that puts me debt free in 2014. Amazing!

  34. Crissy

    I’m in! I don’t think it’ll take me a year to be completely debt free, as I am a student and a mother with a minimum wage job that I barely work at half-time, but, I would really love to get to the point where my boyfriend and I aren’t at each other’s throats because we have to choose between food and diapers, or food and paying our electric bill! Thank you so much for this challenge, I have been waiting for something like this!

  35. Nikki S.

    I was so inspired when I saw you on Nate Berkus! I am in for the spending fast for 2012! This is scary buy I know if you can do it, I can do it too!

  36. Jamie

    I’m in – I have $8,000 in credit card debt, $4,000 in a car loan and $16,000 in student loans. I’m living paycheck to paycheck…and I’m tired of it! Here’s to 2012 Spending Fast and THANK YOU for reaching out to the rest of us to help us along with the debt recovery!!

  37. New Mom

    I have credit card ($15k) and student loan debt (~$90k). Since I just read about this, my spending fast starts now!

  38. Brittany

    We are doing a spending fast for January! We are usually pretty frugal but December was a little nuts. To make a long story short, I spent six months away from home last year and have been back home for two. We haven’t been able to put any money into savings in the past two months (although I was away working four jobs at a time to put that money into savings because I knew times would be scarce when I returned home). So we are saying NO to anything that’s not a necessity for the month of January, maybe longer.

    My blog post for tomorrow actually talks about our spending fast and I linked to your page because you totally rock. Viva La 2012!!

  39. Courtney

    Well I was already planning to do something similar to this especially since I’m about to take out student loans for grad school. And what better time to be saving then while I’m living under my parents roof. Here’s to spending money on NOTHING but gas and toiletrees. Wow. This will not be easy.

  40. Julie

    Ok so I’m IN!! I’ve got almost $40K in credit card debt and $25K in student loans for my kids…. AND have a second mortgage on the house of $35K. I’m frequently “rewarding” myself and indulging in general pity-party stuff and that stops NOW! I know I have a HUGE hole to dig my self out of but I’m ready, finally ready, to take these steps and get it done! I’ve always had the mind-set that those $2-$5 dollar purchases don’t add up but it’s just as easy to dig a hole with small purchases as it is with large one! IT WILL STOP NOW! Thanks for the motivation! I’m going to need more of it I’m sure but I’ll keep tuning in for motivation to keep going!

  41. Angela

    Ok, so after being off of work for an entire year to be home with our baby girl, I returned to work Oct 27th 2011. Every two weeks, I would go into the minus. I have since got out of there and have stayed out of there for the past 2 or 3 pay checks. So that was our first step… get me in the plus side of things. That goal has been met. Now on to paying off my only credit card and then onto my line of credit and personal loan. We are hoping to have at least the personal loan paid off before we have another child, so here’s hoping. I’m not pregnant at the moment and am in no huge rush to do that quite yet. We are super happy with our one little girl at the moment and want to give all of our time and love to her and only her at the moment. Plus, it will also give us time to catch up with our money sitch, which in turn is the best idea for her and the next one to come :-). I absolutely love this blog and have enjoyed reading as much as I have so far. Great to hear that I’m not the only one. I knew we weren’t, but still nice to see details of someone else’s debt. Looking forward to a debt free life.

  42. Leanne

    Okay, I’m ready. One of my main goals in life is to be able to live without the anxiety of the next bill and the next and the next. I need to cure myself of some bad habits and put the credit card to bed for good. We’ll start with a year. Then, we’ll see what happens.

  43. The Valyous

    My husband and I are in! We reduced our debt last year so we don’t have that but if we EVER want to buy a house and retire someday we really need to be saving TONS now. I am sticking to JAN and FEB but I think we will go longer once we see the rewards from our fast. I love your blog so much (Just found it the other day) and it has already been super helpful. Thanks so much and I am excited to see our savings grow!

  44. Kris

    I sat on New Years Eve and added up all our debt (98% I created) and I almost passed out cold. Needless to say, I am considering even going to shoppers anonymous, as well as debt therapy–does that exist??? I have been doing my best to keep the diet under my control. I actually walked the mall for 3 hours yesterday with a friend, and only bought lunch (6.00). Honestly do you know how many sales are going on right now?????
    I feel like I am going through withdrawal!!!

  45. Nancy

    Okay, I keep reading my story over and over and in my mind i know i need the fast–for the entire year!
    My story is a tick different. I have been disabled and will never be able to return to my life/career as a kindergarten teacher.
    I tend to spend. NO, I DO Spend to make me feel better. And guess what? It does not make me feel good for any more than 5 minutes.
    I am on and I need to use your site as my homepage so I see this everyday and build myself up while learning to save. The rainy day has come.

  46. Hilary

    i’m in! i started the spending fast on january 1st, but am just now getting around to letting the whole world and all of the blogosphere know. 6 days down…only 359 to go. waaaaaaaaaaaa!

  47. Wren

    I’m in. I will start on January 15, 2012. I have ~76K (84% student loans) I need to pay off- then hopefully I will can buy a house.

  48. Christina

    It’s been a mental commitment for my husband and I for 2012 but this makes it sort of official doesn’t it?! I love love love to thrift/antique shop and I think my friend might kill me! But We are in. Good bye debt!

  49. Lena

    We’re IN!
    Its amazing how much things have already changed for us since Nov 2011 when we took the pledge. Looking forward to your continued advice and support forum in 2012.
    Thanks Anna!

  50. Sarah

    After spending hundreds of dollars on “stuff” I really didn’t need this weekend I have decided to take the pledge. I have some serious debt and I need to get out of it. My friends are in full support (probably so I will stop complaining about all my debt while standing in line at Whole Foods.) No more emotional spending for this gal. Thanks for the incentive. ☺

  51. Kris

    I’m constantly unsettled and stress over my debts. I have swear off Credit cards and now I want to SAVE up and pay off my debts. BRING IT ON. 2012 will be a DIFFERENT year! Welcome all bright suggestions to make it anyway easier. U GO GIRL!!

  52. Evalyn

    I would like to pledge that from this moment on, I am on a spending diet and will free myself of debt within 6 months. Last year I paid off the last of my $14k loan and I now have $5k of credit cards to pay off. We are moving country and will be unemployed for a little while but I am going to get that well paying job, spending wisely and pay off my debt!!

    Thank you so much for the inspiration <3

  53. Adele

    Tired of the dread that comes with opening the Visa bill. I’m done. Done buying things I don’t NEED just to feel better. I am committed to getting rid of the debt and only spending money on NEEDS.

  54. Cali P

    It has taken me about four years to pay down 30K of my debt (education, car, credit cards). Now that I am 10K away from being 100% debt free, my goal is to accomplish this in the next 6-8 months with the help of the Spending Diet. Your website’s practical advice WILL keep me on track to meet my goals in 2012.

  55. Amanda

    I figured we’d pay off the $15,000 in credit card debt eventually. But after the birth of my daughter in October and returning to work in January, I decided I NEED to be a stay at home mom- I miss raising her and seeing her grow, too much. My daughter is my inspiration. My goal was to be stay at home mom with her by the end of the Summer, but my husband just lost his job so I am afraid that won’t be happening. Perhaps by January 2013? Nothing has made me as committed to NOT spending as my baby girl!

  56. Broke Fashionista

    I am new to this site and found it by accident.I am completely Ready to start my spending diet and yes I have a lot of debt but for me the first step is not buying anymore Things only the basics.I am a Shopaholic that loves to Shop but I realize all that it does is make my apt overcrowded and me broke!!I can’t keep spending yes It’s a temporary fufillment but that’s the problem.As soon as I leave the store I am sick especially because I can’t return the stuff. I have to do it cold turkey and now will!!!Thanks for your inspiration!!I will have a new goal on selling my extra stuff and paying off my debt so I can live Free without the weight of bill collectors.I can’t believe it finaly sunk in now!Please pray for me that I stay on track. I will change my spending for my future!its starts today Feb 2nd! I thank you so much!!!!

  57. Cyndi

    This last year has been great in terms of looking at money and debt realistically. My blog has been my lifesaver BUT I have let bad habits creep back, so I commit, once again, to get back onto the same bandwagon I rode on all last year. I bought and paid for a car, in cash. I paid down $7 k in cc debt, and saved $10k. Reality check indeed, I am about to repeat, only better.

    The reality is, I know I can do it, I want to do it, and I am going to do it. As are all you lovely people above…remember, without freedom we are lost. Francesca the TM.

  58. Cyndi

    I’m in. I’m done worrying. I’m done lying awake at night. I’m done wondering how we will ever be able to retire. I’m just done. We’re bringing home more money than we ever have…and have less disposable income than ever. Time to change that. Happy Valentine’s Day to us. It’s time to fix this.

  59. Tasmanian Minimalist

    I’m in. I’m done worrying. I’m done lying awake at night. I’m done wondering how we will ever be able to retire. I’m just done. We’re bringing home more money than we ever have…and have less disposable income than ever. Time to change that. Happy Valentine’s Day to us. It’s time to fix this.

  60. Emily

    I am ready to take the pledge! Last year I got into $7,000 of credit card debt trying to pay for my wedding. My husband also has his own credit card debt to the tune of $5,000 and both of us have a heap of student loans (mine–about $10,000 and his about $20,000). Long story short, we have a lot of debt and we’re tired of feeling financially crushed. I have been trying to pay stuff down over the last few months, but when I got hit with a $500 medical bill this month I realized that paying debt needs to become my number #1 priority so that I can get things back under control–once that bill hit I barely had enough to pay my basic expenses and I had to use my meager savings to get by. I am not one for shopping or spending a lot in general, but I have some weaknesses (particularly eating out) that have to change. If I can take control over my expenses from eating out and other entertainment activities, I am confident I could pay down some of my debt. I want to take the pledge to do the spending fast and get out of debt!

  61. Jacky

    40k in debt on my line of credit … has been “creeping” up for years, i don’t know how it happened but ignoring it is obviously not helping, i keep thinking that as i make more money it will be easy and natural to pay it off but it’s only getting worse. It’s time to take action, NOW!!!!! I’m ready to stop being stressed out about it all the time.

  62. Diana

    I just “stumbled” upon your blog today and I already love it! :D
    In comparison with numbers I see above, my debt seems not so relevant, but it does annoy me to count every cent. :D I don’t earn much and my debt now is about 2,5 monthly salaries + a bit that will be paid off by August.
    I would love to travel more again and take some courses which right now doesn’t seem doable, considering the whole in my budget. So, I’m in.

    I already have some ideas on how to earn extra money (my boss laughed when I asked for a raise) but I can’t get myself to start. Hellllp!
    Ah, yes, I’d love to quit this job and do something else. Owing money to the bank prevents me from doing it.
    I take the pledge to live debt-free as soon as possible.

  63. Kathy

    Sooo ready to get out of debt! We are at about $18,000.00. That includes everything but mortgage. Our dream to start our own business is on hold until this debt is under control! I started budgeting in January and have knocked out 3 bills already. My blinders are on (no binge shopping) and nose is to the grindstone. Here we go!!

  64. Tania

    I am also in. I have been trying to get out of debt for the last 10 years, As soon as I am near paying off my credit card then I just start making debt again. I today pledge to be debt free by the end of 2012 :-) Thanks for this website. It is inspiring.

  65. Tammy

    Ready to get rid of the credit card debit, so tired of living with it hanging over my head. Love your site, and know it can be done if I put my mind to it.

  66. KLSP

    I’m trying for Lent. I know I will actually (really, really) need a few work things for spring (first job out of school), but definitely committing to no going out to eat/drinks. Can’t wait to see how far I can go!

  67. Emily

    I started the spending fast about 2 weeks ago and have been writing down the money I make vs. what i spend. At the end of February after just two weeks I saved $545 and sent that off to pay for my 14K student loan debt. After about 5 years of ignoring and deferring my payments in order to travel and live comfortably I have decided to get rid of that debt as soon as I can using the spending fast and my spending diary. I randomly found this website when googling how to cut my own hair (I did and it looks awful) and it has been a scary realization that my net worth is a negative amount of money even if i have plenty in the bank. It’s going to be tough and having money on my mind 24/7 is really stressful ( i think about it more now than ever) but I will succeed and get rid of this debt. Thanks Anna!

  68. Jill

    I’m only 24 but I have $52,000 in student loan debt. I want to start early and get it paid off within 5 years in stead of the standard 10 years. I want to start making good financial decisions out of the gate so down the road I can have a nice comfortable life without being in debt. Thank you for the inspiration!

  69. Shelley

    Totally IN!! Just paid off the first credit card @$1000, only four more cards (and an auto loan, and a private student loan, and…eek!) to go. But seriously, paying off the first card this morning(!!) felt AMAZING and I really appreciate how much your blog is helping me take control of my spending. Thanks so much!

  70. Berta

    This is great, I’ve been trying to do it on my own for some time now. People scoffed at me and said it was to extreme, they will stay in debt. It’s nice to know there are others that are willing to make the change.

  71. Robert

    I took the pledge in December 2010. At that time I had $55,000 in debt including credit card and auto debt. I decided I had enough of debt. I got rid of my newer car and bought an older car for cash, moved to a cheaper apartment. I cut up my credit cards and went on cash. It was a real challenge and was difficult at times. I now have just $6,000 left and will have it paid by June 2012. I can’t wait to finish this and I will start funding all extra money to savings and retirement. Thanks for your inspiration!!

  72. Sue

    Thanks for reminding me that there are many different ways to get creative when it comes to making extra money. I’m in and can’t wait to be debt free.


  73. KLSP

    One month update: spent $285 less on groceries this month than the previous 4 weeks, and put the extra toward my credit card! Looking forward to even more improvement this month!

  74. V

    I’m in. I have debt totaling $12,000. I had just accepted that I would never get out of debt. I resigned to a life of making miminum payments and wasting the rest of my surplus money on entertainment and shopping. But this blog and the comments of fellow debtors inspire and encourage me to take control of my spending and my debt. I feel hopeful.

  75. Cales

    Anna, you are so inspiring! I saw you on the Nate Berkus show and I was amazed. I am starting a new job at the end of April and that is when I am starting my spending fast! I owe my parents about $14-15,000 and I feel terrible about it everyday and I just want to get that stress off my back and this is probably the only way I’m going to succeed. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  76. KR

    My plan is to begin the diet/fast April 1st. I finally feel as though I am in the right mindset to do this.This was suppose to be the week where I bought a few ‘last minute’ purchases to get the wardrobe through the spring/summer season ~ nothing over the top, honest. So, I’m standing in line waiting for the next available till today and I couldn’t bring myself to purchase what was in my arms because it was a want and not a need. I left the store emptyhanded, feeling great about my lack of purchases! I know everyday will not be as easy as today was, but I’m looking forward to the challenge!

  77. Leslie

    I found this blog two days ago and have not stopped reading! I had a long talk with my husband about starting the Spending Fast now, and carrying it on through his deployment (leaves end of this year, will be back next summer). I will be fasting for the entirety of his deployment, while he will be getting a $200 a month spending limit (you would be surprised how much the guys need when they are in the desert!).

    I have near $28k in debt that needs to be paid off. I am glad to have found this blog, and am gladly pledging to pay off this debt through the spending fast/diet!

  78. Christina

    I am in…I have about $5k in credit card debt and am living paycheck to paycheck with no savings. I have to get this paid off and start saving. So inspired to start the spending fast:)

  79. Charlie

    I’ve been saying to myself that 2012 is the year I will get out of credit card debt, but now I pledge that I will do it I have 9K in credit card debit. I also have a car loan of 20K which I can handle but the credit card is weigh me down, and my stress about money and not being able to afford to live out of home is ruling my life.
    So I pledge no more clothes, no more DVDs or music or knick knacks, and no more sitting on my butt about getting another job I’m going to put my but into gear and get it done

  80. Danielle

    I am taking the pledge! My husband and I have nearly $112,000 in debt excluding our home. $90,000 of it is student loan debt at around $45,000 each. The rest is revolving debt we acquired when he lost his job and we had our daughter. We want to get this debt under control so we can lead a self sufficient lifestyle! Spending fast will be hard with a baby, but we are going to give it a shot!

  81. Lara

    Alright. I’m doing it. I’m done with this tightening feeling I get in my chest when I think about how much money I owe. Nearly $73,000, mostly student loans but there are a few credit cards in there as well. I’d like to have my debts paid off before I have kids, which I believe will give me more motivation and a sense of urgency. My Spending Fast starts today.

  82. It's Jess

    I have 47K: 34K in student loans, 6K credit card and 7K personal loan (refinanced credit cards). I want to pay off the credit card and loan in 2 years (max, goal is 1.5 yrs). Then set a realistic goal for my student loans. I’ve changed some habits over the last 4 months. I found this blog via another finance blog and I’m ready to commit to change! I’ve stopped impulse spending on clothes, etc, but FOOD – happy hours, dining out, Whole Foods – is where my weakness lies. This may be good for my wallet and waistline.

  83. Kathleen

    As of this morning I have 26,358 dollars in debt — 22,248 in student loans and 4,110 in credit card debt. It has dictated my decision making for too long, I PLEDGE TODAY to begin the spending fast!

  84. Tara

    I’m have officially about $12,000 in debt (two credit cards and a line of credit) that I am sick of having. Plus I’m living paycheque to paycheque. This stops today. I’m on a debt diet until this is all paid off. No matter how long it takes, I’m going to do this so by May 9, 2013, I am debt free. and that will be awesome!

  85. Samantha

    Count me in! This will be very, very hard, but I need to do this for myself and for my husband and daughter! Let the saving begin!

  86. Meg Curly

    After a six month struggle to pay off my credit cards (school tuition, impulse spending, eating out, some erratic emotional spending after my Mom died), I want to be completely debt-free. I owe about $2,000 to the IRS (long story) and about $3,500 on my car loan. I will save up a cash-stash and pay off those bills.

    I thought that cutting back would feel like I was losing out. But it makes me feel in control. Iced coffee cravings do not make the decisions. I make the decisions. The anxious feeling that pushes me to spend twenty bucks getting my eyebrows waxed does not make the decisions. I make the decisions.

    So, I will let myself eat out with friends (cheaply) and buy enough clothes to look nice (from thrift stores), but everything else must go. I will skip the coffee-shop coffee in the morning. I will bring my lunch to work everyday. I will not buy a bottle wine to have while hanging out around the house. I will spend Memorial Day packing up my junk and listing it for sale online.

    I estimate it will take about a year and half to pay off all my bills and save up some cash. But after that, I can start thinking about buying a condo! Awesome! I can do this!

  87. Solar 40

    I have a ton of student loan debt from undergrad and graduate school that I want to pay off ASAP! I pledge to this spending fast

  88. Bex

    I said I was gonna do this a few months ago, and I chickened out. However, I have just accepted a new job that pays a good chunk less than what I was making before. So after a few months of incurring more debt, I am ready to tackle my debt. Its gonna be hard, I am moving and switching jobs – but I am going to be so much happier and less stressed, and closer to family. So here is to breaking through all this debt and reclaiming my glorious life!

  89. Niaa Simone

    Yesterday I was denied a mortgage due to the debt-to-income ratio 66% which would include the mortgage payment. Today I pledge to go on the spending fast. My total debt breakdown is as follows: 22K undergrad/53K grad/5K Plus loan/10K car loan and 207 on macy*s card. The student loan debt never gave me anxiety. Not being approved for the mortgage has sent me over the edge and opened my eyes to the downfall of too much debt. I’m done. Today, I give myself a four-year plan to get rid of this debt. I’m glad that I found this site for support.

  90. Shay Wilson

    Hi. My name is Shay Wilson and today I pledge to be debt free in 24 months. I know that it’s possible and have been so close to it before, only to get back into the same situation. I have a car loan, 5-6 near maxed credit cards, payday loans, student loans, etc. I will again come up with a plan and stick to it and keep it under control this time. Let’s inspire one another. Thank you!!!

  91. Charlotte

    I’m almost 50 and $21,000 in debt. I pledge to become debt free by the age of 55. Can’t wait to be free, free, free :).

  92. Claire

    I have a huge amount of unsecured consumer debt that never gets smaller. I NEED the dramatic success of the spending fast to make me see that it is even possible. I’ve been in debt all my life and I’m so tired of the fear and anxiety surrounding money. I have no idea of the positive forces this effort will unleash but I’m looking forward to the journey.
    Seattle, Washington

  93. Purchase Baby

    I’m pledging to get myself out of debt. Thank you for making me make this commitment. I’m around 12.5k in debt (reduced from 20k by being fortunate enough in selling shares and receiving PPI compensation). I’m going for it – this website rocks – we all rock – we can do this people!

  94. Ryan

    Hey guys, I’m Ryan starting July 1st I’m making my pledge to be debt free by July 1st 2013. Ahh here we go!

  95. Megan S

    I have $5000 of unsecured credit card debt that I want to pay off in one year so I can start saving for a down payment on my first home. Luckily, I have cheap rent and no car payment so it’s time to buckle down!

  96. Jennifer and David

    We are going to get rids of all of our 4 Credit Cards and Window Loan and Medical/Dentals Bills and then Our Home Mortgage. Then we can start saving up money for ourselves for our future!

  97. Mrs. Hale Post author

    I just read each and every pledge…what an inspiration! Thank you all for sharing your struggles and encouragement.

    I have been in financial debt ALL of my adult life. My mother helped get me started by encouraging my first payday loan (what a nightmare that was to pay off!!)…she is still in huge financial debt and has been for as long as I can remember.

    My husband and I have had many negative words over me getting us into more debt. We are a one income family with two preteens. We would like to buy our first home and possibly have another child (or two) in the next seven years. We would also like me to be able to continue to be a stay-at-home mom/wife.

    Today I pledge to make these dreams a reality! No more impulse spending or over-drafting our checking account.

    Let the road to debt free living begin…

  98. Michelle Tomes

    I am on the start of the Spending Fast. Very hard but doing my best attend. Went to the grocery and spend 26.00 got some snacks and several meals. That was great for me. It is just hard with a teenager daugther. Love your website. 2013 — I want to be a healthier and wealthier year with weight, spritual and money smarts.

  99. Eleni

    I am finally ready for this! I’m hoping to cut my credit card by 75% in a year. It will feel so awesome when I re-evaluate next October 1st!

  100. Nina

    Mom sent me an article about you. Thought it was EXTREMELY impossible at first but now I feel like I can do it! So thankful for your blog. Already been having fun going over DIY gift ideas. Good luck everyone!

    1. Nina

      Started october 8th. Week 1 spent $1.50. Week 2, $5. Week 3 $1.25. Week 4 $126 : ( I BLEW IT LAST WEEK. Back on track starting tomorrow.

  101. Fanny

    I’m super scared/excited, but I’m going in! My goal is 3 months because my work situation might change this winter, so until January 17th, no unneccessary spending for me!

  102. Jessica

    I don’t have a ton of debt but I’m ready to stop using my credit card and adding to my savings. I’m a single mom with no child support. Ready to stick to my budget! I’m in!

  103. Myra Henderson

    I’m in starting now (November 2012). I have about $25,000 debt. I recently lost one of my part-time jobs and the second job doesn’t pay very well. I have pared down to the bare bones. I pledge to not spend except for the necessary things to live and hopefully get this debt way down or paid off by next November!!

  104. SuzieD

    Going to take the pledge :)
    My husband goes out and works so hard for our money & I (a full time student) sometime don’t realize that I can’t spend like I used to…we have utility bills, house payment, and whatever else life throws at us.
    My biggest downfall is the grocery store and online shopping (I’ve gotten better at this, though).

    It feels good to just write this out.

  105. Jasmine

    I take the pledge! I am a student that works part time and only makes minimum wage, but I am over $2000.00 in debt (and that’s not including student loans). I am going to be searching for a full time job to supplement my income and just take a little break from school (I have to pay out of pocket anyway). I want to get my debt cleared so I can be financially able to pay for my school without other worries!

  106. danielle eymann

    I haven’t got all of my details worked out yet, but I am in! I am aproximately $10,000 in debt, mostly student loans, but school is far from over for me and I am ready to take charge of my finances, and my life. Stress about money and my future have been weighing me down for too long. I am scared, but ready to own my life and my debt.

  107. Jennifer

    I’m starting now – even in the midst of Holiday shopping for my kids. I’m going to get them to commit for the New Year as well.
    Debt free in 2013! (except my house and car)

  108. Angie

    Woo hoo! I’m taking the pledge. So nice to have come across your site. I’m helping tackling my husband’s student debt! 40k down in 1 yr, another 40k to go!

  109. Ashley

    I have around $100k in student loans and a few thousand on credit cards. I bought a house last year and am dying to do things to it but need to get my finances under control first. I’m starting now, but going in 100% January 1st, 2013!! Thank you, Anna, for paving the way for the rest of us :)

  110. Kristina

    I’m in for 2013! My goal is car and both credit cards (roughly $11,500). Hubby will do the Diet while I Fast. Wish me luck! You’re blog is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing all of this with the world!

  111. Dani

    I’m starting a spending diet for 2013! My fiance and I are in the process of planning a wedding and I’m in 2 other weddings for my best friends this year so unfortunately I think a spending fast may need to be put on hold until 2014 BUT I am more than ready to tackle my credit card debt ($1,000) and car loan ($12,000) this year while continuing to make the regular payment on my student loans (~$80,000). I just have to remember the difference between WANTS and NEEDS :) Thank you for being so inspiring!

  112. Cat

    I am making a commitment to get out of debt! I don’t have a significant amount, but because it’s on a credit card, “emergencies” come up and then all my hard work is for nothing. I am pledging not to spend extra money on things I can make, and eliminate spoiling myself for the duration of my commitment. One year – end date Nov. 28th, 2013. That’s 2 years of NO black friday shopping.

  113. Shannon

    I’m in!
    Though I won’t be able to pay off all of my husband and I’s $100k+ in student loan debt, I WILL be able to pay off our credit card debt (a couple thousand dollars – gasp!), and hopefully save enough money that I won’t have to continue to take out student loans for nursing school. Bring it on!

  114. Anissa Bourgeacq

    Started 3 days ago. Thanks so much for this site. I feel like I’ve stopped the bleeding by listing all my debts, what I owe, interest rates, etc. Completely on a debt fast. Hardest part is saying no to my kids. But I know this is something they need too. It will force us all to get creative and spend more quality time together.

  115. Rachel

    I am committing myself to a year-long spending fast, starting RIGHT NOW! It is something I have known I needed to do for a long time, but I can’t sweep it under the rug anymore.
    While it will be tough, I look at it as a challenge to rethink and refocus on what is truly important, and all the amazing things I can do instead of spending money, like spending more time with friends and family.
    One of the first steps I’ve made is sell my own crafts at my first craft fair…one of the “odd jobs” that may prove lucrative if I’m successful.

  116. Lauren

    I’m starting today! I had good intentions to do this last year and it didn’t happen. 2013 will bring a wedding for me and a return to graduate school. I am ready to start saving and to own a home!

  117. Danielle R.

    Count me in! Such a smart blog idea, I’m getting so old of the same old types of blogs. I love learning about finances and ways to save money. One of my big goals for next year is to have no debt (except good debt – bring on the student loan payments) whatsoever! Count me in.


  118. Linzeey

    Here goes nothing. I’m going to try to Spending Diet since I have a new baby on the way in less then 2 months. I don’t have much debt though and hoping I can pay that off in 6 months then start some savings before I have to start my college loans.

  119. Ashley

    I’m doing it! I’m in a lot of student debt, and I just need the push that this will give me to get out of it, and form better spending habits!


  120. Alli

    I’ve paid off $25,000 of my debt…with only $12,000 and our dream to buy a house next year, my boyfriend and I are vowing to take a spending fast for a year…starting Jan 1 2013, we are in & I can’t wait! <3

  121. jasmine

    taking the plunge with the pledge. been needing to do this for a long time. with 3 kids, a big fat mortgage, credit cards paying for expenses, etc. we’ve got some challenges, but simply must do this. time to stop comparing myself & my life(style) to others, and stop impulse shopping. thanks so much for the blog. January 1st 2012…IT’S ON!!!

  122. Kellie K

    Out with the old and in with the new! My Christmas present to myself this year is to start to get control back over my life. My Christmas present to myself next year will be a debt-free life!!!! Bring it on!

  123. Jo

    Am going to start my spending fast on 21 December 2012. It is my 40th birthday next year so I won’t be having an ostentatious celebration! Great inspirational site to keep us motivated.

  124. Nancy

    We sold our house in a high-priced area and bought a better one for cash in a lower-priced area, closer to our daughter and grandson. We paid off two out of three credit cards and will pay off the last one in 18 months. We’ve taken the pledge and have taken many of the spending-fast actions. Look forward to keeping up the motivation with help from your site.

  125. Lindsay

    I am taking the spending fast pledge! I hope that this time next year, my family & I will be in a lot better of a spot then we are right now. Plus I refuse to file bankruptcy!

  126. Gina

    I’m so in. I have over $30,000 in debt and it is really holding me back from living and pursuing my dreams, I am so ready to move on. Starting January 1st I am going at this full force.

  127. Alison

    For me, I’m lucky that I have a contract job which allow me to pay off my 10K debt within a couple of months. My thing, is I want to replenish my emergency fund, get my savings into high gear, and save for my child

  128. Suzy

    I am in. I went through Dave Ramseys program a couple years ago, paid of 38k of debt in 22 months (awesome!) and then habits starting creeping back in … and now I have 38k of debt again and no savings (Ironic, isnt it?). I am hopeful about this site, DR’s site was a little too mean spirited for me and that was discouraging (ie. You will always be broke because you think it is ok to be spending $70 on new shoes). So I am looking for some kinder, gentler support and I will be here for you too because I *know* how awesome the other side feels and this time I want to stay there. I truly feel I had to learn this the hard way.

    Let’s turn this around in 2013! Cheers :)

  129. Jennifer

    I’m in! I have about 46K in debt, and with the Spending Fast I’m hoping to make a good dent in it. I’ve been doing a bit of a half-assed Spending Diet the last couple months, and I’m already amazed at how much money is left at the end of each paycheck. January 1 I will start the Spending Fast in earnest.

  130. Nona

    Being in debt has put my life on hold for almost two years. I’m taking my life back. “Pledging 4 lyfe. ” 2013; A Spending Fast.

  131. Melanie M.

    I am taking the pledge! I’ve been in debt for almost two years now and it has to stop! I want to have an actual savings account with money in it and be completely debt free!!!

  132. Katie W

    OK I’m in! I’ve been kicking at my debt for the past 8 weeks and I think I can really do this! I’ve been on my own “Spending Freeze” because my credit card is literally living in a block of ice in my freezer, and it turns out it’s not so bad after all! I really DON’T need all that stuff I’d charge willy nilly. Bring it on Spending Fast/Diet! Making my needs/wants list now :) THANK YOU for all of the amazing inspiration. This is going to be awesome!

  133. anna h

    I am taking the pledge and have to get my husband to go along with it. We have way too much credit card debt and can’t even make our student loan payments. I hate it! Thank you, Anna!

  134. Laura

    Yay! So happy for this website. Perfect timing with the new year right around the corner. I am taking this pledge to participate in the Spending Fast for 1 year. I am so on my way on saving and getting out of debt.

  135. Amanda

    I am also in for 2013! I would love to at least get my credit cards paid off… I also have massive student loans, but those will get paid off eventually! Shoot, if I can stick with this for a year, maybe I’ll just keep on going with it!

  136. Amy

    I have been on a Spending Diet since July when I found this site and am <6 mos away from total credit card payoff!! (had to take a bit of a break for the holidays) My credit score has gone up 30 points in 5 months. Was reaffirmed yesterday while filling out a survey (which contributes to my kids' 529s) on credit cards, and the questions were things like, "Using my credit card makes me feel like part of a larger community" UGH! Getting rid of this debt (caused by my ex-husband, double UGH) will make me feel like part of a larger, SMARTER community!!!

  137. Emily

    Count. Me. In.
    Currently going through a divorce and have about $16K in credit card debt. I have no retirement and no safety net.
    Woke up one morning this fall and realized that its just me now…Meaning, all those trips I’ve always wanted to take? I have to pay for them.
    All those great restaurants I want to eat at? I’m paying.
    There’s no way I’m starting my new life in the Red…
    So, here’s to 2013…I’m gonna kick it’s financial ass.

  138. Margo Valentine

    I’m in. I have credit cards, student loans, no savings, and barely make enough to cover just the bills. Yet, I buy. This will stop. Today. Thanks.

  139. Betsy P

    I’m committing to becoming debt-free in 2013. Collections & students loans will be paid off, and I’m going to save for my future and increase my credit score! I’m tired of the shame I feel when I’m rejected for apartments, loans, etc. because of my credit. I’m in it to win it!!

  140. Aileen D.

    I’m in! I’m committing to having ZERO consumer debt, paid off cars, consistent student loan payments and a decent start for a savings account for peace of mind. Here’s to less things, less debt, more sanity. No more financial denial! Here’s to authentic living and real freedom!!

  141. Dom McNaught

    I am so happy to have found this site! I am in for 2013! Making my needs vs. wants list right now! Thank you so much!

  142. Glenda

    Count me in!! I found your site at the right time of my life. Needing to re-engineer / re-prioritize my life and finances. Looking to kick my debt in the ass in 2013! Never looking back, I am going to do this!!

  143. Bea

    I just read the article you are featured in in Psychology Today and got really excited about getting out of debt :) Thanks for the great website :)

  144. Shari

    I would love to do the Spending Fast, unfortunately I have to buy clothes throughout the year (major weight loss) so I’m going to do a modified Diet with much stricter guidelines! Yay for debt free!

  145. Sarah I

    I am all about this! I currently work a full time and a part time job to pay off credit card debt before we start a family! So far been payin $200 a month on the debt, but I am sure now that the holidays are over I can do more! I just want to not have that monthly payment lingering over my head! And to be able to set money aside in savings so we can be ready for a family and be able to take trips and whatnot. If I could pay off my $3500 in debt in 2013, it would be the most amazing feeling ever!

  146. Shannon

    This is the year to get out of debt! Hopefully it will only take a year, but if not, I’m doing the Spending Fast for the long-haul. Bring on 2013!

  147. karabelle

    This is my pledge to use the year 2013 to tackle my debt. I currently have ~ $23k in consumer debt and while I can’t imagine anything harder than the Spending Fast, I really relate to everything I’ve read and am encouraged to know I am not alone. Here’s to being debt free – Salut!

  148. MegtheGrand

    I’m taking the pledge for 2013! I want to be debt free for my 30th birthday in 2014, so I need to get my life on track asap. I am so SO excited!

  149. Sarah

    We are doing it!! 2013 the year of Student Loans! We are out of credit card debt, but are not able to fully enjoy life with the baggage of student loans from graduate school for my husband and myself. Spending Fast here we come, and 2014 with a lot and I mean a lot less debt. Thanks for the inspiration.

  150. Ruth

    Cut up my credit card and gave it to my husband as one of his xmas presents. He couldn’t have been more delighted! Bring on the spending fast…

  151. Kim

    I want to pay for nursing school as I go, so that I don’t have debt when I’m done. Thanks for sharing your story and this super cute website :)

  152. AJ

    I’m ready to do this. Already I’ve been looking at what I’m spending money on and have realized how wasteful I’ve been. I’m tired of making measly payments on overwhelming debt and feeling hopeless. I CAN do this!

  153. Heather Lyons Miller

    While my financial debt is not all that significant, for the last several years I have been living a spiritually bankrupt existence. The start of 2013 marks the beginning of my journey back to myself, and a renewed commitment to living in accordance with my core values. Anna, thank you for your continued inspiration and the creative solutions you offer for living a simpler, more fulfilling life!

  154. Hostel

    I recently read something that said, “We are all where we are because of the choices we have made.”

    I am hoping that in 5 years my choices see me rid of the $96,000 in student loan debt. I can’t even believe that I just typed that number and put it out in the universe. About a week ago that realization had me in a dark place. Now, I feel ready to climb the mountain.

  155. Kelly

    I am so happy to find you!! I started a blog one year ago to track my efforts in getting myself out of debt. It is my own “dear diary” and have never made it public or known to any of my friends or family. This past year has been a miserable failure for me in using this accountability tool and I am confident that by finding and reading your story I will get my family out of the red. Thank You!! PP

  156. Ashley M.C.

    I have started doing this without realizing it ^.^ Trimming the “fat” out of my life! This will become a permanent thing for me. I’m a new mom, and another single mom at that, and I would love to be able to provide a good yet simple life for my son and the best way to teach is to lead by example! ^.^

  157. caytlyn

    I am starting this on January 1st 2013! I have 1 loan for 36,000 and a second loan for 6,000 left over from college…I can not wait to start paying these suckers down! Thank so much, you are inspirational!!!

  158. Jen K

    I am committed to making this work! My husband and I actually began our “fast” the day after Christmas and we have approx $21K in CC debt. The toughest part was cancelling my hair appt for a cut and color! Pairing your priciples with Dave Ramsey’s Total Money makeover, but I enjoy your blog because it gives a female perspective too! Discovered you via the new Self Magazine article….:)

  159. Daphne

    I hereby sign my name! This is the year for me to get a grip on spending and my debt! Thank you for the inspiration and the platform to be supported through the process.

  160. amy

    spending fast…here we come!! hoping to get 1/2 way through our debt this year and get a bit saved so we can buy a house soon :)

  161. Stephanie

    I’ve been thinking about pledging for a month and haven’t committed. So. Here I am. Besides my car and home I have $2,993.07 on a credit card. I will have my credit card paid off before next Christmas. This way I can use the money I put toward the cc to pay off my car faster.
    Thanks for the motivation.
    Love you on Instagram.

  162. Hannah

    I don’t have debt, but I’m saving so I can eventually move out of my parents house. I’ve been going strong since Thanksgiving, but now I’m making it OFFICAL!

  163. Tina O.

    I am taking the pledge!! I am going to make this work for me as 2013 is my year to have an EMERGENCY FUND. That is something I have never had before. First- debt free, second- emergency fund!
    Thank you beyond words for the motivation to get this done! I am happy to know I am not the only one.

  164. grajen625

    I’m ready to take this pledge. I am committing to a Spending Fast. Goal: Pay off all my credit card debt this year. It will happen; I will make it happen!

  165. Lisa

    2013 is the year I will be debt free! I am taking the Spending Fast pledge and can’t wait for the freedom of living more simply and creatively without all that extra ‘stuff’ and without credit card companies chasing me for payments! Yay!

  166. Shauna

    This is exactly what I needed!! I saw your article in Self magazine (one of my many wants) and immediately knew that this is what I need! So, here is my pledge and thank you for the motivation!!

  167. Francesca

    I’m in! I pledge to have all of my credit card debt paid off by December 2013. Thank you for the inspiration!

  168. Tan

    So excited about this community of people joined together by a common goal …. not just debt freedom but more over living a real QUALITY LIFE!
    Since starting my own personal plan…… one that i hope to share soon! I have been able to live an amazing lifestyle on far fewer finances and have had one of the most personally fullfilling times EVER.
    This is a real life “style” and I am so grateful!

  169. Rita

    I am soooo ready to be debt free….to rid myself of the constant WORRY and GUILT feelings. I have two kids in college and need to show them a positive way of handling and spending their money. That is where the guilt comes in…. I am not doing a very good job….but AM ready to fix that!!

  170. Becky

    I am defintiely wanting to get debt free ASAP so I can actually begin my life…I plan on taking this seriously :)

  171. Melissa

    With slight trepidation yet exhilaration at the thought of being debt free and ready to be able to save a substantial emergency savings, as well as possibly travel- I am committed to paying off $16,000 credit card debt in 18 months and to boost my emergency savings to $5000 by 24 months.

  172. The Brandenburgers

    We’re in! Tired of living paycheck to paycheck for no good reason! We want to fix this and move on!!!

  173. Joyce

    I’m taking the pledge and starting the hard-core diet today. I am pretty sure it’s going to take me a couple of years since my debt is over $30K, not counting my upside-down mortgage. I also work for the state of Colorado full-time and I am a single mom with two great kids, one with special needs. This is going to be hard on all of us, but it needs to be done so that we can focus on living more and not on struggling to get by every month.

    I am sure that I can do it because, frankly I HAVE TO DO IT! Thanks for being my inspiration, Anna!

  174. Robin Sobliros

    My husband and I are both so ready for this and are lookng forward to a whole new life when this is complete. We have even advised the kids they will not get all the things they WANT, but only what is needed. If they want a years worth of internet for the x-box, guess who has to pay for it…..them, not us!

  175. Caitlin Cox

    Since finding this site, I have already been practicing this fairly well for the past couple months. I originally started to prepare for my fiances debt I’m about to inherit (I have no debt of my own) and get some savings going. But recently, it’s become sort of a month-to-month challenge to make ends meet. I also want to start good spending habits NOW so that I won’t be tempted when we get over this hump and (of COURSE) have wads and wads of cash! Yeah, baby!!

    I, Caitlin Cox, pledge to commit to the Spending Fast for 1 year.

  176. Gloria

    Started the Spending Fast and its already hard. I love shopping on HSN and QVC. I am committed to being debt free and being able to decipher between my wants and my needs. Here we go.

  177. Zuzanna

    I’m in! I want to travel til China, India and Africa in 2013/2014 and to pay a part of my college loan. It’s going to be so hard, but not going to clubs with my friends is worth it if I can travel the world.

  178. Meagan

    My husband, kids and I are all signing today. We are going to stop spending, get out of debt and do what we really want with our money…travel!

    Thank you for helping us all!

  179. Aneta

    I am ready to spend on my needs and not on my wants, to make money and give it away to credit card companies, to live debt-free. 2013!

  180. Nick D

    I’m at $4841.43 and have been saying for the past two years that “this is the year” I am debt free. Well, darn it, I mean it now! 2013 will see me debt free and I’m looking forward to the change and yes, that too – holding myself accountable, as evidenced here.

  181. Angie

    I am in! Commited to knock out my CC debt of about 10000 in 2013 and live with out debt from here on out. Thankful to this site for giving us a place to put this out there and another way to be accountable for this change.

  182. Christi

    I take the pledge! This is the year I turn 40 and I need to take back my life, focus on my goals and make things happen. No more will debt control the course of my life!! Good luck to everyone! Happy New Year!!

  183. Cheryl

    I have credit card debt ($8000), personal loan debt ($15000) and tax bill debt (($6000) and I want it GONE!!

    This is my Spending Fast year, thank you Anna for such a wonderful inspiring and life-renewing tool!

  184. Jordan

    I’m taking the pledge! I’m tired of spending hundreds a month in payments and interest! I want to start a business but I can’t fully commit myself to that risk until I’ve eliminated that debt. Now to convince the wife to join me..

  185. Erin

    Ok! I’m gonna give it a go!!!!

    I have $100,000 in student loans and about $1,000 in credit card debt hanging over my head. I do not want this burden, anymore!

  186. Maigahane

    I’m doing a Spending Diet for the first 4 months of the year (don’t think I could get the hubby to agree to longer). Hopefully paying off my $6500 credit card off in that time. Also hoping to pick it back up for the last half of the year (we have an out of state wedding to go to in June that we’ll splurge on) and make a dent in student loans

  187. JennieSims

    I’m in and I am hardcore. I don’t know about cutting my own hair hardcore, but if it helps me save money, I’m down for doing what I have to do!

  188. Shannon

    Totally found out about your blog via a magazine feature and I”m her to commit myself to the “Spending diet”.

    I graduated in June 2011 and my loans kicked in that Thanksgiving. Since then, I’ve totally set my goal to have all my student loan debt paid off in 5 years. So far, I’m about a year in and can totally see a difference in the total pay off! I’m a toootaly shopaholic, but my goal for he next 4+ years is to closely monitor my spending to meet my goal. I’m giving myself a small budget so that I can “live” a little (cause, ya know, YOLO!).

  189. Jennifer

    I’m in! I need to get rid of this credit card debt once and for all! (However, I will be paying someone to cut my hair…my hair looks awful long and there’s no way I could do a decent job myself.)

  190. MJ

    I’m so committed to the spending fast, being in school loan debt for 8 years and not seeing a dent made in it even with paying on time every month has gotten me beyond frustrated. Time to take serious action!

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  192. Shannon

    LOVE this website! And have just finished reading all of the pledges and they are inspiring in itself.

    I made the pledge to get out of debt last January when I was at a total of $20,000 CC debt plus my car loan. I felt that I was constantly underwater and had to make changes. As of January 2nd this year, I have only $8250 left on my CC debt + my car loan. 2013 is going to be the year I will knock out my CC debt! I cant wait to have that off my back!

    I wish everyone luck. Its hard to stay committed to, but once you get out of that CC debt, its a weight off of your shoulders!

  193. Annie

    My husband and I are in! We have modified our fast/diet with competition and incentives to make it more fun, our friends and family are on board (and amused!). We hope I mean PLAN to knock out his $4k credit card, my $6k credit card, then start an early pay off savings plan for my $7k student loan balance in 2013. After just five days, I’m shocked at the amount of money still in my bank account, and I even survived the new Nordstrom catalog. Our 3 year old has even helped out by picking out re-gifts for his friends! Thanks for such a positive and supportive website, I’m looking forward to trying your ideas!

  194. Lynette

    I’m in. This is going to be hard because we have two kids and are doing this as a family, but we have to. I can’t wait for our family to be debt-free!

  195. CM

    I’m joining the Pledge. I don’t have much debt, but not having much doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be actively paying it down (also doesn’t mean that I should be adding to it!!!) My habits are poor–I rationalize splurges– and I need to make a definite change. I pledge to rid myself of debt (THIS YEAR) and build a strong savings account. I have a promotion come fall, and with the salary increase I have the opportunity to save for emergencies and future travel. I want to be in a proper mindset to live below my means and change my mindset with regard to money.

  196. Lindsay

    I have NEVER been able to save money and have always lived paycheck to paycheck, but at 27 years old…it’s time to start getting responsible. I’m taking the pledge!! Thanks, Anna!

  197. jessgold215

    I pledge to do my best to get out of debt in 2013. In the first week alone my partner and I have both managed to avoid buying coffees and takeout… I’m optimistic and going to stay strong!

  198. Darlene

    There was a reason that on 12/28, I stumbled across Anna’s story in the January 2013 issue of Self Magazine. For the last two months my prayers included asking God to give me the knowledge and strength to learn how I can finally be AND live debt free. It goes to show you that God does work in mysterious ways. Now I am thanking Him for answering that prayer but also asking for the strength I am going to need when I get tempted. Anna’s website and her supporteds are going to be the source that helps me achieve this monumental success.

    1. Heather

      I am in. This is the year I will clear up my debts (from a break-up that was almost like a divorce and student loans) and build the foundations to improve my credit so I can purchase a house within three years. I want to be able to afford an occasional big vacation & have a nice, modest home.

  199. Caridad

    I have just under $20, 000 in credit card and student loan debt..and an addiction to coffee shops..I am on my third day of the fast and I am 100 percent committed to knocking my debt out! My mantra is “I have everything I need already”.

  200. Kristen

    I want to pledge to be debt-free-ish! I’ll still have my mortgage but I want to rid myself of all other loan and credit card debt. I can do it! I just need to stick with it and tell myself NO!

  201. rtlnhum

    So happy to stumble upon your blog. Thank you for sharing your experiences! So, here I am, signing the pledge. Here we go. Time to take charge (instead of MAKE charge…eh, eh? See what I did there?) Grocery-shopped. Meals and snacks prepped for the week. Final takeout meal enjoyed. Arsenal of friends at the ready to remind me 99% of my wants are not needs. I am so excited. I can do this..? OH hell yes I CAN DO THIS!!! (eek!)

  202. Krisd

    I am so happy to have found your blog in Self magazine. I am excited to get started on my 9 month spending fast. I’m feeling good and confident now but I know that will fade away at some point and temptations will start getting the better of me. I want a simple, responsible life so here it goes!

  203. Catherine Grenfell

    So last year (2012), I tried to get rid of some of my debt and did quite well. Unfortunately Christmas happened and so spending happened and so back in debt happened. I have already started getting rid of clutter – i think that is an important part on starting new and finding things to recycle or re-use. And now i am ready to be debt free! My kids have been briefed (and seem to understand – although I am sure a lot of reminders will happen) and my husband is with me. I’ve also asked my kids to help me (which is so important!). I’ve made a list of all the debt i owe, so let’s do this! Thank you for a great blog and site to get motivated! This is my pledge to myself and my family.

  204. whitney

    I am so glad I found this website! I have been putting off my debt for too long. This year is it! I already took back some things from target I bought just to buy…I’m pledging to do the spending fast for one year!

  205. Mandy

    2013 is a year of change and why not include a little spending detox! I am back to a healthy/fit lifestyle and what better thing to pair with it than a clean money lifestyle!
    Excited for the challenge! Good luck to everyone :)

  206. DavidsLaura

    On the spending fast! Determined to pay off $16,000 this year. I work 12 hours/week and stay home with our two little boys. Hubs works and we’re both in this for KEEPS.

  207. Aleacia

    I am going to take the plunge and be debt free in 2013! I have less than $10,000 that I need to pay off so I know I can do it!

  208. Michelle Perrine

    We got tired of the “house of cards” we’ve built. We’re committed to paying down our debts, building up our savings, and finally breathing deeply! We are on the Spending Diet -it wasn’t worth the head banging to get my husband on board. :)

  209. Paris McLean

    I pledge to start the Spending fast on Feb. 1st, 2013. I have a group of girls that are just as motivated aas I am. It should make this that much easier!

  210. heidi

    i’m beginning a spending fast on friday, february 1, 2013 for one year with the intention of wiping out cc debt (almost $15K) and making a dent in my school loans (almost $71K ~gulp~). there, i said it. now onward with my husband’s support and my dedication to be autonomous and at liberty to spend the second half of my life doing the things i love, including traveling.

  211. Vicky Walters

    My goal is to pay off my credit card and loan, and to have saved £2000 and enough money for a skiing holiday! Spending fast here we go!!!

  212. Erin

    My husband and I are doing a Spending Diet! We have two car loans (about $16,000 total), a mortgage, and my student loan, but thankfully no credit card debt! The good news is that my student loan went from $162,000 in July 2011 to $86,000 January 2013!!! (a combination of living well below our income so we could make extra payments as well as some loan repayments from my employer) I’m transitioning to a job that has less hours as we’re looking to start a family so it won’t go down as quickly now, but we’re committed to being debt free within a few years!

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  214. Jessica

    I want to do this in 2013 but I’m not sure I can stick with it. I’m so used to spending and every time I try to stop I fall off the wagon. I don’t think I could permanently give up eating out, going to movies, buying things, etc. for a year, but then again if you did it maybe I can too. So I am in. Originally I did a trial run of the Spending Diet and failed miserably. I think I need to do the Spending Diet so it’s easier to just say no to everything. Good luck everyone!

  215. blythemt

    I’m in. Cancelled the cable and internet, downgraded the phone plan, and gym membership, cleaning out the cupboards, doing some serious conservation maintenance on the utilities, and goodness knows I have enough clothes and other stuff to keep me from really “needing.” It will be tough by I’m committed to do some serious damage to my credit card debt in 2013.

  216. Chelsea

    I started a website called where I was attempting to mimic what Karyn Bosnak did a few years back and raise money to get outta debt. Lets just say, it failed. I came across your website yesterday and have been reading the shit outta it. Im choosing today to start the spending fast. I have 25k in student loans and a not so great job but I believe in the power of saving and that this is possible. THanks for inspiring me to get truly focused this time and find freedom. Youre great! Ps I used to live in Fort Collins and must say that Colorado is beautiful!!!

  217. Elisabeth

    I am in! :) This is going to be hard, but I can do it. It will be a relief to get out of debt. Sadly we have too much to manage it in a year, but this will be a good jump start. Thanks for the motivation! :)

  218. Kim D

    I am tired of worrying about bills, my debt is maxed out and today is the day that I start making a change. Time to get real about my finances and take control. I suspect there will be times that I fall but I vow to get up again and keep pushing forward. I am 40 and I won’t live like this anymore!

  219. Hannah

    I have over $30000 in college loan debt. I still live with my parents and I want to move out. I am committing to the spending fast so that I can get out of debt and start living the life I dream. This website is a wonderful inspiration and I really want to succeed at this.

  220. Sara R.

    Sooo glad I found this website! We definitely have some debt to get rid of. And with a low income, this is definitely what we need.

    1. CLV

      Ah yes, ModCloth was a major challenge to my strict Spending Diet as well. I definitely miss it, but watching my debt balances drop has been totally worth it!

  221. Kelly

    Taking the pledge! 1 year of total spend fasting more for the purpose of true habit changing before going on a healthy spending diet in 2014. My actual start date is 1/10/13. Instinct told me to go on a spend fast. I started doing research to get some tools to help me and found this! It will be tough. I am a “spendy” person and moving across county in April. I will be tempted to go to Target and Home Depot and check out local restaurants as I set up my new home base. But, a year goes fast. It will be worth every penny :)

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  223. Jenna N

    I am pledging to do the spend fast plan. I am very selfish to my husband and I want to be freed from the constant spending and then having to stress about not having money for the things I need. I want to do this for myself and to prove I can not give up. I pledge and I am ready for a new life!

  224. amybeth786

    I am 26 years old and have spent 5-6 of those 26 years making irresponsible financial decisions. I have decided it is now time to change that.

    The Plan:: 1 thing at a time
    $6000 in credit card debt is the 1st to go
    $6500 remaining on my car loan — that’s next
    ~along with a $3500 high interest student loan

    during these short term goals – a spending fast – and a savings plan

    …finally — figure out how to tackle $40,000+ in other Student Loans. (SCARY)

  225. Shoshanna M

    I am doing the spending fast for one year!! I am nervous but I’m excited at the same time. I’m so glad they have websites and support like this out there

  226. IB, NYC

    ’13 – ’16 Plan to eliminate..

    – 15k uncle sam
    – 80k student loans
    – 30k CC and other debt

    One day at a time !!!

  227. Lauren P

    My debt is embarrassing low compared to what I seen of others on this pledge, however, my spending habits and bill managing habits now will only get worse without changing my habits. I have around 2k in credit card debt and 10k in student loans. I want to change my life and be debt free.

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      Lauren, it doesn’t matter what the numbers are. It matters how the debt makes you feel. If the debt is bad enough for you, that’s all it needs to be! (and p.s. i’m happy for you that it’s on the lower end!;)

  228. Gi

    I´m from Portugal and I have several debts on total amount 20.000€! :(
    I am making a Commitment to finally get yourself out of debt.
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  229. Michelle Reynolds

    My husband and I are committing to this pledge for a spending fast. We began on our own in January and have already paid off $3200 in debt (with the help of our tax return) and reduced our utility/cable/cellphone bills by close to $200 a month, just by re-negotiating our contracts, being conscious of usage, switching to filtered tap rather than bottled water and cutting out unused/not needed services. Our plan is to be out of debt by the middle of the year, with exception of my student loan payments. We pray over our finances daily, and the only purchases outside of needs that we allow are purchases for items that will save us money on something we already are planning. An example of this is carpet cleaning that costs $200 per year;we instead found on clearance a 250 dollar carpet cleaner for 50 dollars and bought the 2 year warranty for 25 dollars, costing us $78.00 with tax for a service we would have incurred yearly at $200. It pays for itself.

  230. Emily

    Today is the day! I’ve been planning for a few weeks now and today is the first day I put forth the full fledge plan! Generic produce and groceries (I spent #10 for a years worth of healthy meal plans! Great purchase to save money on groceries!), already cancelled cable and other extra ammenities, cancelled my gym membership and my sons book membership, etc. Now I just have to control my occasional need for take out and start keeping track of the little things I buy when I need to fulfill a random want. I hope to start saving receipts to hold myself accountable and by the end of a year, have paid off all of my daycares and other misc debts, put some repair to my car, fixed my credit report and started putting away some money for a house purchase. Oh… and of course the standard student loan debt that we all know so well….

  231. Jessica

    Read about you in Psychology Today…couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been in a debting cycle for all of my adult life. I am otherwise a pretty together and capable person, but I keep this vice in place, it seems, so that I can always have something to weigh be down and hold me back. I’m 21K in the hole now and was just going to charge a vacation to mark my 40th birthday. Embarking on a spending fast will surely be a better way to move towards (long overdue) adulthood.
    Thank you.

  232. Crystal Wheeler

    I just posted a very long and elaborate message but somehow it vanished. Basically I am 29 years old with three kids . My husband got killed in a hit and run accident two years ago and when he passed our life went with him. I lost everything. Moving back into my family’s house, my kids and their sadness, it made me do what I swear I never would- drink. Of course they never realized it until I got two dui’s in five months. Now I’m without a car and me and my girls share a room . However , my personal creative design business is exploding. I airbrush, bodypaint, special effects, set design, act, photography, trained as a make up specialist at Sephora , and now am pursuing acting and modeling. But until I get my cosmetology license I’m at a dead end. I get all kinds of offers but have to decline because I can’t go to school daytime, and there is no one to watch the kids at night. I know there’s a way. And I’m ready to take any pledge there is to make it right.

  233. Charissa Struble

    I will be closer to my dream of owning and living full-time in a RV. I will be able to travel on the money I make as a freelance writer and get to indulge in money saving practices that are enjoyable like sewing, canning, gardening….I will see parts of the United States that I’ve never seen before. I’ll supplement my income with photography.

  234. Nikki

    I’m the worst with money and finding this website has been a blessing! I’m going to get my 60,800 diminished as soon as possible. Starting April 10th — I’M IN!!

  235. Sarah C.

    My life feels out of control. My spending is the worst. I never seem to have any even though I should. I’m taking the debt free pledge to get my spending habits, my debt, and my life under control. I hope I can do it!

  236. Hannah S

    I am taking the pledge! I am 25 and have gone back to being a full time student for a year (about half way through now!) I’ve still got a mountain of debt from the last time I was a student and spending over and above what I earned whilst working. I’m fed up of not being able to do the things I dream of doing because I can’t afford it. So I am taking control of the situation and going on a spending fast! Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

  237. Cory

    I definitely want to do this. I don’t have a big CC debt anymore as I have cancelled most of them and have one with a small balance but I really need to tackle my student loan debt. Especially my undergrad now that I’ve started grad school, too.

  238. tegan

    I’m in – this is exactly what I need! I am taking the rest of this month to get everything in order (more of a spending diet for April), and come May 1st (my bday) the spending fast begins.
    I’m so excited to kick the crap out of my debt!

  239. Annalis

    I’m in!
    I want a life where I pay everything with cash and at the end of the month can see my debts decreasing and/or savings i
    A life where it doesnt stress me out if I have two or more birthdays in a month, unexpected family visits, you get the drift.
    My life, my choice and with this website a full list of ways to help me acheive it!

  240. JennieRenn

    I have about 20,000 in student loans and another 20,000 on a new car I pretty much had to buy. I’ve been drowning, living pay check to pay check on a teachers salary. So I decided something drastic needed to be done. I’m ready. I really want to go back to school and get my masters so this is my incentive. No more schooling until I get rid of my student loans.

  241. Zoe

    I got married 5 months ago and we have just found out that we are having a baby, but i am stressing because i need to clear 20k of debt before we lose out on my salary! I am so ready for this and to get myself out of this debt!

  242. Cameo

    Yay! I am in!! So excited for this! My younger brother is doing it with me as well(although he has no debt and just wants to save money).
    How fun your site has been for me to follow. Your story is an inspiration and very encouraging. Gracias!

  243. Emma Kirkley

    I am in!! I need to take radical action to allow myself to move forward in life. After a year of sitting around and waiting for life to get better I realise I can only make it work myslef!!

  244. Jennifer

    Today feels like a good day to start! I found out this week that my dream of owning a home isn’t possible right now because of medical debt that is haunting me. I will stop ignoring the bills, make a list of what needs paid, and cut out all the things that are not necessary. May 2014-will be debt free for me!

    1. Dot

      hi, sorry you have a lot of medical bills and hope you’re better now. Just a suggestion, when I had a slew of medical bills, I called the hosptial, anesthiologist, etc and was able to negotiate either a lower payment or a payment plan. A lot of medical bills are so padded to begin with, they’re willing to work with you. Good luck!

  245. Joan M.

    Today is the first day toward a debt-free future. I am totally committed to getting out of debt and being self sufficient once again!

  246. Dot

    I’ve been living cash only, no credit cards since October 2012. It’s tricky getting the hang of what you can and can’t do, and scary when it’s 2 days before payday and there’s no more toilet paper and no more money! it’s a learning experience, but every month I get a better handle on it. It’s certainly do-able. Most important thing is building up a savings cushion in case of emergencies. I had a plumbing problem last month and fortunately had just gotten my tax refund, so I was able to pay for it. If I hadn’t I would have had to borrow $ from my sister. So make sure you’re putting aside some emergency money! We can do this!

    1. Dot

      And now I have a flat tire and have to borrow money from my son to replace it! Build up that emergency fund so you don’t find yourself in this predicament!

  247. Briana

    I am a freelance illustrator and teacher – which means I unfortunately have a very unreliable income (and lots of debt due to student loans and credit cards).

    I want to live debt free and out of this shadow of debt that haunts me! I would also love to create a comfortable safety net to fall back on when work is slow (in the future!!).

    I am pledging today to go on my spending fast for one year! It’s going to be tough with little to no income coming in the next few months due to summer break (but I will be freelancing) so this will be difficult and frustrating, I’m sure. But once Fall starts again, I will hopefully have gotten the kinks out and will be ready to roll!

    Thank you for the beacon of hope! I look forward to transforming my life financially.

  248. Ems

    I have not been out of debt since I have been an adult…. a whole 12 years! I have almost got out of it but then plunged myself into it again.

    I am at the point where I’m fed up of being in the same situation with lots of ‘stuff’ but no savings. I keep putting off buying a house with my partner because I’m ashamed of my debt which I keep a secret.

    So, I’m making a pledge now to get out of debt ($9,000) and have savings by May 2014 – wish me luck! ;)

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      You have all my support. By getting out of the shame your debt produces and by making the commitment to face it you will completely change your life. You can totally do this! I fully believe in you!

    2. Caitlyn

      That is a really powerful way to look at it (at least to me). I also have never been an adult without debt (signed up for my first student loan at 17 – UGH!). Wow. I really want to experience adulthood without DEBT. I honestly can’t fathom it.

      1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

        I couldn’t imagine life without debt either (believe I got my 1st loan at 17 too…) and I’m here as living proof to tell you that it is completely possible to become debt-free! I know you can do it too!

  249. IRIS

    Can’t wait for a better and changed life! Thank you! This site is awesome! Excited to start Spending Fast asap! :)

  250. Megan

    I am taking the pledge to do the spending fast. I am still in college but I want to start paying off my student loans now before I have to adjust to the culture shock of working full time and not having the money to spend. I want to change my bad spending habits now!

  251. Kendra

    Ok, I just devoured about 5 posts on this blog. I’m in, completely in. I make enough money to live comfortable even with my extreme habit of spending money but usually end up at the end of the month with about 100 bucks. This would be a reciep for disaster if anything happened to me and I wasn’t able to work.

    I pledge to spend only on things I NEED not on things I WANT. If I really want play money I will make myself work a part time job in addition to my normal job.

    Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  252. Rebecca N

    We were great with money. In 2010 when I decided to quit my job to be a SAHM we were debt free with a paid off car with only 30k miles on it, and a 14k emergency fund. Now, after two and a half years of living on one salary, the savings is gone and we are 18k in credit card debt. Obviously we did not adjust our lifestyle enough. Debt free here we come! Screw you, Starbucks!

  253. Sian

    I am in! I haven’t been able to manage my money since I moved out of home ten years ago – it has got to change!

  254. Courtney

    I currently have approximetly $5,000 in credit card debt , $31,000 in student loans and have $0.00 in my bank account. I am tired of being non-disciplined in my money ! i have taken out all of my credit cards from my wallet and put one in my car (in case of an emergency) i am tempted to keep my debit card at hojme as well… i am hoping to eliminate all of my credit card debt in the two months that i am fasting! . Thank you to everyone who is so inspiring to help me take control of this part of my life! i am only 22 but i want a home to make my own, i want to be debt free and start a financially wonderful life!!!

  255. Alivia

    I’m in. I go out to eat and buy frivolous things on a weekly almost daily basis. I know I can stop, and really need to pay off our debt.

  256. Amanda McMillan

    I put myself on a self-proclaimed “Get the hell out of debt” budget in April. Thankfully, my boyfriend has NO debt, has money in savings, and is GREAT at managing money so he was able to help me set-up a plan.

    So here I am on a spending diet and I am loving it. In just 2 months I have put over 1,000 in savings and have paid over 1,300 to my Visa. I will be out of consumer debt and have an actual savings account before I know it.

    It feels so freeing to start to get this under control. I am thankful for this blog and all that I have learned from it.

  257. CalystaL

    I have a mortgage, student loans, and credit cards that total over $200k. So, I can’t say I will be debt free in a year, but will strive to be so within the next 6 years.

  258. Kimberly K.

    I’m in! My birthday was on Monday, so what better time to start a spending fast than the beginning of a new year of my life? I pay around $760 a month in student loans, when paying the minimum, and what I really want to do is start paying more towards my smaller loans and get them payed off so that I can tackle the big ones. This means I need to stop impulse shopping on Amazon, Etsy, and the like, but I’ll try my best! It’s my dream to be able to afford to travel someday…

  259. Tina

    I’m ready to commit to the spending fast!! I have 23K in debt that includes a student loan and credit card debt. I want out of debt and into wealth :-) I’ve been reading various articles on this website and I have to say…this is a great place! I’m ready to begin today, commit for a year and see where I’m at after a year of fasting. Thanks for this wonderful website!!

  260. roobard

    I have been attempting to do this, but hit a wall and ended up increasing my debt. I need to do this for the sake of my sanity and my family. I know what is truly important in life and it isn’t stuff.

    1. Tancy

      I’m so rooting for you. I too and trying to pay of 64k before thirty. I’m currently 28 and practically living on one income but we are going to do it! And so can you!

  261. Dani

    I’ve just turned 29, and it’s my dream to be out of credit-line debt by the time i am 30. I am committing to getting out of as much debt as possible in this next year!

  262. Barbara

    I am going to be 26 in August and my husband is 28. We have one son and we live pay check to pay check and can never seem to come out on top because we over spend. We are going to start this July 1st 2013 and see what we can do to start a savings account and get to work on paying off some of the nearly 30k in debt we have between my student loans and our car loan. We can do this together. Finally gonna take the first step instead of just talking about it.

  263. mecca

    I declare my time for change me and my son need a more stable life and I can’t do it thanks to my lack of better judgement as a teenager having me over $7,000 in debt and with a 523 credit score :( I can’t buy a home to call our own or a brand new car off the lot because of that and that’s all the things I really want in my future I been unemployed for 3 out of the 4 years of his life and I finally got a job a month ago so now I can be a woman and take care of my debt along with alot of sacrifice to make my family be proud of me!!!

  264. Amanda

    I will pay off my debt! Your “real person” tips are just what I needed. I am my best friend’s MOH and have spent at least $2k on her wedding… time to pay off that credit card! I hope to pay off a few medical bills as well – this is my year!

  265. Gail

    I will do this for me, my husband and my kids. Starting 1st July 2013 £25,000 to clear. Better days here we come :)

  266. Clair

    I’ve about $16,000 – most of it student loans. I’m tired of this and need help. I’m committed to paying this debt…the thing that I get most disgusted (and also motivates me) about is that I could have $16,000 in savings instead of debt…so once I pay this down I can start putting the $$ toward saving and living. First I am going to pay off that $1400 in credit cards.

  267. Ashely C

    I have been reading this site since early 2013 and believe I have commented once when Chelsea did her first post. It’s time to come out of hiding and do my pledge. I am committed to being done with debt once and for all, ya’ll!

    I read a quote on Twitter today that said ‘I don’t want to get to the end of my life and think I wish I had done that.’ Right now, that is the direction I am heading because my debt and spending habits do not give me the financial freedom to do the things I want to do (like buy a house, move to Costa Rica if I want to, travel, etc.)

    As of today, I have $14,943.19 in credit card debt and $692.88 in medical debt ($15, 636.07 total). I know what the medical debt was for. I have no idea what I spent almost $15,000 on (well, I do – eating out, going out, magazines and clothes). Today was the first day, that I have added it up in probably two years and it makes me so angry. I’m done. It’s time to get extreme. Over the weekend, I’m going to be finalizing my needs/wants list and declaring my spending fast to my friends and family and beginning next Monday, July 1, it gets real.

    Thank you Anna for this inspiring blog! I look forward to learning a lot more from you over the next year!

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      I’m so excited for you and happy that you’ve decided to make the leap to change your life. It will be worth it! p.s. use that anger to fuel your Spending Fast… it’s actually a great motivator!

  268. Debra

    I saw you a few weeks ago on Nate Berkus’ show. I was so in awe and read and re-read everything throughout your site. As of today, I have begun the spending fast. Scary, but debt free, here I come….. ;)

  269. Andrea

    Nervous, excited and ready to be debt free!! The hope of financial freedom outweighs the fear of , “but what if??”
    July 11, 2013- July 11, 2014. Groceries, bills, utilities and household/ personal necessities only.

  270. Tango Bunny + Hubby

    With lots of changes in the last year (getting married, starting a new job, and moving to Hawaii) we’re finally ready to take charge of our finances together. We each bring almost equal Debt to the relationship and that’s gotta go so we can enjoy living in Hawaii.

    I hadn’t found this great blog yet but I set a goal to pay off my car within a year of moving to HI and I paid my LAST payment on 7/8!! That felt so good, I did it! Now it’s time to tackle the highest-to-lowest interest rate credit demons. As of today I have $18,280 in CC and $12,623 in student loans. I’m sick of it. Now that I know I can kill a debt (my car) I know I can tackle the CC and loans! BAM!

    We’re ready to pledge to be debt free so we can start saving for our own home in paradise to spend our LIVES together… not spend our hard earn money on our debt together.

  271. Helen

    I pledge to spend the rest of my life debt free. I’m 24 and have a debt of £8,000 to various cards and people. I’ve planned to be debt free within two years.

  272. Megan

    This pledge is AWESOME! I’m working on paying down $30k in student loans, $18k in an auto loan, and $800 in credit card debt (and I’m only 23)! All frivolous expenses have been cut out of my life for the time being. I can’t wait to break the long tradition in my family of never-ending debt and financial stress. I choose a better life for myself. Thanks for helping me along my journey, Anna!

  273. Gabby

    I make the pledge to be debt free and not spend money freely like I have for so many years. It all ends today. . .living frugally is not a bad way to live.

  274. T Herm

    This is happening… my goals and future will no longer be held hostage to my debt. Thank you for your inspiring posts and all around awesomeness.

  275. Danica Pelzel

    I pledge to not get into anymore debt than necessary as I finish grad school, so now through December 2014. I will only purchase needs and not wants for 17 months.

  276. Tiffany

    After a recent car accident that forced us to purchase a new vehicle that could last the next 10 or 15 years, and our credit cards…we are $30,000 in debt (not counting the mortgage). We are committing to the spending fast for 6 months at least (maybe longer, depending on results!) Necessities only! Thank for all of the great advice! I can already see it coming in handy. -Tiffany

  277. Beth B

    I did the Spending Fast for a year and paid off half my debt!! It really works. But then life events happened, I made excuses, and got right back where I started. NO MORE. I’m making the pledge for real this time, and I’m getting out. I’m done with debt.

  278. Kayla

    I’m committing to getting rid of my debt and pledge to pay off my school loans and car before I’m 30 (within the next 28 months)!!

  279. Stephanie

    I am ready to do this! I want to tackle my cc debt $11K and also put some money into savings for our starter home. Let’s gooo!

  280. NICOLE & ERIK

    We just bought our first home and have a beautiful 1 year old daughter. We want to pay off as much of our home as possible. We are doing this fast to become financially independent and create a better life for our daughter.

  281. Meredith

    “When I finally decided that I had to be done with my debt my life completely changed, mainly because I was finally willing to do whatever I needed to do to be done with my debt once and for all. The cycle of debt, guilt, and remorse had to end.” <– This is me about a week ago! It has to end and it has to end soon! I can't live this way any more!

    We are taking the pledge. We will start with a year and see how much debt we can pay off and then keep going until it's all gone. We have a small savings in place and we've already completed steps 1-5 of the Spending Fast on our own! We have 6 credit cards and 2 car payments that have got to go! Here's to a fun ride!

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      I’m so happy to hear you’re on the Spending Fast path. It is a wild ride and I have no doubt that you will end the year victorious over your debt! It’s an awesome feeling to make the decision to take your life back!

  282. Natalie

    I have over 30k in debt between credit cards and student loans. I’m going to need a new car soon and i want to go to graduate school. I want to get out of this debt so paying for school and a car wont seem so impossible!

  283. Tee

    I have a roughly $10,000 credit card balance that I have been carrying for YEARS but now it’s time for it to go!

    I don’t know if I can pay it all off in a year, but I know I can stick to the Spending Fast for at least that long. Even if my debt is not completely gone by the end of the year I will have greatly improved my circumstances and the end goal will be in sight!

    I am amazed at how empowered I felt when I finally made that decision and sat down and had a look at my finances and realized just how much more disposable income I had to throw at my debt. I went from “woe is me” to “bring it on!” in a heartbeat. I know I won’t always feel that resolved about it, and that at times it will be far more difficult than others, but I also know I have the strength to stick to it for at least the year.

    I finally called my credit card company to see about having my interest rate lowered. While they couldn’t do anything for me at the time (I have to call after my review date, which is thankfully only a few weeks away) but the gentleman was super receptive and supportive of my goals and waved my interest fees from my last several months! It was like having an extra monthly payment applied to my card this month! What a great start!

  284. Patrice

    I am committing to the spending fast for one year. We have a tax debt that needs to disappear but more importantly my habits need to change. I am really excited to have the support of this group.

  285. Helena

    I am 25 and debt free, but I want to be able to save more, and hopefully be able to start schools in villages some day. Spending Fast, here I come!

  286. Barbara

    I am ready to be debt-free. I am close to retirement and have been working towards this goal. I have made progress but want to be debt free sooner. Looking forward to learning how to be on a spending fast.

  287. Sarah

    I’m in!
    Already three days into my first Spending Fast, wootwoot.

    I’m unfortunately in the predicament of having to sell my 7 year old car that’s not paid off, and get a new one that’s going to be reliable and all-around cheaper to own.
    Making car payments and expensive car repairs every month is flipping insane! Not the path to Debt FreeLand!

  288. Etapli

    I shared this with my husband and we’ve agreed to take the plunge. We’re in way over our heads with debt due to us both pursuing Master’s level degrees. We have 2 kids and really want our lives to focus on experiences and not stuff. This will be a change for me as well as I come from a long line of buyers and hoarders, but I DO NOT want to live that way. Thank you for sharing something that is easy to understand and follow and for leading by example.

  289. Stephanie Volkmer

    I am in. I started doing it last month because of necesity, and this month I am going to be looking for a part time job and continuing on it. I have a car loan and 3 credit cards to kick out, I’m sick of living in debt.

  290. Apple

    Totally committed to this! I have 5000 bucks on my credit card and I am sick and tired from the pressures and stress from my spending habits and monthly payments! I am tired from living from paycheck to paycheck and i felt trapped by this debt! I intend to make my first property purchase in the next few years and also I want to build up a substantial emergency fund for the rainy days! So enough is enough! Going to start my spending fast from today and very determined to clear by debt on this card by the beginning of 2014! And it is really great to know that there are many people embarking on this journey as me!

  291. Leafling

    I want a life with my fiancé and our future family where we do not have to worry about traveling costs and can explore the world! I am naturally frugal and we cannot stand consumerism, and want to instill this in our children. Zero waste home, simple living, and zero debt! We are officially startig spendig diet tomorrow, October 18th, then full-bore into spending fast starting January 1st, 2014. We got this!!

  292. Natalie

    I am starting my spending fast today, October 23, 2013. After getting a new job in February after looking for a job for 2 years, I have spent way too much time buying things and acquiring material items instead of focusing on my new marriage and plans/dreams for our future. Although I have no student debt, I owe $2,700 on my cards and enough is enough. I need to stop buying crap online that I don’t need, and start putting money into our savings account, paying my other bills on time, and saving money for our future dream: buying a home in Loveland, CO.

    I have noticed that buying things, taking them back, organizing all of my excessive clothing and shoes, and trying to figure out how to pay it all off is really exhausting. I don’t have time for friends, relationships, or meaningful time with my husband. I devote so much time to THINGS that the PEOPLE in my life are suffering. It’s a truly terrible feeling, and I want to turn this train around so I can start collecting experiences and positive emotions instead of STUFF. I would rather spend my money on a vacation for me and my husband to enjoy than spend the money on a pair of boots that I don’t really need because I have 2 other pairs of boots that are so similar. I want to budget and allocate my money so that I can plan for the things that WE want, and not just things that I want NOW. I think that if I do not turn this car around now, materialism will destroy my marriage and my personal relationships.


  293. Kat

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. My flippant personality and lack of discipline with tracking expenses, has seen my silly decision to get a credit card at 19, then a car loan at 24, spiral into approx 30K of debt. Now at 26, my boyfriend of 18months has spent SOOO much time, energy and tears (mine) trying to get me into a ‘budgeting’ headspace, but we just don’t have similar personality types so this is now a dirty word. I was on the verge of breaking up with him if I had one more argument about ‘BUDGETING’. I think our neighbours hate us now. They should be in much better fiscal shape though..

    I vow to get myself out of this debt!

    xx Thanks for the inspiration!

  294. Adrienne

    Today is my 28th birthday, so I’m kind of having my own personal New Year’s celebration. I have decided that this is the start if my Spending Fast year. It seems like the most un-fun birthday-present-to-myself ever, but I hope that it is one that I will be enjoying very much when I turn 29 in 365 days. Lets do this!

  295. Ddubs

    I commit to being debt free by the end of 2014 by following the spending fast and the spending diet. Goodbye consumer debt, goodbye overdrafts, goodbye unctrolled spending. Hello financial freedom, hello improved credit rating.

  296. a.e.k

    Started out with $31,000 in student loan debt (in June) and have knocked it down to under $25K as of today. Committing to the Spending Fast until these student loans are gone–aiming for 1 year but not sure if I can make it happen on my salary– will have to get creative!

  297. grace

    OK, I am in. Seriously. I’ve committed to budgeting before only to promptly become “needy” of more stuff. The fact is I have everything I need. I have my health, shelter, TONS of clothes, staple foods in the pantry, reliable transportation, tons of books to read… I don’t need any more stuff! I just officially opened my photography business last month and have been spending like a crazy person on new branding and supplies, but you know what? NO. My work can speak for itself from now on.
    Thank you for running this site. It is truly going to suck, but my husband and I are going on the Spending Fast at least for the month, and hopefully for a way longer period of time than that. Enough with the debt!! Thanks for the motivation!

  298. Lucy

    I am signing up to pay off all $240,000 of my debt – house, car and credit cards!! so excited for this journey to begin! good luck everyone :)

  299. Anne

    Nearly 30k debt and I pledge to get rid of it especially as me and my other half are talking about marriage, family and a house of our own.
    Already started and managed to get the interest rate on my biggest loan halved!!
    I will do this.

  300. Anna Ivanova

    I am ready to take the pledge! I have about $20K in CC debt (not counting Student Loans yet). I would like to tackle the CC debt first, and I’d like to do it by December 31, 2014. I have created a plan and a tight budget. I hope to check in in 2014 and tell you guys that I only have one month left of payments! We can do this!! – A


      Regretfully, I didn’t start truly saving till January 2015. But I committed to it, without a fail, monthly, since then. And I am now two months away from paying off my debt! I have $2,400 (from $20K)!

      I put away all bonuses and tax refunds, and my monthly commitment, all inspired by my fiance (soon-to-be hubby, next week!!)

      I feel like a burden has been lifted off my chest! Try — it was my budgeting tool, which kept me in line!

  301. Ashley Lorelle

    I pledge to begin the spending fast on January 1st, 2014. I want to eliminate all my debt while at the same time develop healthy spending habits for the future. I will no longer covet what is trendy or what other people have but I will only take care of my family and our needs.

  302. Julia

    After years of budget re-doing but never getting out of debt, I’m ready to finally get somewhere. January 1 2014 there will be no more excuses!

  303. Tim G

    With over 100k in student loans, I’m ready to start getting my debts in order. January 2014 will be the beginning of my spending fast. Going for good habits!

  304. Katja

    Hello. Maybe I shouldn’t have read all the other comments, because now I feel really silly (and guilty) about having ‘only’ 1,250 € of debt to “work off”…
    That’s the amount I need to pay back on my credit card. And that ridiculous amount (compared to people who are 100K in debt) has been eating at me for a long time. It shows how much my spending habits are out of control. I mean, if I’m unable to pay back this tiny amount….
    Any way. January 1st I’m doing the Spending Fast ! And yes, I’m going to reimburse that stupid credit card once and for all !
    I don’t know how I’m going to survive without take-away lunches and “treating myself” at the local flea markets and vintage shops… my two MAJOR wants (and spending factors)…
    But I’m doing that Fast !!!

  305. Rebecca N. McKinnon

    My boyfriend and I are taking the pledge because we realized our happiest dreams are not possible with this debt weighing us down.

    I will track my progress on my website, for any who are interested. Wish us luck.

  306. Donna Clarke

    I’m in- I pledge to stick with the spending diet. My boyfriend and I would like to move out and have been trying to save for years and it just doesn’t happen because “other things crop up”. I’ve had enough of being in debt. Lets do this!
    I can do it!

  307. Jasie Parsons

    I’m in. As a single mom, it’s easier to rack up debt, than it is to pay it off. I’ve paid off one loan this year, and have paid off half of my student loan. Once this is done, I will use the money to knock out some repairs around the house, then tackle my second mortgage. I’m excited!

  308. p0undc0nt20l

    I am ready to cleanse my spending habits and be in control of my money!! Excited but also kind of freaked out by the work ahead. :)

  309. Tyler

    I’m starting on Wednesday! I will be focusing on paying off my credit card debt and saving money at the same time. I’m really scared! But, I feel I can do this…. or at least I hope I can!! :)

  310. Lelly

    With my new job starting Jan 2 – I am committed to maintaining and strengthening my money-saving ways I have cultivated this past year while unemployed. And Then We Saved motivated me to finally take a hard honest look at my irresponsible financial spending habits and realize how much my life has been ruled by poor impulse control. While I was unable to tackle any debt in 2013, I did learn to live more frugally.

    For 2014 – I am committing to being totally debt free within 2 years and my goal is to tackle 75% of my debt this year. My debt tally is $20,000 and is from medical bills, 1 student loan and $8,000 in back taxes. I also commit to develop healthy habits for spending and saving in 2014!

  311. Rochelle Brooks

    Ok here I go, I am going to stick to my spending diet, and once I get good at that, spending fast it is. I have a big mountain of debt from an expensive private college, so this may take a while and i’ll need a lot of discipline.

  312. Ashley Lorelle

    Getting out of debt in 2014 is all I can think about, so I’m committing to doing so starting yesterday. This is my pledge to rein in my spending and to get out of debt once and for all and to never get into debt again!

  313. Katherine

    While my debt isn’t too bad ($4,000 on credit cards), I have not been able to get rid of it for years. But that is going to change now! This is the year!

  314. Sarita

    Wow guys!
    I took the pledge back in August 2013, and I have to tell you that this really works. :D
    Things were really shaky at first. I felt deprived and left out, and my car end up in the shop for countless repairs, leading me to ultimately having to purchase a new car. I got really down on myself for a little while, but stuck with the Spending Fast.
    I just rounded up my numbers and realized that even with taking on new debt with a new car, I still managed to knock $4900 off my scary pile o’ debt, in only 5 months!!!

    The takeaway here is that the more you want something, the more you will be challenged. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward.
    Hang in there, you CAN do it.

  315. Kathleen

    Okay, so, sadly twenty months ago I said I was going to start — and then totally just coasted and “sort of” paid attention to my money. I’m $2,000 less in debt because I didn’t allow my debt to get BIGGER, but I didn’t really dent the dang debt in TWENTY MONTHS. If I had done this fast, I would be debt free by now.

    But it’s not about falling off the horse, it’s about getting back on again, so here I go. I’ve e-mailed my family and friends to let them know NO MORE and I’m hunkering down — the math counts 17 months for me to be debt free (I’ll be 33 years old). Hope to report back then with some dang better news! Good luck to everyone!! :)))

  316. Siri

    We’re doing it! For years I’ve been racking up debt to be paid off when “I’m making more money.” Now I’m starting to realize this will never happen unless I start tackling this mess now. i want my money to start going to future me instead of paying off the mistakes of past me. Spending fast started New Years day!

  317. Kari V.

    Yay! The Spending Fast sounds amazing and is explained so simply. I know it will be a difficult journey this year, but this website has already been so helpful! I am looking forward to following the plan and getting happier about my debt situation.

  318. coralee

    I’m so glad I found this, even if it isn’t exactly January 1. Student loans, auto loan, and credit card debt have plagued me for years… I’m turning 40 this year and am determined that this is the last year of debt! It’s time to save up for a house, or a vacation, or a dog, or something more worthwhile than digging out of the debt hole, which seems pretty much all I’ve done for all of my 30s. Onward!

  319. Tenley

    I’ve got $27k of credit card debt, thanks to a long bout of under-employment and a divorce, greatly exacerbated by my compulsive spending habits. I’m in for a year — and by Dec 31 2014 I want to have at least cut that debt in half. Let’s do this.

  320. Monika and Etai

    We’re in to ! We pledge to live according to the Spending diet (yup, we left ourselves a tiny ‘fun’ budget, around 30$ a month each).

  321. Stephanie Marie

    I am starting a new job next week, with an excellent salary, and I am determined not to allow the extra money to tempt me. I want to get my student loans paid off as quickly as possible, and send any extra money I have to my Mom so that she can also pay off the student loan she took out for me under her name. YEEEE!!!!

  322. vinay

    I am taking the pledge. I will get out of debt this year. I want to participate in the spending fast and spending diet and use both to their fullest uses.

  323. Sarah

    I pledge to follow the Spending Fast for the next year…As a mother of one…now in her second year of college…I took the plunge and sold my house and am scaling down so I can finish getting my midwifery license…that I started over 20 years ago (before child!). I look forward to being licensed, debt free, living where I can ride my bike to births, open a community wellness clinic…and make amazing baked goods to enjoy with my friends.

  324. Mandi Kimberly

    Hi, my name’s Mandi, and I’m a shopaholic. Make that a recovering shopaholic because I am starting the Spending Fast tomorrow and my husband has agreed to do the Spending Diet for the next twelve months. Wish me luck!

  325. Kurt

    I like the idea of doing a spending fast. i would like to get out of debt and have some savings for the great things i wanna do in my life the coming years. I read about ‘being proud of myself in 1 year’. that would be a change. getting out of debt ànd out of the feelings of guilt ? awesome …

  326. Beekagirl

    I AM SO DOING THIS!!!! I made this decision and declaration last night to my family. I have a trip coming up that was already planned for several months and another in May that was planned around Christmas time. In between those, I will be starting the Spending Fast. I am actually So excited!!! My goal is to have enough money by the end of the year to make the move to NYC. My drive for that goal is so strong, I will do just about anything. Well, not just ANYTHING. hahah :) I am so happy that I stumbled upon your blog, Ironically through your “how to save money in NYC” blog…I think it’s a sign (HA!) :) Thanks, again. :)

  327. rustysmom

    I started the spending fast In Sept/13. Paid off $19,000 Sept13-February14. Even though I am super proud I’ve lost motivation and started spending again $3,000 since January/14. I have $21,000 in debt to go…Im here rereading all the articles that got me so motivated when I started. I’m eternally thankful to you and glad my mom forwarded your website to me…something clicked with me to take action…I had carried my debt for YEARS! Thank you so much!


    i am way overboard with my debts and reading this makes me realize im not alone in this issue. i commit myself into following SPENDING FAST or DIET. so help me God :) thanks!

  329. Alfie Marie

    I’m starting on May 1st of this year! I have over $45,000 in debt, and I’m about to be more in debt once I start my Master’s degree. But, I figure I’ll be so busy with school, I won’t have the luxury of free time during which I could spend money. Any one have any advice on going to school/working/and doing the Spending Fast? Wish me luck!

  330. Mandy Jane

    I pledge to be debt free in just over 12 months. $35,000 of debt to be payed back by 30/4/15. Positivity and a willingness to make this happen will see me through;)
    Bring on a happier- debt free future, looking forward to the learning process :)

  331. Donna Shubert

    I lost my job 2 years ago to a younger person and for reporting sexual harassment and I have 4 adult children and 3 grandchildren and our life had been in clear turmoil since then both of my daughters are single moms so we helped tthem with bills our oldest son needed attorny was arrested for threats of terrorist risking fatality etc due to herior addiction and is now in jail once again so between loosing my job and all this other we r about 40000.00 in credit card debt where do I start barely have enough to pay bills now do I stat letting 1bill go to pay small ones first then apply that to next hrlp and my husband wants to retire but we used some of that for the kids and grandchildren

  332. Christina Viramontes

    I am starting my spending fast on May 1st, and will pledge to be on it for one year. I have over $50,000 in debt, and most of it is from student loans. It will be great to be debt-free!

  333. Cassandra

    I have already started paying debts off! I have less than $7000, including car payment. Once that is gone, I will start on my student loans….I very recently started my bachelor’s degree work and won’t be hit with that bill for 4 yrs. No penalty for early repayment and that’s exactly what I plan to do….start paying now so in 4 yrs…the bill isn’t so huge! Thanks for the encouragement and proving it is possible!!!

  334. Trisha

    I am taking the pledge. Starting my financial fast this very minute. Credit Cards are locked in a safe and start paying extra on them to get them paid off.

  335. Jennifer

    I pledge to tackle my debt this year and to change the way I think about money as it relates to my own worth. I couldn’t be more grateful for the support here. Thank you in advance – I’m gonna need it.

  336. Carol54904

    I really need to do this. I am feeling overwhelmed by credit card debt! I will never reach my goals if I do not get rid of this debt!

  337. jessica

    My husband and I have exactly one year and seven months until he graduates chiropractic school. Currently living on one income, at $10.00 an hour FT, we commit to the spending fast! :) Need to save as much money as possible to move.

  338. Roxanna Rubio

    I really need to do this for myself. Being in debt has only stressed me out. It’ll be hard but I am willing to do whatever it takes to reach my goals

  339. Enid

    I am taking the pledge. I have followed the Dave Ramsey Total Makeover 7 Baby Steps, and will be out of personal debt in 2015.

  340. ishita

    I am starting my spending fast on May 1st 2014. need to get rid of 75k worth credit card debt !!!!!!

  341. Oobleck

    Been doing it for a while now, but not as strictly as I should. :(

    Nice to find out about this website, being made more aware of others that are doing the same.

    Gotta get on it full speed ahead!

  342. peter lentze

    yes I like to join this “FAST;
    WHAT are the rules and is there any
    payment involved

    friendly greetings

  343. Sarah

    I have worked hard toget rid of debts for the last 4 years. Now want to work at saving & buying home. any & all tips are Always welcome :)

  344. Brian

    I want to be absolutely done with debt within 5 years which includes my student loans and credit cards.

  345. Jennell Howard

    I have made a lot of money mistakes and I am ready to become debt free. I hope I can do it..

  346. Jeff Pierson

    Wow Can’t believe I’m actually going to do this! But, desperate times call for desperate measures. I guess I’ve always had a sense of entitlement much like Anna describes. It’s really been a problem for me all my life. Well It’s time to take my life back! My family has always been after me about how I spend money. But, I’m not doing this for them. It’s for my own survival and a sense that I rule my finances, they don’t rule me! This is going to be the LONGEST year of my life, OMG!!!

  347. Barbara

    I pledge to stick to a one year spending fast. I have about 18k in debt and I would like to be debt free before or on the day I turn 30 (Aug 24 2015). Lets do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  348. Sandra Lum

    Thank you so much for your blog. I am learning each day and working to manage my debts and spending habits better. Hugs.

  349. Ashanti

    I did a spending fast for about 6 months then switched to a spending diet for about 3 months, allowing myself $100 total. Now I’m back to the spending fast for another 6 months!

  350. Michele

    I don’t even know how I stumbled across this site but am so grateful that I did. Thank you so much, Anna, for creating this. And thank you, too, to all the posters for giving me such hope. I am so in! I have considerable debt – student loans, line of credit, credit cards, medical expenses and now find I need a car. It seems to me that I have lived on a “Spending Fast” most of my adult life and still have managed to accumulate crushing debt. I’m expecting a promotion at work this week that, while great for my career, is pushing me into the next tax bracket and my take home pay will be less per month. Scary thought. So, I repeat … I am so in! Pledge to be debt-free in two years.

  351. Jeff Streit

    I havent used credit in over one year. I am looking for help in curbing my spending habits.

  352. Sky

    I have just taken on a second job to increase my income to help pay down my debt faster, the extra income is nice but working 60 hours/week is exhausting and leaves me little time for family and friends. I look forward to putting this plan into effect to ramp up my efforts so I can get out of debt and down to a regular work week once again. Thank you for the inspiration.

  353. Tammi Goff

    I am determined to be debt-free by the end of 2014 and am pledging a lifetime commitment to a Spending Fast! Looking forward to debt-free life!

  354. barbara

    tried so many times to get out of debts but always failed.Hope this may be the right time. Allons-y

  355. June

    I am in!!!! It has been a difficult year, finished a large project now looking for work which is hard. Taking care of my mom and trying to live each day. So I am in, with no job right now and hoping for one soon. I need to deal with debt.

  356. Jacqueline M

    I have been in debt for sometime now and I am looking to change my outlook on debt. I hope that this site will finally allow me to get out of debt. It is always nice to have some support.

  357. Jacqueline M

    Count me in as well. I am currently in debt and need to get out of it. This is a great way for me to do so.

  358. Mag

    We have no debt (except for my student loan but I’m not done with school yet and I don’t have to pay it back until I am) and we just bought our car CASH (so exciting!!!). I’m already kind of doing the non spending diet (it started with a month and then I didn’t want to go back to spending so I started the next one… and then my bank had cool interest rates until July 31st so I wanted to wait until then to start spending again). But, why not go for the whole year? I’m thrilled! We’re saving for our house 20% down payment, our kids RESP and our wedding so this challenge will do well. I need to go back to work and increase to income and NOT spend it. I’m so in.

  359. Ansari

    I just happened to come across an article about how you got out of debt. Just wanted to say that I admire all of you for the changes that you’ve made in your life, but the government and bankers are not going to like you very much. :-)
    Keep up the good work all of you.

  360. Denis

    decided to take Anna Newell Jones’ Debt Pledge for a year and making my financial goals a reality, with some personal modifications

  361. Christy

    I’m close to being unshackled from my consumer debt and think that going on a spending fast for a few months could finally unburden me forever! Thanks Anna for the motivation!

  362. a.e.k

    Keep going folks! I wrote in October that I had gone from $31,000 in student loan debt to $25,000 in 5 months. Happy to say that 7 months later my debt is finally under $9000! I can’t say that I’ve been on a full Spending Fast but putting chunks on my debt has been #1 priority. Will feel very liberating to be at $0.00 :)

  363. Olivia

    I found your blog via Pinterest and I love it! I”m 32k in debt that I want to pay off asap so I can help my parents pay off the loans they took out for me (PLUS loan). Going to start my spending fast the day I graduate!

  364. Basavarajaiah.D

    Am Indian, making pledge to myself that will clear all debt and live debt free life in next two years. Encourage others to follow

  365. Mongie09

    I finally paid of a credit card that’s been following me around for 5 years, and now it’s time to tackle about $55,000 worth of student loans. HERE WE GO–I’m gonna do this so I can someday buy a house with peace of mind!

  366. Katie F.

    I am 110% ready to do this. I have big plans to travel the world, and I don’t want to bring my student loan debt with me. The spending fast starts today. I plan on spending one year to get rid of my 17k of student loans. The year after, continuing to save to see the world. I can’t even begin to imagine what my life will be like without that heavy cloud following me, but I can already tell that it will be bright.

  367. Emily DeGroot

    I am pledging to do the Spending Fast for one year starting 5/27/14. I am determined to pay off my student loan debt and live debt free!

  368. Frankie

    Well lets see what I can come up with I DO overspend like I am a millionaire and don’t have near that much :0\. I found your site by searching Warby Parker glasses don’t know what made me click on the actual link but I IS HERE NOW!!! (yes I IS…lol) So let’s see what I can come up with by doing this!

      1. Frankie

        I am glad I can make you laugh now if I can just stop getting my money trying to be a comedian…my money has been FUNNY for A WHILE… but I am to blame so I am glad I am taking part in this! As with any diet though..I will start tomorrow ;0).

  369. Anne

    So my spending fast hasn’t been going all that well but I’ve still managed to pay off 1 smaller loan completely and my tax debt. Might not reach my goal for the year but definitely a million times better on my money management and smarter spending habits thanks to this blog!

  370. B

    I’ve got three credit cards – $7k
    Car loan – $7,600
    Truck loan – $3,500
    Student Loans – $30k
    Rent-to-Own – $80k
    I, B., am committing to the SPENDING FAST

  371. Celery147

    I am Elizabeth, I am 28 and I am going on a 12 month Spending Fast to pay off $28,000 of Student Loans. I know – because I have been over my finances 1,000+ times – that I CAN accomplish this by Memorial Day 2015. I dream of owning a home, being able to freely study my craft (opera) without worrying about where the money will come from.

  372. Kari Parker

    I am doing this….Beginning June 9th 2014 and will end December 31st 2015. I want to go to Paris and purchase a home. This will be hard but worth it in the end…

  373. Kari2016

    Well….I cannot get to Paris if I don’t have any money to get there…..So I plan to start now and end Dec. 2015. That way I can actually go to Paris instead of dream to go. A house would be great too…Maybe in Paris:) I am so excited to get started… Thank you!!!

  374. Rebeca

    I going to do this. I will pay off all my debts and then I will save to have emergency funds and to eventually invest and buy a house.

    My phrase will be:

    I’m in 100%, don’t give in.

    I’m signing this pledge for 1 year starting today June 16th, 2014.

    Thank you for creating this; I’m so happy I came across this website :)

  375. Grace from England

    Hi Anna. I discovered this site a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been working my way through your archives every week. You’ve given me the kick I needed to decide that what I deserve and what I can afford are not the same, and now my top priority is clearing my debt. From next month my partner and I will BOTH be on a spending diet until our credit card debt is cleared. Thank you!!!

      1. Grace from England

        Hi Anna, I wanted to update you on our first month. Mostly because you are the only person I’ve shared this commitment with and I want to record the change somewhere. The spending diet has done more for me than I ever imagined it could. It has been so much more than a reduction in spending – my whole perception of what enjoyment is and what I need to be happy has changed. Seriously!! We are still following the spending diet, but my commitment is now more focused on simplifying our life and moving gently towards minimalism than it is on spending. I’m focusing on the things we have instead of the things we want. And the proof? I got an unexpected £600 today and you know what I did? I paid off and cancelled my AMEX!!!!! 3 months ago I would have gone shopping and treated us to dinner before paying my debt, and it definitely wouldn’t have given me the sense of accomplishment I feel right now. We still have a long way to go but I’m more motivated than ever to become debt free. Thank you again xx

  376. Gill Currie

    Hi I’m Gill and after many years of saying I’m going to be rich I’ve decided that just not being in debt would be a great start! A little nervous as I know this will be so hard for me and a total change of lifestyle but totally committed to doing it! £50k of debt will be gone!!! x

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      I’m so excited for you! The 1st step in being rich is having that debt controlled/out of your life! I won’t kid ya, it is hard work but I fully believe that if you are committed to it you will be successful!

  377. Kathleen

    Half way through my year and half way through my debt!

    I started with nearly 26,000 in loans and credit cards and today I sit with NO credit debt and 13,700 to go in student loans. I’ve taken in a second job and have been working as hard as I ever have but there is no other satisfaction quite like seeing my debt number go down.

    Love that this site planted this wild idea in my head in the first place and that I’m knocking it out’

  378. Tina

    I don’t have any debt but i’m currently unemployed and have health problems. I want to save as much money as possible to buy a house. I commit to a year long savings fast from today

  379. Tiffany Bennett

    As a recent graduate student I’m committing to eliminating my students debt by 2016. I am super excited to start this journey. Thanks for sharing your story and creating the blog.

  380. a.e.k

    Put my last payment on my student loan yesterday morning!! I haven’t even told anyone because I can’t believe it’s real until the payment goes through and I see a zero on the ‘balance owing’ line. Final tally= 15 months, $32,000. Even a couple months ago it seemed like I would have to wait another 6 months to pay it off so I am feeling oddly disbelieving at this point. But happy and disbelieving :)

  381. hmb220

    I’m taking the pledge! I have about $70K in student loans and I already work a 40 hr/week 9-5 job, plus 2 side gigs. I pledge to stop spending on unnecessary things and become debt-free!

  382. Rose P

    I get a pay rise and I tell myself I am going to continue living the way I was and put the extra into savings. My last pay rise (because of a job swap) over doubled my salary and I am still broke by pay day. I need to clear my debts and then start saving fast!

  383. Ashley/Jeremy House

    My husband and I want to get out of our almost $30,000 in debt so that we can travel and go to concerts more, feel less pressure when we buy wants occasionally, and to have children without financial worry. We are pretty good at budgeting, but we need that extra push to be strict and actually take a huge chunk out of our student/wedding/moving/consumer debt!

    1. Ashley/Jeremy House

      This is going to be super challenging because we are both going to university working as teachers (but after we are done our courses, our pay will increase). We wish to be debt free by my husband’s 30th birthday, which is May 27th, 2016!

  384. Jo

    I am super stoked to find such a cool community of people with the same goal. I am gonna stick it out for the next 16 months and get this debt nailed!

  385. Ella

    I plan to take the pledge. I’m really in debt but feel anxious about giving up shopping. Got some thinking to do. Ella

  386. Lindy

    I pledge to take control of my life and finances!! I pledge to live the life I dream of! I pledge to get out of this mind blowing debt (approximately $135,000)! I pledge to a Spending Fast as of 8/26/2014!!!!!! May God help me!

  387. Christine

    I’m taking the pledge because I want to be able to live financially free of debt and save up for the important things in life. My spending has taken a spin out of control recently and I need to do the spending fast this year.

  388. Vanessa

    I’m taking the spending fast pledge! My initial commitment is from Sept 1 to December 1st. Three months and then build from there! My sister and I are doing it together (and our mom). We’ve already taken data off of our phones (bye Instagram :(. Reduced our internet and took back our PVR. I’m banning myself from Etsy (sad face too). And I look forward to using this site to stay motivated.

  389. Tracy

    I pledge to take the spending fast. I pledge to drag my husband along kicking and screaming if necessary so that we can move to the city of our dreams and buy a house. I pledge to stay debt free once we get there; minus a house payment. I also pledge to pay off my house in double and triple payments as quickly as I can!

  390. Ana

    I’ve been in denial that I have debt for two years now. I want to travel the world and continue school and not worry that I don’t deserve it. By one year from this day, I pledge to pay off my $6500 of CC debt and my $10,000 of school debt. I can do it. I don’t need Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I CAN DO IT.

  391. Gretchen

    I’m taking the debt free pledge! I’m day 5 in a month long spending fast. It’s been hard but I’m figuring out how to change my habits. I am excited to see where I am at when my next paycheck comes in!

  392. Nan

    I’M IN! I have about 10 700 € dept, mostly student loans, and together with my partner the total raises to 26 000 €. I’ve started a Spending Fast and we intend to be debt free in 5 years. (We’re a low income family).

    In the next 5 years after that we hope to save enough for a down payment to a house, about 33 000 €. In the first phase this would mean that we need to put 433 € every month towards our debt. In the second phase we’ll need to put 550 € a month towards savings. WE CAN DO THIS!

  393. Wendy Castro

    I’m 22, and after a 4-month mission trip in Africa, I’ve learned to differentiate between my wants & needs! I’m so ready to take a step toward a new direction of life so that I can be completely debt free by the time I graduate from college (2 years).

  394. B in Seattle

    Mission accepted! Goal: Pay off $25,000 of debt by December 2015 via a 15-month spending fast, overtime and side