There is Free Coffee Just Waiting For You

free coffee at starbucks with old coffee bag

If you follow me on Instagram  then you’ve already seen this picture but I wanted to put it up here because of the response the image got. I didn’t realize that not many people knew about this little tip on how to get free coffee at Starbucks. So, this is the deal. On each coffee bag there is a short sentence on the back leftside of the bag. It says, “Bring this empty bag in for a free tall coffee.”  I’ve found that not every bag has this note on it but in my experience, I have never had a barista turn me down. Maybe they feel sorry for me, “Ah, this lady wants a free coffee for giving us trash. Poor thing, let’s just give it to her.” And, if that’s happening (totally possible) then you know I’m totally okay with that. Free coffee is free coffee!

At work, I noticed that my co-workers kept throwing these bags into the trash can not even realizing that they were throwing away sweet, delicious, caffeineted nectar. So, I started digging them out of the trash and that’s how I amassed that wonderful collection above. Free coffee y’all. Free coffee.

Oh! and if hot coffee doesn’t sound very good to you right now (we hit 99 degrees today – OMG – so not ready for that!) then they will even let you trade in the bag for iced coffee (make your own iced coffee at home)! I tried it just the other day and it worked. Then, I found out something else new. They let you get refills on iced coffee. I thought that was only for the hot coffee but nope, iced coffee refills for only 50. cents. True story.

Alright, clearly I’m a little too excited about this;) Night.

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  1. veronica

    Chill on the coffee pregnant lady!! Ok j/k I drank coffee while pregnant too. Just don’t over do it!! Enjoy!

  2. Kara

    Haha, I do this *all* the time!

    Also if you register a Starbucks gift card and spend a certain amount after awhile, you’ll be sent a Gold card. With the Gold Card, you get free refills of regular coffee (or regular iced coffees) if you pay with it and slide it for your refill. If I’m working there for the day, I’ll get a tall iced coffee and then go back for a refill once I finish it. :)

  3. Thomas

    Nice find! Didn’t see this on Instagram but will def remember this. Do they just more people to recycle? Maybe its a way to get you back in the store when you out of joe.

    1. Ani

      As a former Starbucks barista, I have to say that the company really wants the bags to be recycled and have a separate protocol for the,, but it’s totally up to the individual store, and honestly, the individual baristas. I worked in a store where they weren’t even recycling the milk cartons until I put up a fuss. Even after that, I still fished milk cartons out of the trash every so often :( I ended up just taking home the coffee bags and using them for art projects. Because I am, apparently, a freakin hippie.

      1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

        Dear Freakin Hippie;), I was hoping someone who worked Starbucks would be able to tell us the reasoning so thank you for that! Do you have any other insights about how we can get free coffee!?! :P

  4. Lisa

    We started a coffee club at work. Five people went in on a coffee maker, bean grinder, coffee and cream. Yes, we take the free sugar, Splenda from the kitchen at work. We have gotten our per cup price down to 28 cents. I drink coffee anyway so now I drink it at work and get to chat for a few minutes with my co-workers. We don’t use Starbucks so don’t go digging through my trash :-) but I need to read the bags and see if I get anything free. Great idea!

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