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“I’m trying to help solve the personal debt crisis that’s going on in the world. If we can integrate budgeting into people’s everyday lives, in a natural way, they’ll be more likely to do it. It’s like exercise: If you want to get in better physical shape, you exercise regularly and watch what you eat. If you want to get in better financial shape, you watch your budget regularly and watch what you spend. That’s where the name FitFin came from (Fit Finances).” 
FitFin is a website and app that is three tools in one: a budget, an expense tracker, and a shopping list—and they all work in sync. You set up your budget(s) in seconds. You can create budgets for things like groceries, dining out, etc. You can also set temporary budgets for vacations and the holidays. Both individual budgets and an aggregated budget are summarized on the Budgets Overview page. You get to know where you stand in seconds. It’s all about building money-consciousness, and it’s about seamlessly (and easily) integrating money management into our lives.

A few of my fave features:

Historical Charts: To help monitor spending over time. Use this tool to find problem areas, and monitor them.

Expense Tracker: This is great because you can add anexpense quickly, take a picture of your receipt, and attach it to the expense (no more receipt piles!).

Shopping Lists: According to Reader’s Digest, eighty percent of what webuy at the grocery store is purchased every week. Rather than write milk on a piece of paper 52 times a year, store it permanently (and never leave it on the counter!). You can also save an item’s price andquantity. Then when you activate items on your list,FitFin will give you an estimated spend total for the entire list. To get the most out of the shopping list feature, you’ll enter the item, its cost, and thequantity of the item that you normally buy. You can even createseparate lists for each store.

– Something else that’s nice: the Check Budget feature that’s right within the Shopping List section. Use this to see what you’re going to spend ahead of time and how it the purchase will affect your budget. If you don’t like what you see with how your budget will be affected you get to make the decision before the purchase so you don’t get yourself into a mess by overspending.


Q&A with FitFin Creator, Rick Portillo… (Enter to win the $100 gift card at the end of this post)


And Then We Saved: There are many money and budgeting apps available, what’s makes FitFin different? How does FitFin make our financial lives better/easier/more manageable?

FitFin: Over 60% of Americans don’t have a budget; many who have one but never look at it after they create it. FitFin combines budgeting with a shopping list. By combining the two it helps you to naturally, and easily, fit budgeting into your daily routine. Budgeting can happen on the go – as life is happening. For example, you can add an expense in the parking lot (including attaching a picture of the receipt if desired) and forget about it! FitFin makes you conscious about what you spend both before and after the purchase (you literally think twice about what you’re spending). This gives you an opportunity to view, and manage, your budget for mere seconds at a time.

ATWS: When we spoke earlier, you mentioned that you created FinFit was to help you “manage the variable, every day spending that used to get away from you”. Variable spending and expenses are a big problem from many of us. How does FinFit help manage variable spending and expenses specifically?

FF: I used to hate to budget; I’d put it off and go months without doing it. I knew that for budgeting to have any chance of working for me that I had to figure out a way to make managing my money a part of my routine. As a father of newborn twins, I found I was going to the store almost daily, and I was buying the same things over and over. I had the idea of tallying up the costs of what I was planning on buying ahead of time, and then I compared it to what I ended up spending. I did this on paper for a while. Now, I track expenses as they happen in just seconds, looking at my budget each time so there are no more surprises. I control my budget now rather than letting it control me.

ATWS: What are some success stories from FitFin users? How does FitFin positively impact users lives?

FF: I hear examples all the time. Here are a few recent stories I’ve heard about:

– I had a user tell me that she couldn’t have gotten through the holidays had it not been for FitFin—that was cool to hear. She used it to create her gift lists and also to track her spending.

– One woman uses it to compare prices between different stores and after a few months, she knew where to go for different items to save the most money.

– Another user makes a Costco/Walmart run every other weekend and said organizing his list has cut almost an hour off his shopping time.

– One customer was able to use the picture of their receipt on FitFin to successfully return an item at a store, and said that had it not been for FitFin, they wouldn’t have been able to locate their receipt.

– One person created her Thanksgiving list on FitFin, and is excited that she won’t have to re-create it every year.

– A customer let me know that she no longer forgets her paper list on the counter since it’s now on her phone.

– A customer with bad penmanship said that he enjoys that he can actually read his shopping list now.

– Couples have told me that they  like that they can add items individually throughout the week, and then review their list together before going to the store.


Enter to Win a $100 AMAZON Gift Card by using the Rafflecopter entry box below. 
The Rules: Open to anyone 18+, a random winner will be selected to win a $100.00 gift card, contest ends March 24, 2015. The winner will be contacted shortly after the contest closes. 

Multiple ways to enter:
Create a FREE FitFin account (making an account is SUPER easy, and this one is mandatory to be entered in the contest)
– Check the option to sign up for the FitFin newsletter when you create your free FitFin account (they won’t send spam, it’s mainly to notify you of software updates)
– For each person you refer to FitFin, who creates an account, you’ll get an entry. (Be sure to send an email to [email protected] with their FitFin username(s) so Rick can make sure to tie the referral to you).
– An entry for each mention on social media.

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    Hi everybody! Anna, thank you so much for the opportunity to share FitFin with your readers. This is a great community of folks! Please let me know if anyone has questions about FitFin. You can drop me a line any time at [email protected]! There’s still time to sign up for the $100.00 gift card!


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