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When I was watching the news the other day I saw that the top 3 resolutions for 2015 are:

1. Lose weight.

2. Get out of debt. (#heck yeah)

3. Get organized.

I usually don’t make “official” resolutions because I do a pretty good job already of trying to work on myself and my goals throughout the year. With the New Year though, it’s hard to not pay special attention to things to focus on improving.

But, this year I decided I would get focused and write out a list. Nothing makes things official quite like lists do.

Here it goes…

– Eat waaaaayy less sugar.

– Drink more water.

– Get more exercise.

– Listen to my voicemails. (Thinking about changing my message to say, “Just text me”. Does anyone else despise talking on the phone [apart from with super close friends and family]? Texting has ruined me.:/)

– Go to bed earlier, and then don’t spend an hour messing with my phone before I finally decide to actually go to sleep.

– Get together with other parents and babies more often.

– Make an effort to have “date nights” with Aaron at least once per month. (The last time we went on a date was last May!)

– Tidy up things every night before bed.

– Get organized.


That “Get Organized” one appeared on the both lists. There’s something about having everything where it’s supposed to be that makes life that much easier. It makes life just feel more managable. (To me, at least.)


How to get organized in 3 easy steps…

1. Simplify!!! Get rid of everthing that isn’t serving a purpose. The less stuff you have, the less you have to manage. Ask yourself questions from this post, The Clearout, if you need help deciding what to eliminate. Then, make money on the stuff you’re no longer using with the easy system on VarageSale. (Here’s how it works: Join the local VarageSale buy and sell communities, post all the items that you’re clearing out, when a buyer finds something the want they’ll send you a private message. Then, you confirm the details, and meet offline to complete the transaction. Post, sell, meet = money in your pocket. Quick, easy, painless.) 

2. Don’t multi-task. Tackle one thing at a time so you stay focused and actually get done what you set out to do. Try the Pomodoro Technique to stay on task.

3. Keep a To-Do list. I mentioned in this post the other day, 64 Insanely Easy Ways to Save Money About the House, that I use a list app on my phone. I love that I can jot down whatever I need to do right when I think about it, and that it makes a cute “ding” noise when I check something off the list.


What are your best organizational tips? What resolutions did you make for the New Year and how have they been going?


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  1. Jennifer

    Eating less sugar is hard but when I watched that movie Fed Up, it helped. Not many people know that the average adult is supposed to only consume up to 25 grams of sugar per day!! And you could easily consume that with a drink or a bowl of cereal. I try to stay away of packaged food and check labels with sugar under the teens, 12 and below…

  2. Scott

    I’ve tried to incorporate the less sugar, more water, and more exercise into my daily routine, but it’s a hard break years of bad habits. Only way to get out of debt is by being able to pay down debt through either making more or saving more money (or a combination of the two).

  3. Dawn

    I’m not one to make specific lists, either. I’d like to simplify things, definitely. And I’d like to spend more time writing letters and building relationships. I want to focus on people. I’d also like to spend more time writing. Simplifying my life, though, I think is going to be the easiest! I’ve started purging my belongings, and it makes me happy (if that’s the right word to use) to see so many things I want to get rid of! I just hope that the items I do not need are able to make someone else happy.


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