Financial Fitness

financial fitness

Financial fitness takes time, effort and dedication. Just like physical fitness, there is no magic pill, no overnight success and no easy route. Financial fitness is a lifelong journey, but the trip is just as important as the destination.

How do you sustain longterm financial fitness? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Jane

    Although my progress is less-than-stellar, most success I have towards “financial fitness” is achieved through mindfulness.

    When I stop to become fully aware of what I am about to spend and what motivates me, i am finding I am making more conscious choices. Meditation is helping make this possible and is my daily “fitness” practice.

  2. Liz

    I’d have to agree that mindfulness is what keeps me on track. And keeping all my money in savings and not in my checking account.

  3. Courtney

    I find that automatically setting aside the money as soon as I have it helps! I’m paying off debt while also trying to save for retirement (my work doesn’t have a 401K plan so it’s on me) and I just have it autodrawn out of my account on pay day before I know it’s there! That way what I have is what I can immediately put towards my other goals. No harm in paying bills on pay day if it’s earlier than it’s due!

  4. Tess

    everyday mindfulness is very helpful. Just being able to come back to this webpage and validate why I’m being so frugal. It is OK to put a lot of focus and time into this goal.

  5. Katie

    I like to try and remind myself of my ultimate goal and ask myself if what I’m about to spend money on is helping me be a better person.

    Is $55 Kate Spade perfume (as pretty as it is) making me a better individual?? Let’s just say I haven’t bought the perfume, no matter how many times I’ve been tempted.

    Is paying extra on my loans and saving a bit at a time helping me be a better person?? I’ll just say, I STILL haven’t bought the perfume!!!

    Being debt free will help me lead the kind of life I want to live, while fancy perfume and cute Victoria’s Secret lounge pants just won’t. ^^^^THIS is what I remind myself in moments of weakness!

  6. Courtney

    For me, just like with physical fitness, it comes down to lifestyle.

    I go to the gym everyday after work. It’s the exception to have to miss it.

    We cook vegan or vegetarian at home. So only on special occasions with people coming over or when we go out do we have the chance to eat more decadently.

    I don’t spend fun money on weekdays and always check my fun fund first. If I want something on Monday and still want it on Saturday and have the money in the fun fund I go for it. Otherwise it will wait until I have the money or I won’t want it anymore.

    By eliminating having to choose to be fit, it is much easier to be it! At least for me.

  7. Mark

    For my wife and me, fiscal fitness means anticipating our monthly automatic withdrawals for bills, having enough in savings to cover the unexpected car repair and/or insurance deductible, paying more than the minimum on credit card debt (goal= zero by 11/15), and treating ourselves to something meaningful when we do have ‘extra’ cash in a given month. Most of the time it is not exciting, but we know we are working toward long term security.


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