Month Three Totals- Tales from the Spending Fast Trenches

spending fast savings totals

This is a post by Chelsea who is currently doing a Spending Fast®.

I am now into month four of my Spending Fast! About a month ago I had to uproot my life and move to a new state suddenly. Since I was not expecting it, I had not saved up a lot of money to move with so my Spending Fast had to take a temporary break. I didn’t go crazy and go shopping or anything, but I was not able to put the amount of money towards my debt that I had anticipated. Since time doesn’t stop, my month three totals are finally in but let me warn you, they are sad!

My original day 1 debt: $24,996.98

My total starting month three: $23,514.05

Month three debt paid: $11.51

New debt total: $23,502.54

Who pays $11.51 to their debt??! I actually paid a lot more but had to use my credit card quite a bit in the interim so I came out $11.51 on top. At least I came out ahead! (Anna saved $0. during Month 17 of her Spending Fast so I guess it’s normal to have some really great savings months and others that aren’t so awesome.)

Last week I wrote about having two job offers and not knowing which to choose. Well, I have chosen the second job (which pays $3 an hour more) and start next Monday! I am very excited about this new position because it is with a very large company with lots of room to work hard and advance.

Now that my life is circling back towards stability, I am reclaiming my focus and my Spending Fast goals. I am spending a few days visiting my family and while I am here I am listing their unwanted items online. They have agreed that if I sell their stuff, I can get a certain percentage for my effort. And that certain percentage is going towards my debt. I’m excited to see how it will play out.

I have a lot of extra free time lately so instead of sleeping all day and being sad, I am focusing on learning graphic design. I already had the computer programs needed to learn and How To books. What was I waiting for? I am learning this because I enjoy design but also because once I gain design skills, I can start freelancing that too!

I am excited about this new phase of my life and hopeful that it will bring great (money-making/debt paying) things.


Have you ever not met your Spending Fast monthly goal (or any goal you set out to achieve)? What are some ways you stay inspired during that time?

Chelsea Overton is in the midst of a Spending Fast® and writes about it from North Carolina with her bulldog, Xena the Warrior Princess, by her side. She also has her own website where she logs her journey towards financial freedom.

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  1. Michelle

    Yes!! This month I’m in right now. I’m also going through a huge change in careers which means delayed pay checks, unexpected expenses, and overall financial chaos. But because I have been doing this for a while I’ve been able to work through this transition step by step. I haven’t paid off as much as I was planning this month but I have paid off some. You should be so proud of your progress because most people in your situation would be getting deeper and deeper in debt. Your story is incredibly motivating. Keep it up!!

    1. Anna Newell Jones

      Some months are easier than others… there’s no doubt about that. When I was on my Spending Fast I had a crappy month where I saved $0.00… but I kept going- that is by far, the most important thing to remember. Keep going.

  2. Breanna

    congrats on paying money towards your debt during your unexpected move! before, during, and after my (very) expected move, i spent a lot of money! it’s wonderful to hear you’re making the fast and the move work for you.


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